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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys. i joined fiverr 3 months ago and got order 9 orders in September including 7 consecutive orders in last 10 days. All my gigs were doing good. The one with orders was getting 180 average impressions daily. But last Wednesday all my gigs went down at the bottom of the search. For example, my gigs were in top 20 gigs out of 1100 gigs in a specific keyword but now they are in last 100 gigs. Ironically, my gigs were on the same page in different positions before de ranking and now the sequence is the same but the difference is they are really on the last pages. I went ahead and took a peak at my fellows gigs now and those gigs have order delivery of months ago. I am not worried about the gigs going to bottom of pages but the real concern being that my gigs are de ranked on the permanent basis. i mean i have no chance now. I mean the regular shuffling and rotation of gigs can go this extreme that they hit rock bottom? I must add that All my orders were delivered on time and got 5 star review. I try staying online most of time. PLEASE GUYS HELP
  2. Hello there! I am facing an issue from few hours, my gigs were totally fine and were ranking on first pages and I was also getting orders and my promoted gigs option was also enabled but all of a sudden all of my gigs disappeared from search results not appearing even on last pages, and then after this situation approx. 3 hours later I got the notification that my promoted gigs cannot be promoted anymore. So can anyone guide about this what is the issue here, because I was also getting orders and impressions on all gigs, this thing just happened suddenly, I got no warning nor negative feedback nor cancelled order so what is the solution and why this happened? Kindly guide on this issue so that I can work on it Thank you
  3. Hello, I am salim, Level 2 Seller For a long time, I was on the first page with several keywords and performing orders successfully. Last month I completed many orders with positive reviews and tips. But in order, I got very bad feedback from a client for my mistake and my gigs derank to all keywords. even by searching some of the keywords, I didn't find myself. Also my impressions are getting 0 which was very high But my gig is active and I completed around 10 orders after derank with positive reviews. My question is How can I get back my position? Any expert solution will be helpful for me. Thank you
  4. my gigs not appear in search results 3 days ago my gigs was raking on top keywords and its not showing on gig full tittle i have have 2 giigs on my account but same goes with both first i try to contact customer support and they are not answering just fiverr sent me auto replay all the time and now i am not able to open support request zendesk is not working at all what i do?
  5. Hi there, So in the month of March a lot of life events like university exams, family issues and all came on top of me out of knowhere which left me with very less time to focus on Fiverr and thus I messed up few orders out and had a lot of late deliveries. March alone pretty much messed up my account and all the good deeds etc I collected over an year. I had 2 cancellations after few months for the first time, 3 bad reviews, my delivered on time fell back to 89% which means tomorrow i'll loose my Level 2 Seller badge sadly 😞 All of these messed up my account pretty bad, my impressions fell and same for my orders. Since the start of April (15 days) everything been to normal, all on time deliveries, good reviews but still account has been hit pretty bad and I need help and suggestions of what can I do now to fix myself. I'm just amazed all the good work and 5 stars of so many months took a hit for like 20 days of mess up. My seller manager told me that the month of April and May might go a little bad (April already going bad, my impressions took a major hit) now can you please suggest me what can I do beside my normal good work that I do to fix this and not make this a permanent sorta hit on my account. Will appreciate any and all help, Thanks, Abhishek
  6. Hi beautiful people, I am a level two seller with over 1200+ reviews on my niche. My gig got deranked last week and it is nowhere shown on the search results, its really frustrating that its my full time profession, i really worked hard to get to this postion (Over 3 years hardwork with minimal sleep time). I even replied to buyers during normal sleep hours. All my hard work gone in one day? I was getting enquires and orders everyday, after the derank I dont have a single messages from any buyer nor any orders. If im on travel (driving), I even stop the car to text back my buyers, that how dedicated Im. But all in vain. I am really frustrated and unhappy about this. My gig was shown in top 5 all the time before deranking, and my eyes are bleeding checking everytime to know that my gig is nowhere to be found on the search result. I know that gig rotation happens, and every buyer needs spotlight. But its hard to accept the fact that the gig is nowhere shown on the search. People with similar situation please reply their experience. Thank you so much ❤️ Tried contacting fiverr support and all they give is template messages. I dont have option to promote my gig also. My gig: https://www.fiverr.com/soft_light
  7. Hello Experienced Fiverr sellers I am new to Fiverr I joined in February. I am currently a level 1 seller and requirements of level 2 have set in. But unfortunately my account has been deranked in the last 10 days my impression went down from 22k to 400 impressions what can I do to the account to get ranked back as fast as possible? Thanks and looking for tips that would help 🙂
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