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  1. Good day to everyone here Please I wanna make an enquiry about Fiverr buyers "last seen". Is the last seen always correct? Please I'm confused.
  2. There have more facilities for a buyer at Fiverr market place in every sphere. But why? we're, the sellers also a major part of this marketplace.
  3. Hello there! My name is Annika and I am a new seller on this platform. I am a professional digital marketer and I will be glad to work with everyone here.
  4. Thanks to Allah! I have completed 10+ Order. My name is Ishtiaqbappy and I am new to seller. Can someone please advise me on how I can rank my Fiverr gigs?
  5. Hey! I'm a level 2 seller on Fiverr. I'm going on a vacation and I've set unavailability for a few months. I wanted to know does it affect the level superiority in anyway? If yes, is there any better way to keep things smooth? Thanks.
  6. I've completed my first order, and I'm not seeing any rating yet, I've messaged the buyer, but she haven't replied yet. I got a clue from this forum that it might be because I've not given any review on my experience with her as a seller, but I can't even found anywhere to do that!
  7. 2 people ask me to contact with their e-mail and become no longer contactable on fiverr. Why they do that ? Commission fee is the only thing that comes in my mind by I feel uneasy about this? Should I respond them via e-mail ? Could it be a type of scam ?
  8. How can I become a good seller cause am new on this platform
  9. How covid affected your orders?
  10. Hello, A buyer is requesting that I do a basic job for him for $5, but my gig is $20 for a basic package. Is it against Fiverr Terms & Conditions if I gave him a custom order of $5? Would there any consequence?
  11. what will happen if buyer didn’t accept my delivery after revision? There was no revision option in my gig but she requested me for a revision. I accepted that and gave her delivery again as she want. And she was online but didn’t reply me.
  12. How do I get the first order of thumbnail design? How to get a lot of buyers? https://www.fiverr.com/share/907p9e
  13. Hello all, I just want to say to the BUYERS that for GOD sake also take care of all new sellers. They also have a lot of experience as the top sellers, level 1 and level 2 have. they also have a hope to get the order on Fiverr and support his family and more financial problems. one thing that i am telling you is that I am not talking about myself. i am talking about all of the new seller. just enough thanks
  14. Hi, Anyone shares your first experience how dealing with a new seller ? Question for only buyers Thank You.
  15. If you're like me, you use Fiverr as a buyer and a seller. As I buyer I decided to make buyer request to get some offers for some art I needed, and one of the things that happened during this process was that sellers wouldn't just send me an offer but they would go to my profile and message me directly. Seeing a flood of messages I could in no way respond to all of them, so I just went through them and deleted anything that didn't fit with what I needed, this was a huge mistake, as it turns out that any messages you get when in buyer mode counts towards your message response rate and message response time stats and by deleting these messages from people I wasn't interested in working with, I've made my message response rate 33% which is in the red for my stats, which is not good, it also inflated my response time to 9 hours as I decided to make the buyer request and sleep on it to go through everything the next day. Long story short, if you use Fiverr as a seller to also buy things using buyer requests, use a different account to avoid ruining your stats.
  17. For Freelancers 1.Tell us about yourself? 2.What niches you write in? 3.How did you get into freelancing? 4.What challenges you face as a freelancer? 5.What kept you going while facing adversity? 6.Favorite client to work with? 7.Would your client mind being interviewed? For Clients 1. How did you find your freelancer? 2. What made you chose that freelancer? 3. How did your freelancer solve your problem? 4.Have you referred your freelancer to other client's? 5.How often you use your freelancer?
  18. ➡️If the buyer wants a revision in the inbox again and again after the order is auto completed, am I obliged to pay or can I claim a tip for it?
  19. what is the best way fiverr gig marketing? Please share your experience. Thank you so much all member.
  20. Hi guys, many buyers ask me to change names, dates or photos in id or other types of documents, I do not do it for professional ethics but I would like to know if there is the possibility to report these buyers to be banned, otherwise they will find sellers who will do the work and these people will be able to scam people who will receive the photoshopped documents.
  21. Can I share my behance or dribble portfolio with buyers in conversation? Please help. One buyer ask me to share my behance portfolio. Would it go to Fiverr TOS?
  22. Buyers request pager does not coming. There is what was in the morning. what should I do now ?
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