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Found 2 results

  1. Are you looking for someone who teaches you how to dance Hip Hop from zero? AND TOTALLY IN SPANISH! Hello, i'm Andrew 'Polar' Perez and i want to be your instructor to learn you how to dance any type of genre and choreographies that you can find on Internet! I will be your online teacher, giving you feedbacks, advices and any information that makes you grow as a dancer from zero! It doesn't mind who you are, you can start to dance NOW! Hit my chat to discuss everything you want to know about it! ___________________________________________________ Choose any of the following packages that better suits you! BEGINNER’S PACKAGE ($ 30) 2 Beginner’s classes per week (8 classes per month) Tuesday: Commercial Dance (Beginner’s Class) Friday: K-Pop (Beginner’s Class) ALL-LEVELS PACKAGE ($ 30) 2 weekly All-Levels classes (8 classes per month) Wednesday: Commercial All-Levels Saturday: K-Pop (Advanced) FULL PACKAGE - ACCESS ($ 50) Access to all classes in the Basic package and All levels (16 classes per month) Personalized and immediate attention and response; Access to information, videos and theory; High definition videos of the choreography of each class.
  2. My story on Fiverr started 4 years ago. People like me, living in countries like Venezuela, where the base salary is not enough to survive, we began to look for alternatives to generate income through freelance work. A friend told me about the application, which before was used mostly for "funny" jobs, "challenges" and strange questions. But the good thing is that despite everything, they paid you well and with that you could bring the bread to the table. In parallel to these types of gigs, I was forging my career in dance, so I opened a gig that offered freestyle services to all types of songs. It took about 1 year for my account to receive exposure, in fact I gave up and to my surprise, when I reopened it a few months later, it had a lot of messages, clicks and so on. That period of work lasted a few years. In those years I had the joy of working with low, medium and high-end artists, who were delighted with my services. As I progressed through Fiverr, I progressed through levels until I reached my current Level, Level 2. I acquired a lot of experience and I was able to invest in my training as a dancer, with which at the moment I feel extremely comfortable since I have worked professionally with artists, in addition to teaching, choreographing for video clips and much more. Thanks to Fiverr I was able to survive (and I still do) thanks to orders for so long. My revenues are around $ 4000, which for a professional dance gig is considerable. Lately Fiverr is undermined of people who only did what I did, try to earn an extra penny to help out around the house. The thing is, they offer professional services without ever having seen dance classes. They only offer recordings with phones with good resolution and provocative outfits, in some cases. That is unfortunate but I have to compete against these types of vendors, I will not give up and I will become the first dancer on the platform to choose to work in Fiverr Pro and Fiverr Studio. I hope this story has motivated someone to never give up in their quest for economic independence. I am still on that journey but I am satisfied with where I am now and where I am going. If you want to hire me or just check my gig, feel free to check my profile without hesitation and talk me about your project or any problem you have, i will help you without problem.
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