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Found 23 results

  1. One of my teammates are really suffering many COVID symptoms like difficulty breathing, sneezing and different respiratory problem. I told him to go to doctor and take diagnostic test. But He could not due to shame and bothersome.
  2. Covid-19 Took Our 2Years in that two years we learn many things also death is unpredictable we lost so many we gain something the world stands on its feet again by forgetting the past and focusing on feature there is still a chance we have to face a new variant of covid-19 so prevention is better than cure, prevent yourself and yourself from the covid-19 by following prevention procedures
  3. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19), a pandemic sweeping the globe, has posed new challenges to society, compelling individuals to evaluate a wide range of habits, from work to leisure to basic travel and daily tasks. Not only has this had an individual impact, but it has also had an economic impact on countries as a whole, bringing a variety of economic sectors to a total halt. While there was much anticipation and several warnings, particularly from those in the public health field, the difficulty remained as a significant transition that necessitated preparation, training, and facilitation. While society made mental preparations, the scope and solution remained unimaginable and remains a major challenge. COVID-19 is a new disease that has been circulating in humans since December of this year.
  4. Most of the work in the office is done at home because fiverr is adding more and more services as per public needs. Because of covid-19 you can not move in public gatherings it is impossible to keep always 6feet distance. Fiverr is providing almost all services than can be done online. keep using fiverr and earn more and save your health from unrecognized virus.
  5. We can can protect ourselves from virus by using following techniques. 1. Stay at office talk distance of 6 feet 2. Sanitize yourself and avoid public meetings 3. Use food from your home 4. Talk bath everyday 5. Wash hand before starting work. ] Hope you that helps to protect you from virus.
  6. One month ago I was hospitalized for Covid 19 . I had high fever and cold. I had start breathing problem then immediately admit to hospital i was there for 25 days . Now by the Grace Of GOD I am fine.Pray for me.Hope you are all ok.
  7. don't shake the hands Wear Mask Sanitize hands every 1 hour And Covid is occur Treatment
  8. I took the 2nd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. And received the certificate. Wear a mask and get vaccinated to stay safe from Covid-19. I wish everyone good health.
  9. Hi! Guys. This is Mehedi.I am professional website designer.I do create wordpress,Wix, Shopify site. In Bangladesh new role shutdown is running for 7 days.All the offices are closed now.But I can do my job ( webdesigning) from home and earn money. We should follow some rules during covid-19: 1)No need to go outside unnecessarily 2)Use mask 3)Wash your hand with soap 4)Do exercise as much as much as you can ##Be safe ##Stay safe
  10. How covid affected your orders?
  11. Day by day covid-19 situation getting serious on my country (Bangladesh) . How about situation in your area? Iam waiting for a healthy city. Stay home, stay safe Wear musk Use hand Sanitizer
  12. Thanks to almighty for blessing during COVID positive. Today, I got another rest to know COVID Negative. I want to say especially to @miiila for her advice on how to request my current buyers to extend the orders and support me. I am so happy that my all buyers accepted that, and later I have completed all successfully. Notably, I want to say that please take care of your health first, then work, spend time with your family, friends and maintain a work schedule. Cheers!
  13. In Bangladesh COVID-19 Is Very SERIOUS problem for this moment, Our Country is now shutdown, In my location covid patient is too much, and too many people get dead, Pray for me and for my country. Bangladesh is an agriculture country, Our farmer also in danger zone, if they can't work then what can they give there family. Please pray for us from HEART. Thanks
  14. Almost 90% of the worldโ€™s countries have shut their schools in efforts to slow the transmission of COVID-19. While this will be a temporary hiatus for the majority of students, it will have lasting effects for the most marginalised girls. Our research estimates that 20 million more secondary school age girls could be out of school after the crisis has passed.
  15. Hey, I'm from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is now at a high risk for Covid-19. Around 250+ person is died everyday and the number of affected people is around 15 thousand+ During this situation, it is tough enough to do outside work. So nowadays, Fiverr is the popular site for people to work from home. What about your Country?
  16. Hello! As you may know I'm a Python developer from Russia and I'm a novice here! I'd like to present you my app predicting total number of deaths caused by COVID-19. It's named Covid-19 Forecaster. It just multiplies current lethlity on number of active cases. Also it needs working Internet. If you want to download this app you need to view description of my gig "make a simple windows app or script in python".
  17. Hello Fiverr community members, Hope everyone is well enough to work here. Unfortunately, my whole family (my baby girl and my son are affected too) are affected by covid-19 since 20 July, still straggling to cope with it. The central hardest part is within 2Aug, I have to submit six works, but I don't understand how could I manage it; I hope I will send the delivery on time. ...................................... Please keep us in your prayers. ๐Ÿ™
  18. Eid in time of corona, but Bangladesh is most effected country in Asia.๐Ÿ˜Œ
  19. Hello everyone, I'm Jannatun Tazree Oishee from Bangladesh. I have graduated from University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh and my subject was Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. Today I have started my journey at Fiverr forum and I'm very happy to be a member of this family. Hope it will bring something good for me. I am a fresh seller, my wish is to provide the best work to the customers. Please give me some tips or tricks that how can I catch buyers attention very easily. Your suggestions are very important for me. A very warm thanks to everyone. In this pandemic situation, stay home and stay safe everyone ๐Ÿ’–
  20. The brutality of the coronavirus epidemic has affected both the developed and the least developed regions of the world, both urban and rural, and the activities that we all undertake have come to a standstill. Bangladesh is one of the worst-hit countries in South Asia for the COVID-19 outbreak. The Coronavirus-2019 (Covid-19) epidemic has put the government, economy, and healthcare system in an unprecedented crisis. Like other countries in the world, Bangladesh was not ready for it. Since it is an epidemic the Bangladesh government has also tried to deal with it with their people. I think it is possible to overcome this epidemic only with the joint efforts of the Government of Bangladesh and the people. What's the changes that occurred in your country due to covid-19?
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