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Found 10 results

  1. Have your Seller account is being reviewed from 1st January-2023? fiverr recently many seller profiles flagged for purchasing or selling false services for the purpose of manipulation rating system.
  2. Hi, Yesterday I got an email from Fiverr to verify my identity, then today I verified it using my passport. Less than a minute after I submitted my passport and selfie, fiver immediately blocked my account, and I think this is an automatic action from the Fiverr bot. I have tried contacting customer support but they don't tell me the reason, just say: Is there something wrong with my account? Thank you
  3. Hello, please I want to ask a question, my Fiverr seller Account got disabled because I took my portfolio from internet to showcase my work and I have pending fund in the account which it’s not cleared before the account get disabled. My question is, can I still be able to withdraw the fund after 90 days?
  4. Today I received a mail stating my account is flagged for using non-original content. As best of my knowledge, I have used all screenshots taken on my laptop and even a video is also created by me. But still my account is flagged for using non-original content. I can see on fiverr it has been written that, it will take an upward of 90 days. I'm also ready to wait. But do you think it will be worth waiting? I mean, is there any possibility that I get my account back? If anyone encountered with the same situation, can I know how much time you took and what were the decision made on your account. If no one has answers to this question, then I will make sure to continue this as a thread and I will add all possible updates given by fiverr, so that if someone encounters the same situation then he/she may know how it will go. As of now, I have accepted that I will lose my account for sure. As there is one stock image which I have downloaded from the internet and fiverr is not much onto seller side. Thanks.
  5. Hi, today suddenly I got notification from my mobile app that saying my gig is denied after 2 months active and earning. They said I broke the rules. My gig is Genshin Impact Exploration, please tell me which rules I broke. I reread it many times but I can't find the exact rules about gaming accounts, not sure if I missed the part or misinterpreted it. But if I violated the rules for doing a gaming account gig, then what about the other gigs that also do the same exact gig as me? Why their gigs still active and even have hundred reviews? I only have 12 reviews, all 5 star, good performance (delivery, respond, etc). I don't understand at all. Fiverr is not being fair about this at all and their customer support is just braindead. They took fee from my work and have the audacity to ask if my gig legit or not. And what I mean by the other sellers also do the same gig as me, we literally login into buyer's accounts, boost their account, finish the work and then delivery. But why am I the only one who get banned for this? This is not fair and it's really make me mad. I get it if I broke the rules but the fact that they didn't do the same to others is really evil and disgusting.
  6. Hey! 🙂 i just delivered an order to one of my buyer last day, it was all good, the buyer left me a five star review on my gig, then 10 hours later i got a notification in the Fiverr mobile app which says “Fiverr customer support is cancelled the order, and the funds will be returned to the buyer”. I contacted the buyer after this, he sent me this 3 screenshot(attached) : his Fiverr account got disabled(probably forever), also he told me he did not asked for refund and he Still dont know What happened. So i delivered the product to the buyer, he got it in time and he was Happy with it, but i lost the money.. so Its like i worked hard free for him. I had like 3 other buyers from the same gig and none of them was disabled or anything. What do you guys think What happened? Other thing i want to ask is : will he be able to get his funds back in 90 days to his credit card? Or not?
  7. I have today received a ban from fiverr. I have made my account two months and it was performing really well like i got impressions over more than 2k and an order per day. while creating gig i did not know that selling academic services are banned infact there are so many gigs on fiverr right now with the title of doing assignments in it and my gig also had a title of assignment. Now I received notification suddenly that my account is under review from team and it is temporary disabled. I have 6 orders in queue to be completed which i have permission to get completed. I am very frustrated right now as i dont understand why fiverr does selective compassion to everyone? If anyone faced this similar issues kindly comment will my account ever get restored to its original form or not like it was performing very well and i also achieved level 1 in one month progress. Will my gigs be restored or what is normal timeframe for a decision from fiverr? as customer support are saying that it takes 90 days. so does it take exact 90 days or less than that? kindly help me in this regard
  8. Hi Guys, Recently my account got temporary suspended. Your account has been flagged for using inappropriate language that breaches our Community Standards. I have never violated any of their terms. My account had over 73 completed over within 6 months over $25k in revenue. Not a single incomplete order or less than 5 stars rating. The only thing I remember for not selling one of my Gig to the same country I live in. Probably that guy reported. At first it showed temporary but when I contacted the support team. They are saying its permanent. How do I recover my account? Please help me. I have quit my job to work full time in fiverr.
  9. Hello, Please I www supposed to receive a mail to withdraw my available fund after 90 days of account disablement and Now it as passed 90 days and I haven't gotten a mail to withdraw my fund Please what can I do?
  10. Hi, I tried to verify my id but when i submit (my license and the photo), within seconds fiverr reply back to me with a message "your id verification is failed". How can this happen? Did they check it manually or is it automatic procedure? And it says that my photos are not clear. I captured the photos as i can using my phone. I am very disappointed due to this. Is there any way to verify my id on fiverr?
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