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Found 6 results

  1. Fiverr should implement the ability to create new folders (1), then add multiple chats to one or folder (2) which can be renamed according to user's input. They should then be able to display only the chats contained within said folder by choosing from a dropdown list (3). This would be a great way to focus the chat view and organise a lot of sellers who may be a part of different projects into manageable categories. See screenshot attached for reference (i have numbered them above).
  2. let's see, maybe fiverr will see this and you got your new feature added on fiverr. Like for me If we can somehow donate a 1$ to Ukraine, so we can help people, I am sure there are many freelancers who we can help by just donating a dollar. 😊 Do give your suggestion PEACE ✌️
  3. I Notice not only one but many sellers have this problem that many people place an order without discussing about their work and then he or she want to cancel his order just because of seller don't work according to buyer or seller don't provide that work which buyer want..and just because of this seller has to cancel his order and it will affect of seller profile and ranking..soo please it's a request to Fiverr team to Make a Feature for Seller also. That Seller's have a Option To Accept or Reject Order and if seller reject order so it won't be count as order and if seller appect order then only it will be count as order. Thank You Soo Much
  4. I've seen a post or two like this - mostly just adding mine to voice support. The 24-hour timeframe to answer new messages is enough time when you're in the middle of your work week, but if you take any weekend days, you have to check Fiverr multiple times during your weekend so you don't miss the window, effectively tethered to work on your days off. If you schedule your Fiverr check-ins exactly 24 hours apart, you could probably just check messages once per day (assuming a weekend of two days), but if you miss even by a minute, it messes with your stats. Even with lightning replies, you end up having to check work multiple times on your weekend, under threat of losing your seller level. It would be a lot more work/life-balance-friendly if there was a way to set your weekly availability in your profile and to set an automatic weekend message for your day(s) off.
  5. This feature exists in this forum, but you can't do it on the "Order Requirements" page on Fiverr itself. It would be great if you could drag files to the page to upload them. Bonus points if you start an upload when I "Paste" something into the text field, such as an image I have on my clipboard. Thank you!
  6. ART= Average Response Time TIMER = The timer that controlls Average Response Time I agree that removing ART would be unfair, specially for better level sellers that respond to so many orders; I can see that being efficient at managing a lot of messages and requests can be considered a skill so I'm good with keeping it. However I feel like Fiverr shuold provide us an option to stop the TIMER for conversations headed to an end: a lot of times conversations just ends because nobody has nothing to say anymore, but if the last message is from the buyer? Easy, you'll need to spam the buyer inbox with futile text so you wont be label as a bad seller with a bad ART. The option I'm talking about will not close the chat itself, both the buyer and the seller will always be able to text to the other, simply the ART timer will stop counting while noone has nothing else to say.
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