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  1. i’m seeing 1month old buyer request staying on my feeds all time last 1 week
  2. I am not working on fiverr for 2 years for personal problem. Now i'm available for work.But I'm not getting buyer request. What can i do to get buyer request and get work?
  3. I can only see 1 attachment with a buyer request whether it is 1 or 5... Do you also can see only 1 attachment with a buyer request in Web version!? Thanks in advance!
  4. when a buyer hire us at a first time we contact them friendly. At the started point We knows about the buyer, and then we ask them about them project and kind details. For Achieve a good order we build our gig smartly. we complete our order buyer satisfyingly and
  5. How difficult was it for you to get your first buyer? I have created these gigs for months now and they haven't generated any reasonable lead. Could you help me check it out after sharing your experiences? https://www.fiverr.com/share/boGm3m
  6. Fiverr don't show me relevant buyers request. what I'm missing? My gigs are related tp amazon services but I see crypto related requests. what should I do? please help
  7. I am drawing everyone's attention, Can anyone report 90% of the issues in picture 2 despite having 4.5 rating in picture 1 ? Due to which I am not able to send buyer request. 👍Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm new seller. Why I'm Unable to send buyer Requests??
  9. I have not yet got any orders since starting on fiverr. I am sending buyer requests everyday with my portfolio to them, sharing my gigs on social media, changing tags but still no improvement. Can you review my profile and gigs and give me tips about how to improve. Help will very much appreciated.
  10. Attention please! Attention please! I am a graphic designer. already I have completed 07 order successfully. However I received an order on 01/12/21 and started work. Unfortunately, I became very ill. Later I want time from the buyer, but the buyer says his work needs urgency so he can't extend the time. So I was forced to cancel the order by fiverr support team. Since the order was canceled, no buyer request or order has been coming under my important gig and at the same time the clicks and impressions have been decreasing. Please give me a suggestion, what can I do now or if I can do it again.
  11. How many buyer's revision requests are enough though you put unli revisions?2, 3, 4? When will you say to buyer enough is enough? Lol
  12. I am a new seller. I'm checking my buyer request per hour but no request was found. I make three gigs which represents BUSINESS CARD DESIGN. I'm facing the buyer request problem. I have passed 30 days on Fiverr. If 60 days over and if I can't complete 10 orders, will It hamper on receiving buyer requests?
  13. How can I get buyer request in all my gig categories? I get only in one subcategory😏
  14. Hello, I work in Digital Marketing related. Many clients ask to provide work sample files in buyer requests, can I provide a Google Drive link in buyer requests?
  15. How to work with non-responsive,non sercious and moody buyers?
  16. while biding on a project is asking questions to buyers is helpful or not?
  17. I have got a order in fiverr , but my gig impression is down day by day. First one: how to increase my gig impression. Second one: how to get a order without sending buyer request. Third One: How to make a successfull carrier in fiverr. Thank you samirulgs20
  18. The Buyer requests did not update since six days😟 and keep showing the same buyer requests. Is it the same for you?🙄
  19. i have a question. if i sent portfolio (google spreadsheet link) file in buyer request reply. is it any problem for my account or it broke any fiverr TOS? Note: my category is "data entry" thank you !
  20. Fiverr marketplace is tough for new sellers, Of course it takes so many times and patience to grow as a new seller. It's like a pipeline , who gets water once it never stops , and if you're a new seller you have to wait long for the water holding that pipe.😷
  21. Why is such writing coming in the marked place?
  22. Very very Important tips for buyer request. Let's visit the link below:
  24. The buyer request section keeps saying "no requests found" since yesterday morning what could be the cause?
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