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Found 14 results

  1. When making an offer, you need to be very clear in your seller message. You can do this by including a brief summary of your services and any special offers or benefits. After describing what you will provide and why, it is important to include pricing in your message. If you are offering a one-time service, this should be included as well. If it's a recurring type of gig, then include an estimate of how long it will take for the job to be completed. You can also add notes about specific details about the project/job you're planning on completing. These might include: How many people are needed for this task? How long does it take? What tools will be used? Will there be any special equipment needed?
  2. I send 2-3 buyer requests per day but it doesn't work. How do I write a buyer's request? It is better if someone shares some tips.
  3. Here is a sample of the type of buyer request I wrote. If you think something is wrong, the experts will help. Then my own mistake will be corrected. And those who are new to this post will also learn something. This is how the job I applied for was written.========================================================== I need a T-shirt design for my business. Only experts will apply for this job. The t-shirt design I need to create is a Private business. The beginning ================================================ Hello there/ captain Thank you for the job invite. I have read your job description and understood that you need t-shirt designs. yes, I can do it, I will send you 3 design concepts You can choose one of them Will do design: All Type T-shirts, GIF images, business cards, social media ads, graphics, brochures, flyers, and logo, etc. Check out my portfolio here:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(link) currently, i am offering 30 % discount for first sale. knock me for audit and discussion with me. I am looking for a long-term business relationship and can start right away. Please send me a message so we can discuss the project further. Thank You! (name) This is the end============================================================ Remember. Do not send buyer requests by copying anything. Try your own writing. That box contains the buyer request. If you can type manually in that box. Then the chances of getting a job are high. Copy any text and send the buyer request. The chances of getting a job are much lower. It tends to be spamming. Unique proposal should be written for each buyer request.
  4. Please How can send a converting offer that we attract buyers
  5. Hi sellers, I know you are facing zero (0) "Buyer Requests" issue there, that every new seller faces. You don't need to worry about. Create a unique profile, Add your skill and sub skills and create Gigs for each skill you have already added. Now , just relax for a while and have a nap because, buyer requests have unique timing in Pakistan. You just need to be active in these special hours below: 1. 10:00AM to 11:30 AM 2. 12:00PM to 02:30 PM 3. 06:00PM to 11:00PM, and 4. 01:00AM to 02:40AM You can have a buyer request in other timings too, I should sy "BY CHANCE". Within 2nd and 3rd timing, possiblities to get hired within "Pakistan". And within the 1st and 4th timing, strong chances to get hired from USA, France and other countries. Dedicate your time on Fiverr, and increase the number of projects done on your profile. Hope you like it. Thanks, Rahat Ali, (A friend of all new sellers) 🤲❣️
  6. This is Fatema Chowdhury. I am new freelancer at fiverr. I already create 4 gig of influencer research & virtual assistant. I can't get more buyer request to sent offer. I keep myself online 24 hours online, after that I can't get buyer request. Give me some tips as newbie. Thanks.
  7. Hello Everyone Sorry for creating this unusual question on this serious platform!! I'm a seven-month-old Fiverr seller{ it’s mean the age of Fiverr account is around seven months} When I create this account I was very regular on Fiverr. Around 4 months. But after that, I was irregular on Fiver due to some personal issue and this irregular time period was about 2 months. And now trying to be regular since last 30 days. But the problem is I can’t find any buyer request om Fiverr whenever I check it !! I know this is vacation time (December Month) for some country and this could be a reason for not finding any buyer requests. But it was the same before December too ( I can not find any buyer requests ) So, Please tell me What Should I do to find Buyer request as before ( my Starting Time ) Any special tips?? Sorry if there are any grammatical or spelling mistakes in this question. Have a Good Day Thank You Ariyan Shihab ** There are seven active gigs on my account (impressions is too bad) ** I've already completed ten orders on Fiverr and there are seven review on my account( all are the five stars)
  8. How can I send a buyer request, no buyer request is showing in profile. help me
  9. Please help me This is my cover letter. Is it ok or does it need any correction. “Hello Sir I have read your requirements and I'm pretty confident that I will be able to get your work done within the given time your requirements conclude. Can I send a sample banner o trial No need to order me right now? If everything matches your requirement then I will send the whole banner project. After that order me . Sincerely ridoy100”
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