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Found 7 results

  1. I have today received a ban from fiverr. I have made my account two months and it was performing really well like i got impressions over more than 2k and an order per day. while creating gig i did not know that selling academic services are banned infact there are so many gigs on fiverr right now with the title of doing assignments in it and my gig also had a title of assignment. Now I received notification suddenly that my account is under review from team and it is temporary disabled. I have 6 orders in queue to be completed which i have permission to get completed. I am very frustrated right now as i dont understand why fiverr does selective compassion to everyone? If anyone faced this similar issues kindly comment will my account ever get restored to its original form or not like it was performing very well and i also achieved level 1 in one month progress. Will my gigs be restored or what is normal timeframe for a decision from fiverr? as customer support are saying that it takes 90 days. so does it take exact 90 days or less than that? kindly help me in this regard
  2. After receiving this mail , I just shocked . Because it was the one and only earning source of mine . My gig was about "I will fix you facebook business manager and ad account issues ASAP". As a result they told me that it's a prohabitted service but I saw many top rated selllers are providing this service as well. So, should I wait for their review ? or should I create a new account and start working on that? Thanks
  3. CAN YOU PLEASE ENSURE A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP OR SUPERVISOR ACTUALLY READS THIS COMMENT IN FULL & PROPERLY FIXES THE ISSUE? I'M TIRED OF GETTING RESPONSES THAT DON'T EVEN APPLY. So I signed up for my account via the GOOGLE LOGIN OPTION. It skipped through the next page like an error and chose a random username for me. I did not like the username. I decided to change my email and disable the account. I went to rejoin the site with GOOGLE LOGIN OPTION and it just kept saying that my account was disabled. They've reopened my account and I made sure I changed the email on the account. I did as I had thought. Correctly. But every time I try to log in using the GMAIL LOGIN OPTION or try to rejoin the website using the GOOGLE LOGIN OPTION it says either the account has been disabled or it logs me into the account with the changed email and username I do not desire. I've talked to Fiverr Customer Support about 6 times about this via email and they completely disregard what I am saying. Your customer service refuses to read what I have said in full and they give me the proper fix. So I've decided to come here to get my issue fixed. You can view an example of the failed attempts at service via one of my ticket numbers that I'll provide here. >>> #6795576 My goal, in the end, is to disable this old account from my email via the GOOGLE JOIN/LOGIN OPTION so that I can actually create a proper account with the desired username. I still have yet to understand why it never gave me the option to choose my own username. CAN YOU PLEASE ENSURE A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP OR SUPERVISOR ACTUALLY READS THIS COMMENT IN FULL & PROPERLY FIXES THE ISSUE? I'M TIRED OF GETTING RESPONSES THAT DON'T EVEN APPLY. FYI I emailed "Frederico of Customer Support" (via this ticket number listed) the forum post and link so if it's ignored we will know who is to blame. I have gone through my emails and have decided to list the failed attempts with screenshots. Those will be posted next, to the forum. Please just fix the error. I'm tired of waiting. I've been waiting and conversing back and forth. Your customer service doesn't seem to respect my time though I have respected them thus far in spite of multiple errors and their obvious lack of reading the actual full email. It's insulting. I hope you don't treat all your patrons this way.
  4. Hi guys my old account was temporarily disabled with accusation: using non-original or copyrighted work examples, but every example I put on my gig is my original artworks, maybe this happened because I already posted them all on my other social media (Instagram and twitter). How do I fix it? I'd like to contact customer support but I can't log into my old account I also can't reply to the email sent by fiverr. Thanks in advance.
  5. My Fiverr account is temporarily restricted please anyone help me.🙏
  6. Hi everyone. It is extremely frustrating not being given the opportunity to appeal and demonstrate that the work samples shown in my Gig are mine and not downloaded images from the internet or copyrighted material. I created a Gig about "Interior and Exterior Renders", I attached the images I used on that Gig, as work examples. Upon further examination, I realized that maybe my mistake was to use images that are not quite related to the Gig's description, I used that cartoony Christmas village and those Day of the Dead Sugar and Chocolate Skulls. My intention was to not to be generic, and show my most creative work but, it makes total sense that these images can be considered not appropriate to describe what I was offering, except for the last one, that's an actual Architectural rendering. I think this is a problem with the Bots Fiverr use to verify the images we upload, and I guess the problematic image was the Sugar Skulls, the color, lighting and background are extremely generic and can definitely resemble this image. High Contrast Image Sugar Skulls Used Stock Photo (Edit Now) 1205633320 (shutterstock.com) As you can see they are very similar, because I took inspiration from those stock photos, and the bot probably mistook my image as an image from the internet. I have the Blender files to demonstrate that that image is mine, is my original creation. The same can be said for the Christmas Town render, I mean, there are tons of images of Christmas Towns all over the internet. I also have the files to demonstrate that that model is mine. These Renders actually belong to 3D models I sell on dedicated websites and that also serves as proof that this is my work, they were made and uploaded to those websites last year. I hope someone from the Fiverr team can read this and give me the opportunity to contact support, because this is clearly a mistake, just let an actual human review this case.
  7. Hi All, I am quite disappointed, and would really like to have some support on how do deal with this issue. I am a relativity new seller on Fiverr, and have been working really hard on my second order. I had already spent over 6-8 hours working on the order, and talked a lot with my client. The order was quite complex and I ended up going overtime, though my customer said he understood completely. The main issue was that because of time zones, I couldn't get him to test my code on his website. Anyway, my client and I were working on testing a piece of code, when suddenly the order got cancelled. Just for the record I had actually already submitted a working prototype of the website, and the order was currently in revision. There was no reason, and it said it was by customer support. I looked at Fiverr Messaging, and I couldn't communicate with the buyer. It appeared that his account had been disabled. Does this mean that I lost 6-8 hours of work and dropped my order completion rate to 50% for nothing? Is there anything I can do?
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