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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, Fiverr forum hope to find answer here. I want to ask this question what can we trace it to that make Fiverr account to derank earlier without receive any message or order.
  2. My account was temporarily disabled after trying multiple times to verify it. I have sent a message to Fiver customer support for help. If at all my account is restored, will my gigs derank? Please, I'm really worried.
  3. Hello I created my Fiverr account in December 2020. I received my first order in January 2021, which earned a 5-star rating with a good review. After that, impressions increased gradually, and so did orders. In April, my main gig received about 1000 impressions a day. I received at least one order daily. There were days I had to pause my gig due to the excessive workload. By this time, I had faced only one order cancellation. It was a cancellation done by Fiverr CS under my request, as the buyer was continuously asking for revisions. Hence, my gig ranking was not affected. During the last week of April, I had about five orders on the dashboard. During this time, my rating was 4.9 (still 4.9). Then one of my family members was hospitalized, and I needed an urgent four-day leave. So asked for delivery date extensions from the buyers, saying it was a technical difficulty. 4/5 buyers accepted it without any problems. Only one buyer rejected the request without any reply. As it was urgent, I politely asked the buyer via a message. And the buyer did not reply to that as well. So I put my urgency aside, completed the order, and delivered about 14 hours before the due date, without any reduction in quality of work. I thought the buyer would complete the order immediately or ask for a revision because it seemed he was in a hurry. But that did not happen. Two days after the order delivery, there was no response from the buyer. It made me realize that neither the buyer had an urgency nor had any issue with the order. I waited until the order was auto-completed the next day. But the buyer asked for revision with a message saying he thinks that he squeezed me for time, and he doesn't like any of those options. But it didn't even say what was wrong with the delivery. I got mad (which I regret now). Then I told him that I did not have any problem with time (which is not true). Since he didn't respond earlier, he must not have a problem with time either. And if he wants revision, let me know what was wrong with the delivery. The buyer misinterpreted my message as I didn't want to deliver revisions. So he requested to cancel the order mutually. I rejected it and said I had already spent my time on this work. Hence, I will not agree to cancel it, and I will deliver revisions if he is more specific. Then he requested revisions with new instructions. I returned a quality delivery. But the buyer wants to cancel the order saying we were not on the same page. He said he had bought 100 orders from Fiverr, never asked for a refund, and he would complain to CS about this. I asked him to proceed, wishing CS would take my side (silly me) because I knew I was right. The argument went on both sides several times. Then he threatened me that he would give me a negative rating when I rejected the mutual cancellation again. But in the end, fearing for a negative rating, I sent a mutual cancellation request to the buyer. Before sending it, I received a warning from Fiverr saying that the gig would be de-ranked. But I proceeded anyway. It has been 154 days since the de-ranking. I receive around 20 impressions a day. And zero orders from new buyers. I contacted Fiverr CS four times. As per their instructions I shared my gig on social media, took skill tests, sent buyer requests, and stayed online. Last week, I changed my gig title, description, metadata, photo as well. Nothing has helped so far. What is left to do now to get my gigs re-ranked? Will it ever re-rank? If, when? Kind Regards, Priyan
  4. Hello, I am level 2 seller on Fiverr with 5 star rating and reviews. On 11th July suddenly my gig got deranked and till now it is deranked. I am getting some orders from my previous clients with 5 star ratings also. I contacted Fiverr support also but they are continuously saying everything alright. Normally my Gig rank on all the targeted keywords on 1st page but now it is there in last 2nd page. Kindly help me to get out from this situation. Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone hopefully you guy's are doing great i am a fiverrr seller for quite some time and for past 40 days my impression click's are constantly getting down i used to have about 200 impression a day and now they range from 15 to 40 impression a day. I'm really worried as my gig got de ranked i had good reviews about 97% order completion 98% response rate 4.9 rating and yet my gig is constantly getting deranked I'm really stressed out right now if anyone can help me out with My situation that would be awesome because in starting to lose hope 😓 please help me out with this situation. Gig Link Thanks Adil Qureshi
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