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  1. Hi Dear, Welcome to my gig, If you are looking for someone to convert your documents or EXCEL/WORD-related work l am here to assist you. You can trust me fluently because l am very fast at communication and always try to submit my projects on time. I am eagerly looking forward to working with you! My Services: Convert pdf to Word or Excel Convert scanned file Convert Word to pdf Excel data entry Data entry Lead generation Image to Word File conversion Convert file Audit (Excel) My Tools : Adobe Acrobat Microsoft Word /google docs Microsoft Excel /Google sheets GoogleDrive & translate * ORDER NOW! ** 1gig= 60 pages "non-editable documents" (Please contact me first if you have scanned/non-editable documents see FAQ) If you like my service don't forget to save my gig by clicking on the "Favorite" button from the top right corner. Sincerely..
  2. Hi, I’m Anamul Hoque professional Data Entry and Lead Generation Expert. I recently joined the Fiverr community. I’m a new seller on Fiverr. I have successfully completed my 1st order with 5 star review. Please give me some idea how can i get another order. Best Regards Anamul Hoque
  3. I completed the 12th order today. Everyone will pray that I can move forward.
  4. Hi, I want to introduce my self as a new freelancer. Last 2 of month I try to make gig for publish. Finally I published gig. As a new seller I am not able to understand my gig is perfect or not can every one visit my profile and suggest me can I need to correction my gig. And also suggest me how I can grow my gig for get order as soon. Thanks, Maynul
  5. I work with graphic design in fiverr. There is a fiverr account. In one direction | am working. I want to give a gig about data entry. Can I now publish the same Account a graphic design and data entry 2 categories gig in one account ? What will rank in it? Or create a separate fiverr account, publish data entry gig? Hope for the opinion of experts. Thanks. translate bangla আমি ফাইবারে ঠিক ডিজাইন নিয়ে কাজ করি। ফাইবার একাউন্ট রয়েছে। একটি দিক দিয়ে আমি কাজ করছি। আমি data entry শেখায় data entry নিয়ে gig দিতে চাচ্ছি। এখন আমি কি | একই Account a graphic design এবং data entry 2 categories gig published PICO পারব? এতে কি rank করবে? নাকি আলাদা। fiverr account create Pacat data entry gig published করবাে? অভিজ্ঞদের মতামত আশা করি। ধন্যবাদ।
  6. Hi, I am Sandip from Bangladesh. I recently create a new gig . Please check my gig and share your experience with this gig. My Gig link:-https://www.fiverr.com/share/75o1l1
  7. Hi I want to know how can I rank my gig on first page? I tried many way but I can't. Thanks
  8. Hi, I am Sandip from Bangladesh. I recently create a new gig about the data entry service. Please check my gig and share your experience with this gig. My Gig - https://www.fiverr.com/share/pBjl7N
  9. #Hello Everyone I am a new seller of #fiverr. Everyone will pray for me to work with a lot of honesty.🙂
  10. I was created Data Entry gig but to till date there is no order received? and no buyer request appear in buyer request option.
  11. Hi there, I'm a new seller here on Fiverr, and made my first gig about a month ago, but still no orders. please I need advice on how to attract sellers. Thanks 😊❤
  12. Today am going to introduce this one tip that people so much talk about to be a successful seller on fiverr. And that is be online all the time Well me I have access to computer and internet all day long and night,so I be online allll the time. I have been on fiverr for over 6months but with me being online all time, I have only got 2 orders. Now am wondering what people be talking about that always be online, I don't know why it's not working for me. Advertise on social media, which social media? Because I do that daily and still no orders,before you tell me to find targeted groups yes I promise you I did on Facebook but then people on Facebook are only interested in saving each other's gig. So which targeted groups? You get impressions from Twitter but no orders, how does one find targeted groups on Twitter? By using hashtags!! Nope, that isn't working. So finally being online all the time and sharing gigs on social media isn't working, what do top sellers don't tell us about being successful on fiverr? We are missing some major points here. My name is Marie Petiti. I do translations from English to swahili and luganda, transcribing audios and videos, converting pdf to word, excel data entry and bookediting. What am I doing wrong?
  13. I have a data entry gig which has a good ranking. I have a regular buyer on this gig. I have another gig on web design and i didn't receive any order or message on this gig. My question is if the regular buyer of my data entry gig takes data entry service from my web design gig, does it violate fiverr rules and regulations or it's ok to provide a particular service on a different gig ? (I want to create a custom data entry offer on web design gig to improve my gigs ranking)
  14. Hello, I am Monirujjaman from Bangladesh and i recently join on fiverr.Few days ago I created a new gig related Data Entry,Lead Generation Category.Please check my gig and shear your experience on this gig. My Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/mg52Bb
  15. What to do to increase gig impressions and clicks, I had gig impressions at first but now there are no impressions and clicks. And what to do to get the order?
  16. I have no gig order, what do I have to do to get a gig order? Gig rank and click and less. I want to increase the gig rank and increase by clicking
  17. how can my gig come on the first page and i get the orders can anyone tell me
  18. https://www.fiverr.com/rakib0130340414?up_rollout=true I'm new to fiber. As far as I know, all of you are much older than me, please click on the link provided by me to tell me if you have been able to publish my gigs correctly and what is the quality of gigs! And if the gigs have to be done with more quality, would you say that too? Please Check My Gigs Or Gigs Detail's.
  19. Hello!!!😇 I am Dinith and I am a well experienced data entry person who you can always trust.
  20. How to rank or improve my gigs? Please any suggestion or any help to rank my gigs please advise me. https://www.fiverr.com/share/ad0poK
  21. I am new to Fiverr and eager to get a job. I've been trying to get a job for a long time. But not working. I have created the GIGs. It would have been better for me to see my GIGs and arrange work ASAP. Fiverr client should check my GIGs and should arrange a job for me. I am waiting for a new job for a long time. At this moment any client should buy my GIGs. I will do the best service for my client. Please check out my GIG links down below. https://www.fiverr.com/share/xAGB2l https://www.fiverr.com/share/WN9Ral https://www.fiverr.com/share/qd2aWg
  22. Hello Sir I'm A new seller plz give some tips and tricks, So that I can be a skilled seller. Plz visited my gig. Gig link https://www.fiverr.com/s2/db3daccdc1
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