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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone! Just wanted to ask if anyone has had any experience with a "completed" order being cancelled -- NOT because of a chargeback, but solely due to a mistake on the CS rep's part? My buyer gave me the go signal on cancelling a few subscriptions that were meant to be single orders (that have now already been completed). So I asked CS if I could end a subscription manually on my end, or if it had to be done by CS to avoid negative effects on metrics. CS offered to assist -- but they misunderstood and cancelled the completed orders, along WITH its subscriptions that haven't started yet. They are in the process of resolving the issue due to the mistake on their part, but I have some questions: 1. Is it NOT possible to reverse a "cancelled" order back to a "completed" order? Can CS only reverse the funds? 2. When funds are added back to a seller due to an accidental cancellation/refund, does CS charge the client again? And if there are errors (CS adding back an excess amount, etc.), do the same errors reflect on the buyer's end? I have encountered some errors in the funds added back to my account (there is an excess amount and a possible glitch that they have yet to clarify). I'm just worried that this might reflect on the buyer's end, and I wouldn't want to cause them further inconvenience. Rest assured, I'm planning to check in with the client once CS has fully resolved the ticket, but it seems like it's going to take a longer time than usual based on their responses. In the meantime, I am asking in this forum to see if there have been any similar experiences. Any relevant feedback would be helpful. Thank you!
  2. Alhamdulillah. I completed 2K+ order on Fiverr. Pray for me everyone. I am level two seller. But I can't get top rated badge. And also Fiverr's Choice Badge too. Can anyone help me to how can I get those? Thank you
  3. It was my first order, I completed and delivered it, why is it marked as ''late'' and ''not completed'' even after 3 days ? - and how I can get paid in this case ?
  4. Hi sellers, I am suffering from an issue. I have completed my job, and trying to send deliverables to Client. When I try to upload my Microsoft Excel (.xlsc) file, it shows an error like "Some of the files may contain invalid characters." I cant understand what should I do. I can't understand which characters is my file. Please check the files below.
  5. I have completed my 2nd orders and got an amazing 5.0 review. Really happy to work on Fiverr. Please pray for me🙏. Thanks
  6. hello, I was working with a client for her website and after some revisions, she went offline so i did complete the work depending on the feedback and marked the order delieverd. now it's been a month now and she is asking for refund but i worked hard for it for almost 7 days so i don't want her to take my work for free after a month. I am ready still ready to make changes but she just want the refund. What can i do in this situation? Is there any way she can claim the refund. i have already withdrawn the money to my bank but i am afraid. Please help
  7. Today I've completed 709 order on Fiverr. it's been a great journey with FIverr! WIsh me luck to get 1k sales soon.
  8. Recently I completed my 3rd order with a 5* review. It was a flyer design work for a car rental service.
  9. Thanks to Allah! I have completed 10+ Order. My name is Ishtiaqbappy and I am new to seller. Can someone please advise me on how I can rank my Fiverr gigs?
  10. HI everyone, I have completed my 11th order with 5 star ratings, Thanks fiverr and all fiverr members to support me. Thanks......❤️
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