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Found 8 results

  1. It's very difficult to identify the fake client for us.Spatially my kind of new seller.
  2. The buyer gives me his what's app information. I refuse him and told him Fiverr doesn't allow him to share personal information. Is it affect my account? what should I do? Before Fiverr block buyers but this time Fiverr doesn't take any steps.
  3. Hi I'm Safak, I will talk about a bad experience I had. This was my first experience and unfortunately it was a bad experience on Fiverr. Fiverr user 'vincentzaddy' wrote to me regarding my logo design gig. I saw the message in the spam box '@victor_miller' told me to contact with this name on telegram. I wrote on Telegram and he sent me a list of projects to get started. (80 logo designs in 5 days, $100 for each design) I asked him if he wanted any deposit from me before starting the designs. The buyer named Victor Miller said he didn't want any deposit from me and I could start the designs. He shared a contract with me and it said there was a translation job instead of a logo design. I told him the contract was wrong and he should edit it and throw it away. Also, when the designs were finished, I said that I would send the jpeg files and if he paid the full amount, I would throw the originals away and he accepted. I completed the designs in less than 5 days and sent them to Victor's company mail. A positive response email was sent to me within a few hours. I wrote to Victor again and asked when I would get my full payment. He said the person involved with the payment business was someone named Tom (@Tom_nails) and asked me to contact that person. When I contacted Tom, he asked me for a deposit ($200). For account activation, I sent the money to a local account named Tarık Turan Hışır (Enpara QNB). They said they would send my full payment to my local account within 45 minutes but they didn't. He also said that he will pay after receiving an additional premium ID card from me. I did not want to do business with them and I asked for my deposit back, which I sent to them, but they said they could not pay. I cannot reach the person named Victor who contacted me first. Employee Contract Form.pdf
  4. Hello, Everyone. I am a Fiverr Seller. I work on Digital Marketing Field. I open my account 2 year ago in Fiverr. After 1 month of opening account I started getting work. Everything was good. But one day I get an order from a buyer. Before giving order he message me and told me to promote his Particular product. I agreed. But when he place order he give me another product. That Product was very difficult to promote. But after all this, I promote that product and complete the order on time. But after submission he just cancelled the order. After that cancellation my gig was also rejected. Now it's 1 year I don't get any job. In this 1 year I Published many Gig. But I don't get any work. please give me suggestion how I will get work??
  5. Good Day! I am a new seller and I faced an issue of Fake Buyers a lot of times. here is the solution that I got and after avoiding them I made 4 orders (160$) in 4 days. I want all of the newbies to get help and support each other. To reduce the threat of Fak e buyers and cancelled orders, inquire the buter first. but how? Do not worry, you do not have to turn on laptop to check buyer profile, you can do it trough mobile. Hoe? See: To access buyer requests on mobile chrome: -Enter to ‘buyer request’ from your computer. -Copy the URL and send it to your phone -Now, on your phone, open the URL in the phone’s Chrome browser.The most important thing is to open chrome in the desktop browser to access this feature. Noe you can check the buyer credibility before placing the offer.
  6. Hi.Fiverr team,,Today's a fake buyer inbox me and he tell me to do his channel promotion.But he is told me without order work this project when i was told his, without order is not possible do your work,he tell me if you can't do my work I will report you.he also thread me.Now what to do i will.Please help me. Under I can provide this buyer thread message Please fiverr team
  7. I have sent total 7 buyer request. Today I check all the byer portfolio which I have sent byer request. In the 7 request it was 5 fake buyer. Some of them has 1 or 2 review as seller and most of the other account was dead. I don't now why the seller create byer request. But now I want to report the seller who created fake byer request. And my question is "does it will be harmful for my account".
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