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Found 5 results

  1. Covid-19 Took Our 2Years in that two years we learn many things also death is unpredictable we lost so many we gain something the world stands on its feet again by forgetting the past and focusing on feature there is still a chance we have to face a new variant of covid-19 so prevention is better than cure, prevent yourself and yourself from the covid-19 by following prevention procedures
  2. Most of the work in the office is done at home because fiverr is adding more and more services as per public needs. Because of covid-19 you can not move in public gatherings it is impossible to keep always 6feet distance. Fiverr is providing almost all services than can be done online. keep using fiverr and earn more and save your health from unrecognized virus.
  3. We can can protect ourselves from virus by using following techniques. 1. Stay at office talk distance of 6 feet 2. Sanitize yourself and avoid public meetings 3. Use food from your home 4. Talk bath everyday 5. Wash hand before starting work. ] Hope you that helps to protect you from virus.
  4. Hey guys, Yes, this has NOTHING to do with Fiverr, but it's more on the situation we're living in nowadays, COVID and VACCINES. I live in Italy. As some of you may know, here in Europe we have GREEN PASS that allows you to do "normal things" and live a "normal life". You get the green pass by: getting vaccinated (valid for about a year) the negative result of a swab test (valid for 48h) recovering from COVID (valid for 6 months) Are they imposing us to get vaccinated? Nop, but I would say they indirectly are. No GREEN PASS would mean no eating in restaurants, no public transportation, no travelling around Europe, ecc.. and who would be willing to get tested every 2 days (and spend 90€ for each swab test?) What are your thoughts about it? I am actually NOT against getting vaccinated, but I am always very diffident of these things, because let's be real, we do not know exactly what they contain and the long-term consequences they can have on our bodies and organism. Despite all of this, I did get vaccinated and just got my second dose. So, what are your thoughts about it? Do you feel like the Government is subtly imposing us to get vaccinated? Do you feel like we are not getting enough freedom to choose? Feel free to express yourselves and share your opinion 🙂
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