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Found 3 results

  1. I have sent total 7 buyer request. Today I check all the byer portfolio which I have sent byer request. In the 7 request it was 5 fake buyer. Some of them has 1 or 2 review as seller and most of the other account was dead. I don't now why the seller create byer request. But now I want to report the seller who created fake byer request. And my question is "does it will be harmful for my account".
  2. Hi everyone!I wanted to give a heads up that there is a fake Fiverr homepage being messaged to sellers! Please be cautious when receiving unusual messages. I reported this message and encourage others to do the same if they receive one.I received a message today from user “writer79” and the message said “we have some image. need 500-700 words article about the image. its very urgent work. please tell me what's your rate and work time ? go and see a image”. There was a link included in the message, and after I clicked on it, I was shown a fake Fiverr homepage that asked me to log into my account.Be careful with your account information, you don’t want to lose your hard earned dollars! 🙂
  3. hello everyone , my name is Harpreet. i am a UI/UX designer and i just started working here on fiverr. so yeah im new seller. 😊 so today , i sent message to someone from buyer request. "looking for uiux designer for app" was the title . and he had the budget of $1000. i was like why he's on my buyer requests? he should be on someone lvl 1 or lvl 2 seller's screen. he replied to my request. yeah i found it strange myself too. but then i thought maybe he selected me because i'm indian and since he's also indian ,so it make some sense. he asked my portfolio , some conversation about the project and custom offer. THEN he ask me for 1 screen free demo design and if he like it , he will place order which will be worth around $1500. i was thinking like , slow down a little bit brother, now why would i do free work for you , even when i'm sure you are not gonna gave that big project (if there was any, i guess 😉) to a new seller. i reject it in a really good professional way. he replied after an hour and said "thanks for wasting my time, i will find another designer" and i said "i'm sure you will find another talented designer , but unfortunately i can't do hard work just for free demo, sorry". thats it ,i never replied . i checked his profile , it was just 1 month old profile. he then message me and said "if i like your design , i will place $4000 order and we can discuss further about timeframe". he sent 2-3 messages after that but i never replied. now i know thats a fake buyer (or i believe so). but to get my 2nd work offer as a fake buyer was entirely shocking for me. let me know what you think about that. thanks 😊
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