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Found 6 results

  1. Attention awesome Logo Makers: Yes, we’re talking to you! In order to better understand our global community of superstars (still you), we wanted to find out a little more about what draws you in, and gets you coloring outside the lines. Comment below if you have any suggestions as to what you love, and what you only like on this forum. Is there anything you’d like to see more of? What do you feel the forum is lacking? What information would be useful to you? Tips? Tricks? General news? We can’t wait to hear what you have to say. We’re all ears.
  2. Hello everyone, That was a time that here's on fiverr forum there was hundreds of topics, discussion, but now here's few discussion.
  3. Press Release on Yahoo,BBC CNN Forbes NYTimes or any other news websites just for 100$. I am seeing these types of gigs on Fiverr. Does they are worth buying. Will I get my article published on these top websites just for 100$. Does someone have experience regarding these services? Please share your views on it. Image
  4. Hi Everyone. I’ve heard your feedback. We are in a constant state of what the purpose of the forum is. Recently, there has been an influx of comments and posts that make it very difficult to have meaningful conversations. This is partially due to the migration to the new platform. The survey everyone took a few months ago showed me some great feedback about what you’d like to use this platform for. Let's get back to that. In the previous forum, we had a system that I’ll call “trust levels”. These allowed users who had hit certain and specific milestones to unlock new features and posting limits. The more quality posts and interactions, the more trust you gained. Over the next day, I will be adding in these systems again. As such, a lot of you will see significant reductions in the amount of comments you can post in a given time frame. These levels will NOT affect your ability to leave reactions or read conversations. So please, think before you comment and make sure that you're adding value to the conversation. Level actions to move up and down include but are not limited to: Reputation level, activity, quality of posts, age of account, flags. Some features that can be unlocked when jumping to a new level: Post amount per day, new areas to have conversations, creation of polls, profile editing I am not going to publish the specifics about the triggers or levels, since there are some actors out there who want to “game” the system. That’s not the point of this forum or system. If you’re an active, productive, helpful member of this community, you will find no issues or changes to your daily interactions here. In addition to these user level changes, you will see some significant changes to the topic and conversation forums. These changes will likely be implemented early next week. As I’ve said in the past, and I will continue to say: Your participation here in the forum DOES NOT affect your Fiverr seller Gigs, sales, or rankings in anyway. I'm going to leave the comments open below, feel free to leave questions or comments here. I’m also available via PM. 
Thank you for reading! -MJ
  5. Hi , I hope you guys doing well, I want to know about something so I hope you will help me. I want to know can I use my Phone chrome app browser in desktop mode to upload design and designs files? and the phone I use will be new and I have never login Fiverr account before. So can use the phone chrome app in desktop mode to log in to my account and can I deliver designs and files too? because the Fiverr app has no options for delivering source files. so kindly answer my questions. I want to know then It will be great for my delivery rate. kind regards design buzz96
  6. Hello everyone. Hope all are well. I just want to discuss with old sellers about how to be successful on Fiverr Marketplace
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