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Found 6 results

  1. I am a professional ghostwriter. I'll be the long-term ghostwriter you've always wanted to have! I'll use your broad suggestions from the cookbook to build the recipe. You can anticipate a unique flavor of the text and material that will compel readers to read only yours. Here is a rundown of the great features offered by this gig. free of plagiarism (Grammarly checked & 100 percent copy cape passed for non-recipe content) most popular Title, subtitle, and book description Introduction & Summary Directions, cooking time, preparation time, and nutritional information 30-day meal plan High-resolution Matching Recipe Photo Clickable TOC (if necessary) Additional related subjects and prompt delivery! Visit my gig to learn more about the services I provide to assist you in realizing your dream of having a unique recipe and diet plan please contact me before pacing your order!
  2. Today am going to introduce this one tip that people so much talk about to be a successful seller on fiverr. And that is be online all the time Well me I have access to computer and internet all day long and night,so I be online allll the time. I have been on fiverr for over 6months but with me being online all time, I have only got 2 orders. Now am wondering what people be talking about that always be online, I don't know why it's not working for me. Advertise on social media, which social media? Because I do that daily and still no orders,before you tell me to find targeted groups yes I promise you I did on Facebook but then people on Facebook are only interested in saving each other's gig. So which targeted groups? You get impressions from Twitter but no orders, how does one find targeted groups on Twitter? By using hashtags!! Nope, that isn't working. So finally being online all the time and sharing gigs on social media isn't working, what do top sellers don't tell us about being successful on fiverr? We are missing some major points here. My name is Marie Petiti. I do translations from English to swahili and luganda, transcribing audios and videos, converting pdf to word, excel data entry and bookediting. What am I doing wrong?
  3. I actually joined in 2021 and I have never introduced myself but I have just started getting serious about this in 2022. I have gotten 2 orders so far and it's actually irritating that I had to wait a whole month before getting my 2nd order. I feel like it will be the same with my 3rd. But am glad to be on fiverr. I offer translation services, English to swahili and luganda, converting pdfs to excel and Word, transcribing English and swahili videos and audios Nice meet you’ll
  4. Why's my gig not found in search? after setting up an attractive gig image and video. Also no gig impression. for an account of 4days. Y?
  5. I have been work in fiverr since April 2021 and I have completed 6 order with a 5 Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I am a professional writer with a great skills in writing, I learned more and do more research before I jump into writing service, because it is my future Dream work. I Appreciate fiverr.com for all his efforts, to get that there is no anything like scam through Buyer and seller. Fiverr is a place for buyer to feel free to handle any amount of budget $200,000 and more, Thanks for your reading my request you are free to discuss with me about your thoughts 🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️
  6. CREDIT SCORE,CREDIT CARD,CREDIT REPAIR,EBOOK WRITER,PERSONAL FINANCE Hello, If you are looking for a reliable person, who is paying close attention to small and every important detail, then it is me you are looking for! Please check my portfolio to find out more about my skills. With over 10 years of experience working as a Project Manager on credit score and personal finance. Experience in telesales for 6 years in different country including US,UK and Russian campaigns(B2B,B2C, cold calling, appointment setting). Experience of working as a virtual assistant for 2 year Experience in Data Scraping and Data Mining (Have tools and ability to write a script to scrape the data from websites) Perfect knowledge of Google Apps and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) Copywriting skills Knowledge of HTML 5, CSS, basic knowledge of Python Experience in LinkedIn Lead Generation And also: I am Extremely Tech Savvy I am fluent in English My time management skills are excellent as well as my communication skills I am a VERY fast learner I am punctual and always deliver work before the deadline "Thanks for checking on my portfolio". MY REGARDS.
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