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Found 11 results

  1. This was my first order and first review. I saw lots of sellers have access to response their buyer's review. Should I achieve something to get this access? Thank you!
  2. I have been in fiverr for half a year now. Most buyers I've worked with were great but some are just... Trolling? I don't know the word. I do not have any problem with bad reviews if it would help me grow more. I'd appreciate it actually. But having buyers leaving me a review of "Fantastic work!" or "Excellent Job!" with 3 stars kinda sucks. Ask them what went wrong and you'll find youself being ignored. What's the point of us Sellers giving the Buyers reviews if we cannot see their reviews from other Sellers? If there is a way on how to see their other reviews to/from other Sellers, I would really like to know how. I would like to avoid these kind of Buyers.
  3. Hi y'all! I have this awesome client that I have worked with for over a year. He has a steady flow of jobs and is generally nice. The only one problem I have with him is that he lets all the orders auto-approve. I have tried engaging him on the same but he ignores my requests. Funny enough, if I ask anything regarding the order instructions, he'll respond almost immediately. I figured that maybe he doesn't have the time or doesn't want reviews on his page (since you have to review the buyer to see their review), but I told him he can "mark the order as complete" instead. NB: I should mention that I'm in the "Early Payout" program. I can withdraw payment for an order as soon as the buyer leaves a review or marks it complete, as opposed to waiting for 2 weeks. So my question is, could there be any other reason he's ignoring my "simple" request?
  4. I don't want service reviews from buyers. I always leave it up to them. There is a question: If I don't get a review after completing an order, is there any adverse effect? (Note that: I've completed 50 orders and I got 27 reviews. 🙂 )
  5. I had a good experience working with this buyer on their first order, but prior to completing the second order- I had shared multiple designs of the concept that the buyer requested hours before the delivery due date. He responded after the delivery by saying, "Please revise the delivery according to my comments below.", but did not attach any comments. The next day I inquired about the revisions, but he responded with, "These are not really the direction I wanted to go. I can either eat it or cancel this order. I will not use these. Nothing personal I want more of an artist's style. Thanks anyway." But mind you, he gave me very little instructions ( as he did the first order) on what kind of style he desired, and instead of communicating about the revision or what kind of style he wanted he's asking to cancel it OR accept it and likely write me a bad review. The gig was only $5, and I spent a lot of time creating those designs, but I'm still willing to recreate them if he offered any direction. I told him I understand if he wants to cancel, but I am also up for the challenge of recreating the design. 1. Is this something that happens often with graphic design orders? 2. He hasn't responded, so if nothing is done in 3 days- will the order autocomplete and he can write me a bad review? 3. Is this something that I should contact the Resolution Centre about? Thanks!
  6. I've worked for 4 orders till now and among 3 of these buyers left pretty good messages for reordering but never left me ratings. For Fiverr, ratings make the profile, and what if you delivered so well and client was happy but didn't left you ratings?? I've even messaged them once but not benefited. Suggest me something for this issue please.
  7. Hi everyone, I am a new seller on fiverr. I create my account eight month ago, but I am not get order. Please give me suggestion, how can I create a beautiful gig, get more Impression, click and order? And how can I send Impressive buyer request? Please check My profile. Thanks sakibhosenraia3
  8. Hello Forum people, I did SEO all of my Gig, I stay online 15 hours+ and also I send 10 buyer requests daily. But still I didn't get any order and any knock from any buyer!!! Why this shits happens with me?😔 Badly I need work! Give me some tips and tricks to rank my gig. Thanks Tasnia Sarna SEO Specialist.
  9. Hi I’ve got a message from buyer and after discussing duties he sent me training videos, buyer profile has no info, no description, no reviews. How can I know he’s for real or a scam
  10. It's story time. Hey everyone! Before we get into it, I'll give some background. I've been a corporate ghostwriter for about 7 years now and was sick of contractual relationships with companies. That is when my journey as a Fiverr seller started. I've been a seller for 20+ days now and have developed a new hobby of going through the Fiverr Forum (it's a goldmine for newbies). Some people shared how they got their first order within days of creating the gig while some said it took months. Some also shared how they got their first order pretty easily and then had a dry spell for months. While I had high expectations, I also had none at the same time (if it makes sense?). 15 days into submitting buyer requests I finally got my first order; my happiness was off the charts. "It's my time to shine" kept echoing in my head. The client needed around 6 product descriptions in less than 24 hours. It was vexing but the adrenaline of getting the first order kept me going. I put my heart n' soul into it and managed to deliver before time. No response from the buyer. After 12 hours of delivery time, I dropped a text asking if the content was fine. They said they'll get back to me. 3 days passed and the order was automatically marked completed. I was pretty disheartened at this point and decided to drop another text. To be clear, I didn't ask for a review or anything because I didn't have expectations anymore- I just wanted to know if the work was fine. They came online and straight-up ignored my texts. I never texted them after that. Pretty nice for the first order. I read the forum and learned that around 40% of buyers often don't leave a review. Ah, the odds of me getting such a buyer as my first! Luckily I got my 2nd order recently where the buyer was a treat to work with. Not only did they treat me with respect, they even gave me credits for the articles I wrote for them on their website. I often feel discouraged and demotivated, thinking of the big pool of seller I have to compete with. Guess patience and hard work is all I need. ~ Shreya
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