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Found 5 results

  1. My gig had highest impressions of all others and after a time of month or more they denied my gig. Says I didn’t follow community guidelines. I made another and same thing occured. I do valorant boosting can someone help me here? Why i am facing this?
  2. My best Gig with about 30 Feedback all 5 Stars and also Fiverr Choice and Promoted GIG was Denied! After more than one Year, I decided to modified the GIG because servie and tools I use for my work, update their price and become more expensive... I do all the modification on my best GIG, price and Timing...after that I receive First mail says I need to change the description because is not in English. This is true I made a GIG for Italian users, so use Italian, but after that mail I change all the descriprion, made it First in English and at the end add also Italian (The policy say we can do that) After that i receive a second mail, says, non only the same problem about English (already solved) but says that I must be more clear in my service. I must detail what i do, in what platfomr and how i do it...This info are already in my descriprion, so I think no one of Fiverr read really the description... However I change it to be again more detailed and satisfied what they need to approve it... Last mail: DENIED... I was shocke, a GIG that was 5 Stars for more than 30 orders, Fiveer Choice and Promoted GIG, was denied after I made all the modificication asked... Hope someone can answer here to that...I consider all an ERROR by the system. I can't think that a real person was unable or dont' want to read the descriptions that I've mofified exactly to meet the requirements...We speak about a long time GIG, non new users or new GIG. Waiting for answer by the Support that was ever Kindly to help me, but please if there is someone here of Fiverr take my problem in your hand and fix it. I really need this GIG, I don't want to loose all my feedback and my clients...I made all in honest way. Plase help me, Luana
  3. I edit my gig image on canva when modify my gig and click to save changes my gig removed by fiver with this disclaimer.. that your image is not original.. and tell me why we can't edit our images on canva?? And why fiver removed we also select pics on Google but Google picture are not removed by fiver🤔
  4. Hi, I wanted to share my issue here at this forum which is about denied GIG. I woke up today and saw that my gig is suddenly denied and deactivated by Fiverr. It is saying that i copied some other seller's description. I always take inspiration from other sellers but don't copy complete description from them. Please help, can you guys tell me if this can be resolved and i can get my gig back? PLEASE HELPP!!!
  5. Hi fiverr community. About a month ago, I decided to edit my gig from offering WordPress service to video animation explainer. I got denied from the explainer video category. Now I edited my gig back to WordPress with the same description content and everything else. The problem is even when I edited my gig back to the WordPress category. I am still seeing my gig on the denied section each time. I contacted support, Support team reviewed my gig and said best option create new gig. My denied gig got 35+ review 4.9 rating. Note: i didn't break any TOS. Denied reason is not uploading video but i already changed to wordpress category and not requires a video. Please help.
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