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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I need your help my gig in Fiverr is not available and I am working hard to appear in search bar. What the issue also its active in the help and support. Thanks
  2. I had an issue with a buyer that had difficulties implementing code that worked on my end. Customer Support ended up cancelling the order, I then appealed the order because my gig only delivers the source code. Whether or not the client was unable to implement it on their site is not part of my deliverable. The person I spoke to seemed to understand that the issues the client was facing were not my fault and I should be compensated for the work. My issues was then escalated and assigned to the "Relevant Team" for further review. It has been over a week now and there hasn't been an update on the situation. Has anyone been in a similar situation and how long did it take for you to receive an update? How long does this review process typically take?
  3. Hi, I am in this situation: The customer support cancelled one of my orders based on user feedback and gave me a warning. I learnt from forum if you get 2-3 warnings you can get a restriction or even banned. I knew I delivered everything correctly (i can easily proove it and far outperformed the previous aggreement) so that warning was not right, so opened a ticket. In the ticket I asked about the real reason why was that cancelled and why i did got that warning at least 5 times and asked about the process if its common that if someone provide something the CO make one sided decision without talking to other side? Just gets some random general answers every time, then i ask again... Still there is no answer for that, still trying my best to keep patient. Have you ever been in similar situation? Is it normal here if a buyer send something to CS as a compliant then you get warnings without any information? If so everybody can be banned by the clients by making some unvalid compliant really easily without and rights for negoitations or discussion? What is your thoughts?
  4. Hope everybody is well I had a $ 750 order, where I had been working for the last 20 days. This was the work of the client's CRM database. I have been updating the database for a long time and have worked with the client as a sample and approved it. I have asked the client many times to check my work. I delivered the work and after that the client's excuse started. He says my work was not right. And that's what he's saying wrong. And the order was making new excuses for canceling. I talk to customer support in this situation and they let me know that sometimes such clients have to manage and give a lot of advice. Last said "I have forwarded your inquiry to the relevant team for further review. As soon as I receive an update I will let you know by following up on this ticket". Last Thursday at 09:32 time Fiverr gave me this message. In the midst of this discussion I noticed that the order had been canceled from Customer Support and had not yet given me any updates. I'm still waiting for update Because the ticket is not closed yet. If a seller makes a mistake, Fiverr refunds the client. So what action does Fiverr take if the client cheats with seller? Does Fiverr only support the client? Please See Attached image
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