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  1. I had created some gigs on WordPress, E-commerce and Mailchimp, one & half month ago. After some days my gigs are not getting enough impressions and clicks. Now in this situation, what should I do to increase the gig impressions, clicks and get my first order??
  2. So I noticed when you go to gigs and look at your impressions and clicks it updates every night/morning, and i'm wondering why this happen? Its quite annoying for me when I am trying to check my stats and I see the same as yesterday and confusing for some people. On youtube and other sites it updates instantly.
  3. I am new to Fiverr. Today my gig impression was 383 and it's my highest ever. But I get only 1 click. My average impression is 90 per a day but I get 1 click per a week (My idea). I want to know about my situation. How is it? Because I don't know it's too much bad situation or quite good. If you tell here about your average impression and click (from your idea), may be it helps some new seller like me. I know gig impression and click depends on various matter but still we can find a answer.
  4. Hey everyone, So I was using this feature called Promoted Gigs for a week, and for some reason it doesn't seem to work really well, even though I tried different strategies. I have watched a webinar on how to use this feature and read a bunch of @frank_d posts on how to use it (so I think I got it pretty well) For some reason the only outcome of this feature is 2 impressions per day, no clicks, and no money spent (the category of the gig is very popular) What I have tried so far: Editing the gig Trying out different bids and daily budget (currently on max bid of 3$ and recommended daily budget) Turning the promotion on and off The gig category is popular, my gig is on the first page, and I don't seem to be on any kind of black list or something like that. Don't wanna annoy the support if that's just a trifle, so maybe anyone has dealt with this kind of stuff? Maybe you have heard about it? Any advice would be great to hear.
  5. Hello Guys, How are you? Last 6 months I don't have any orders. Also, I can't increase my gig impression & click. I always try to be active online & share my gig on social sites. This month I again back my Level 1 Seller Badge but still now I don't have any new orders or new buyer messages. How I can solve this type problem. I hope someone can provide me with proper guidelines to solve this issue. Best Regard Mahananda Ray
  6. Hello, I have been wondering why Fiverr buyers will come to my gigs, view what I have to offer, and then leave without messaging. What do you think I can do to start getting messages?
  7. can anyone please explain to me on how gigs impression and clicks can get increased? i know a lot about those site some seller visit so as to get impression and clicks but i consider them as fake. it can help at all and i don't want to be part. so the question is, how can gigs impression and clicks grow organically? i will so much appreciate if this question is answered.
  8. Hi sellers, Hope you all are doing well. I am surprised that my Gig Analytics (Impressions and Clicks) have been down from 15 days. I even don't know why. Even I already have an active ORDER. I need help from you guys. Looking forward to your response.
  9. Can anyone talk on how impression and clicks can grow?
  10. How can boost my gig IMPRESSIONS & CLICKS?
  11. I am getting around 2000 impressions weekly on my fiver profile (on all gigs together ) but only around 20-25 clicks weekly .I wanna know how to increase the clicks
  12. Hi, I am a logo designer, translator, transcriber and business card designer. I want help from you. My logo design gig has more than 400 impressions during the first 35 days. but only have 8 clicks. I think the problem is in my gig image and buyers didn't like to it. So can you tell me what image is best for my gig from these images and watch my gig and tell me about shortcomings of my logo design gig? My logo design gig link - https://www.fiverr.com/nanomillion/design-an-attractive-logo Thank you !
  13. https://www.fiverr.com/share/k7kjqA This is my gig with most impressions current impressions 122 And 2 Clicks but 0 orders I tried sharing my gigs too
  14. Hey everyone, I am level 2 seller from past 1.5 years. But recently 4 months my impression and clicks are getting low all the time. And cannot get messages from new buyer. What should i do to get back order. I need suggestion from everyone.
  15. Hello! I would like to improve my gigs, make them more appealing to the buyers. My best performing gig is about website SEO. Could you please give me some advice on how to do it? Thank you in advance.
  16. I have created two Gigs & it's been a week but i got only 1 impression Gig & the other Gig has 0 impression. Please advice me that should i need to wait or there is something I'm doing wrong or missing. Please have a look at my gig and suggest me what should i need to do. https://www.fiverr.com/share/yjaz16 https://www.fiverr.com/share/Q9EeL6
  17. Any one please tell, what is a good and achievable ratio of impressions vs clicks? It is okay to get ______ clicks against ______ impressions?
  18. I am a new user. I opened my first gig two weeks ago. Till now, I have only got 128 impressions. How do I improve it? How do I SEO my gig? Please help me with this.
  19. I was getting 50-60 impressions per day on one of my gigs. I saw a slight typo in the description, and when I changed it my impressions plummeted. A week later, I’m getting 0-8 impressions on it per day, even worse than when it had 0 reviews. Any help?
  20. Hi, I got the idea to create a website for my fiverr account. This is because when I buy a promo for my fiverr account, I will have a lot of impressions and few clicks and my concert will go down. But if I have a lot of impressions on the site and only a few people click on my fiverr account, there is a chance that they will buy my service. It's a good idea ?
  21. Every day I am getting 20+ impressions but 0 clicks. why?
  22. how much time should you wait after changing your gigs images to know whether they are getting you clicks or not,
  23. Hey! I've been on here and I've noticed I can't get any views. For my post, I'm offering services for producing music. I'm am even offering my services extremely cheap to get some reviews first and gain traction. I'd like to think I have a good gig and I'd also like to think I'm good at what I do. It ranks first page in the middle when the phrase "video game soundtrack" is searched. However, I only have 4 views on it in 4 days. It feels very difficult to get a sale if you don't even get views. Heres the link: https://www.fiverr.com/zachpcmr/create-an-original-soundtrack-for-your-video-game-or-project Please, any help, and critique is appreciated greatly. Thank you so much
  24. My gig impressions have dropped out of nowhere and are not increasing again. It happened suddenly the next day that I was actively taking orders. I've searched terms to see if I've done anything wrong, but I couldn't find anything. Could I be violating something from the hashtag or title I'm using? Also, my gig never stopped or I didn't get any warning about this issue. Thank you in advance.
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