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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, today suddenly I got notification from my mobile app that saying my gig is denied after 2 months active and earning. They said I broke the rules. My gig is Genshin Impact Exploration, please tell me which rules I broke. I reread it many times but I can't find the exact rules about gaming accounts, not sure if I missed the part or misinterpreted it. But if I violated the rules for doing a gaming account gig, then what about the other gigs that also do the same exact gig as me? Why their gigs still active and even have hundred reviews? I only have 12 reviews, all 5 star, good performance (delivery, respond, etc). I don't understand at all. Fiverr is not being fair about this at all and their customer support is just braindead. They took fee from my work and have the audacity to ask if my gig legit or not. And what I mean by the other sellers also do the same gig as me, we literally login into buyer's accounts, boost their account, finish the work and then delivery. But why am I the only one who get banned for this? This is not fair and it's really make me mad. I get it if I broke the rules but the fact that they didn't do the same to others is really evil and disgusting.
  2. Dear fellow fiverr community, I been an active member of Fiverr since March 2020 ever since Covid broke out. After months of hard work of pleasing buyers, I made Fiverr to be my bread winner for my family. It took me years to bring a gig up to a level where I had 35, 5 star reviews, nothing negative at all. I struggled hard to make sure I always delivered more than what I was offering and that's how I earned those. Last night out of nowhere, I got a notification stating that my gig was taken down | gig denied. I was shocked, I went and checked, they had stated I had used a copyright image... No warnings were given, no body asked me to take down. Years of hard work was thrown across as a slap and I am getting a standard response from Fiverr, I am in disbelief. I literally told them my situation, pleaded my case stating If it was an image, I will change it. They don't seem to understand this is how I am surviving Covid after loosing my job. I am constantly in touch with the people who placed orders on that gig. What will happen to those? I have 5 active orders and I don't know how to respond to them either. I go out of my way to make sure I give buyers more than what I offer every time! I need help. This affects me so badly they don't seem to even care or even give a chance. How is this fair? Am I to loose all those reviews and ratings I struggled over sleepless nights because I used an image, somebody else's image I agree (edit: I was honestly unaware this was violating the terms, I used those to build model websites years ago and found them to be an inspiration), but I didn't lie about what I can do? How come I was not even asked to take down the image? I don't have the heart to tell my fam that I can't bills next month. I need help
  3. My best Gig with about 30 Feedback all 5 Stars and also Fiverr Choice and Promoted GIG was Denied! After more than one Year, I decided to modified the GIG because servie and tools I use for my work, update their price and become more expensive... I do all the modification on my best GIG, price and Timing...after that I receive First mail says I need to change the description because is not in English. This is true I made a GIG for Italian users, so use Italian, but after that mail I change all the descriprion, made it First in English and at the end add also Italian (The policy say we can do that) After that i receive a second mail, says, non only the same problem about English (already solved) but says that I must be more clear in my service. I must detail what i do, in what platfomr and how i do it...This info are already in my descriprion, so I think no one of Fiverr read really the description... However I change it to be again more detailed and satisfied what they need to approve it... Last mail: DENIED... I was shocke, a GIG that was 5 Stars for more than 30 orders, Fiveer Choice and Promoted GIG, was denied after I made all the modificication asked... Hope someone can answer here to that...I consider all an ERROR by the system. I can't think that a real person was unable or dont' want to read the descriptions that I've mofified exactly to meet the requirements...We speak about a long time GIG, non new users or new GIG. Waiting for answer by the Support that was ever Kindly to help me, but please if there is someone here of Fiverr take my problem in your hand and fix it. I really need this GIG, I don't want to loose all my feedback and my clients...I made all in honest way. Plase help me, Luana
  4. Hello there, So I've been on Fiverr since 2018. Yesterday, after updating my gig with some new photos, I got an email notification that I should remove my Behance link from my gig. Which I did - I removed the link from my gig description, and yet this morning I got a notification that my gig was denied (because I didn't remove the links as recommended). Which is weird, BECAUSE I DID remove it after receiving the email. This is what they said in their email: Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig due to the following reason/s: We noticed that you included a link to an external site within your Gig. In general, we don’t allow the use of external links on Fiverr and ask that you do not refer users to sites other than Fiverr.com. You may display links to your work samples in your Gig portfolio. Please see Gig Policies For more information. It seems that your Gig was not updated according to our previous recommendations or Gig correction reminders. We kindly ask for your awareness and responsiveness if your Gigs require modification in the future. I know it was a Sunday, but did a human being actually check that I did the changes or is it all automatic? After contacting support, they told me that the Behance link was actually in my FAQ section, and that my gig (with +100 reviews that I've worked so hard on) can no longer be restored. How is this fair? No one told me personally that I should look there too - I simply did not check that section, as it's been a couple years since I last edited it. Is there anything for me to do besides contacting support? This is clearly a big misunderstanding, and I'm not sure what to do at this point. Thanks! Raluca
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