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Found 6 results

  1. I'm seeking help from experience one on the mentioned matter; I find different time on buyer side when I visit from PC and from my mobile phone fiverr's app. Which time is correct? Time that is shown from my PC or from my mobile app. Thanks
  2. I'm not sure where to ask for help with this. A seller has asked me to provide "some text of yours to add in the social media kit". I asked what kind of text this involves, but their only response was to google for ideas. As far as I can tell from google, a social media kit is something to do with a brand image for social media, but everything I can find seems to be aimed at designers who are creating one, and I can't understand what this seller is asking for, or how it relates to my book. And Google's top answer brought me back to this forum, so it seems a sensible place to ask. If a seller wants text for a social media kit, what do I need to give them? Do they mean like a blurb for the book, or some kind of promotional thing? Thanks.
  3. Please help me why I can't submit buyer request....?
  4. Hello Community!! How are you? improve my gig Link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/d6RmE0
  5. Hi everyone. Recently I bought a gig from a guy that does basic web development. I gave a basic wireframe of what the web app should look like and it was urgent (needed in 24hours). However the end result he gave me was almost 70 percent of someone's project that I was referencing on Github. I'm not talking about copying functions or code excerpts on stackexchange or stackoverflow. I'm talking about copying code for code someone's else repo on Github even with the same documentations and comments with some minor changes to the css styling, name changes and function name changes. He charged me an amount that was over my budget but since it was really urgent and he was a level 2 seller with 5 star reviews, i thought I could take his word cause of those credentials. So i confronted him on the blatant plagiarism and he explained that he "paraphrased" and that the time was too short. I understand the deadline I gave him was a bit too much and I would be okay if he didnt manage to complete fully of what I requested. There were some functions that he wrote that I believe that he actually wrote it, and those functions actually helped my program and my technical understanding. He said he would offer me a discount on the next development job I need but after this incident I don't trust him anymore. So I didnt ask for a full refund, just a partial refund (since he actually did helped me in some ways) but he said that would ruin his ratings and fiverr profile credibility if done on fiverr customer support. I have no intentions of ruining someone's business and hustle. So I suggested that I set up a gig and have him buy my gig for the amount of the partial refund. He says that he will do it after 14 days as he has no cash atm and has to wait for the money from our gig to come through then he will buy a 'gig' from me for the amount of the refund (that seemed sus to me). I read somewhere that it would impossible to request a refund from fiverr if the order has been completed for more than 14 days. So I do not know if he was trying to wait for that or he truly has to wait for the cash flow for his gigs. I believe that it would fair for me to get a partial refund based on the amount I paid vs the quality of service I got. The blatant copying was just too much. What should I do? I understand gig economy is tough and the ratings and credentials really affects the seller's business and I want to avoid that. So I was hoping someone has a loophole or an alternative to this issue.
  6. Hello Fiverr, I want to know that, does anything say on the notification to accept the delivery otherwise the order will be completed within 3 days? Can anyone please share me a screenshot on how does it look like on buyer side after receiving the delivered order from seller? Thanks in advance. Emon Arefin
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