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Found 10 results

  1. Hello , hope you all are doing good ! I've a doubt suppose I make a delivery on Date 01/01/2022 , the buyer has not either accepted or rejected it , so according to Fivers norms it will be auto-accepted on 04/01/2022 if buyer takes no action (3 days from date of delivery) but , if I make a delivery again on 02/01/2022 then that 3 days will be counted again from 02/01/2022 (ending at 05/01/2022)or it will be same 04/01/2022 .
  2. Hi, guys. A customer is requesting me to deliver an image without watermark, allegedly to “review it with his customer” and says that he will approve my delivery after his customer gives it a green sign. To be honest, this sounds like a scam to me. What I would like to know is how can I cancel his order without that affecting my Fiverr score? I don’t want a scammer to ruin my rank on Fiverr.
  3. Hello mates, A few days ago, I have competed for an order with 5* feedback but mistakenly I uploaded the wrong image! Now it looks unprofessional. Is there any to remove the image? Can I delete the only image without feedback? Kind Regards Saiful
  4. Guys Plz Considered Carefully Plz :(( When i Got New Order On Fiverr in laptop For example order of of 2 days suddenly it become 1 day in laptop . In Mobile The Time is Ok i also correct the time of browser but i dont know it is a glitch or some thing.. And Also Tell me 2nd thing that what is delivering on time rule means Customer Support Says Your first message is a start . I did not understand this Plz Explain me this little.
  5. When I deliver my order the order sample not appears in my gig gallery, What should i have to do ? I deliver my work in jpg and pdf form. Even i create specail thumbnail to a deliver a work but it shows nothing
  6. Hi sellers, I am suffering from an issue. I have completed my job, and trying to send deliverables to Client. When I try to upload my Microsoft Excel (.xlsc) file, it shows an error like "Some of the files may contain invalid characters." I cant understand what should I do. I can't understand which characters is my file. Please check the files below.
  7. Greetings People ! I hope you are having a great time. Last night I made a delivery, the deadline for my project was 3:55 AM and same is the time of my delivery. I am wondering why the clock is still running? Here is an image of the Order page, where it says that order is delivered. However, in the second image you can see that the clock is still running. This second screenshot is from the inbox. When the client accepts my delivery, will my order be considered late? Or in second case if he opens a revision request, what are the odds that I will face? I am not sure how same orders behaves differently in inbox and on the order page.
  8. Yesterday I placed an order delivery but the buyer has not received it yet. Although he has come online many times in between. Now can I ask him to take delivery?
  9. Hi every one i have a very simple question. Which thing is more helpful while delivering project should its be delivered on time or we can submit the project before time? I am waiting for all of yours positive responses. Thanks Alot
  10. How I submit a order for a buyer and Accept it with happiness as a result of my sweet words with the project Anyone who as experience in this please share ?
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