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Found 5 results

  1. Evaluations happen today and I know that I’ll be demoted due to not having 90% on time delivery (I’m at 89%). My husband was in the hospital at the end of April and we found he was in heart failure. Life spiraled out of control for a few weeks and I missed several delivery dates, dropping my stat. I have been working like crazy to get my stat up, but it just hasn’t been enough. I just want to know how bad the demotion will be? I’m currently a top rated seller. Will I be demoted all the way back to no level? I’ve worked so so hard to get to this point on fiverr, I’m devastated that I’ll lose my standing. It feels like an extra kick when I’m already down. Any info is appreciated. Thank you.
  2. This is a very sad thing. People always share the story of their success, but I will share my story of failure today. I was demoted from Level One for the second time on 15th November. It's really sad!😑 However, despite my best efforts, I could not hold back. Because despite my wishes, I have contracts with some buyers who later cancel their orders for some reason. As a result, my order completion rate dropped to 64%. 😬 And because I couldn't fill it before the last 15 days, they(Fiverr) demoted me to New seller for the second time. Lol🤪 This may raise the question in the minds of many - am I currently receiving orders or not? Hmm, Originally organized this topic to share this matter tie. In fact, from my extreme experience, playing level drop in Fiverr may make you look a little inferior in the eyes of buyers. However, it does not matter if your order is received or not. Of course Honest and Hardworking people are still valued. So if in any case your level is ever demote, you should not be afraid and work honestly. The level will come back again. But if you are dishonest, you can't stay anywhere. Especially those who are new sellers should continue their work with honesty. I have a good relationship with many buyers because of my honesty in this experience and they have ordered me again and again. Remember - Honesty is the best approach, and it will lead you to success by gaining acceptance from people.
  3. I've just been demoted for like the fifth time, this time I guess it was my "Delivered On Time" which I had no idea mattered for your Seller level. It was caused by a revision that the buyer didn't reply to until the time was already up. It was a quick request and took me like 5 minutes. Instead of wasting more time asking for an extension and waiting 3 more days for the guy to respond just so I can deliver; I just delivered it "late". **My suggestion is to please pause/reset the time when a revision is requested. Or at least let us reply with a time extension right away if one is needed. I'm also very frustrated with the Response rates. Most of the time I don't even get a notification on my phone when I get a message. So I've been logging in as much as possible to check messages, and sometimes yes there is one. If it's over 24 hours old, I now can't respond or it will poorly affect my response rating. I used to not care and just go ahead, message back and do the work. This will lower your response rate and get you demoted. So now if I have a message that's over 24 hours old, I just ignore it. That's terrible business, but what am I supposed to do? **My suggestion is to post the response rate for all buyers to see, but remove it as a requirement for keeping your seller level. +Remove the 24 hour timeframe (if you reply after 24 hours, fiverr counts this the same as not replying at all /s) In closing, I'm extremely frustrated and feeling like I'm constantly battling against Fiverr just to keep my business afloat. There is a very apparent dip in my orders every time I get demoted. For the amount of time and money I give to this site, it feels awful getting tossed to the ground and nitpicked for every little thing. Been here for 2 years semi-casually, considering leaving for good. Sellers need to be respected at least the same as buyers, instead of letting everyone walk all over us (including Fiverr itself)
  4. What happens after a level demotion with the extra gigs that do not meet the max gigs number of the current level? Will it be paused? If so, how will it be decided which ones? Will It be possible to rotate them, to pick which ones will be paused and which ones will be active? Or should I be forced to remove paused gigs?
  5. Hello,I'm Tohidul. Some days ago I get lot of orders and two orders was late and That's why my order competion rate was down and After that I demoted from fiverr and my gig is down from rank.Now I have no orders.What should I do now?
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