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Found 2 results

  1. Dear fellow fiverr community, I been an active member of Fiverr since March 2020 ever since Covid broke out. After months of hard work of pleasing buyers, I made Fiverr to be my bread winner for my family. It took me years to bring a gig up to a level where I had 35, 5 star reviews, nothing negative at all. I struggled hard to make sure I always delivered more than what I was offering and that's how I earned those. Last night out of nowhere, I got a notification stating that my gig was taken down | gig denied. I was shocked, I went and checked, they had stated I had used a copyright image... No warnings were given, no body asked me to take down. Years of hard work was thrown across as a slap and I am getting a standard response from Fiverr, I am in disbelief. I literally told them my situation, pleaded my case stating If it was an image, I will change it. They don't seem to understand this is how I am surviving Covid after loosing my job. I am constantly in touch with the people who placed orders on that gig. What will happen to those? I have 5 active orders and I don't know how to respond to them either. I go out of my way to make sure I give buyers more than what I offer every time! I need help. This affects me so badly they don't seem to even care or even give a chance. How is this fair? Am I to loose all those reviews and ratings I struggled over sleepless nights because I used an image, somebody else's image I agree (edit: I was honestly unaware this was violating the terms, I used those to build model websites years ago and found them to be an inspiration), but I didn't lie about what I can do? How come I was not even asked to take down the image? I don't have the heart to tell my fam that I can't bills next month. I need help
  2. I remember reading a post some time ago regarding payment on fiverr and the feeling that, as a seller, you are getting ripped off (to put it harshly). Many responses were along the lines of "that attitude is ungrateful" considering all that fiverr is doing/offering for sellers. I agree. Nevertheless I couldn't help but notice this feeling of unfairness when I earn "only" 80% of the gig price and if I actually want to withdraw that money, there are subtractions once more. (I happen to withdraw it in euros, so perhaps that wouldn't happen otherwise) So it just dawned on me that the reason for the feeling of "this is unfair" is not, that we as sellers want more money, but rather that we want the money we have put as the price of the gig and the amount it says at the top of the page. At the same time the reason behind "that attitude is ungrateful" is: fiverr deserves compensation/a share for what they contribute. My suggestion therefore is this: Make the buyer pay the 20% more without the seller knowing/seeing it. Additionally it would be nice to have the amount at the top reflect the minimum that the buyer would get if everything was withdrawn, but I suppose that is a rather small factor, since probably you don't withdraw too often. If this would mess up things too much it would be nice to at least implement a feature, that the amount the seller sees gets more or less instantly changed (or at least that there's the option to activate this feature) so that the feeling of getting 100% can be manufactured, even though nothing actually changes. Especially for people starting out I think this could be a massive improvement as far as motivation is concerned, so I hope I've outlined a fair potential solution. So just to make it absolutely clear: Everything is fair and great, I am talking simply on a psychological/emotional level about the way it is percieved.
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