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Found 17 results

  1. Have you ever landed a gig through buyer request? How did you do it?
  2. Are you getting buyer requests less these days than usual?
  3. Hi, i am 3 months old fiver seller, i got 3 orders from the buyer request but from last week i haven't seen any buyer requests also if i see its disappear in a second. what is happening.. ??
  4. I have two gigs in Fiverr, Now I want to know one thing from the experts that Fiverr will raise my two Gigs Ranking / just upto 1 Gig Ranking? Click here my profile
  5. TIPS FOR SENDING OFFERS TO BUYER REQUESTS: Check for Buyer Requests frequently Don't send offer if you're not 100% sure. Put the price and delivery time as low as possible to attract client. You may have to do a $50 job in $20 but go for it. Write proposal by starting with the name of buyer. Make sure to give unlimited revisions.
  6. Buyer Request problem face Maximum member. We know Fiverr is a search engine, and it's also need to upgrade for proper work. May something happen for better service. We should keep patience for it. After long time, I watch new buyer request and this condition will over soon. Best of luck.
  7. I have not received any buyer request since this morning, is there any problem with fiverr? Or is there any problem with my account?😭
  8. Today I got no Buyer Request😰. Is it normal? or my My account has any problem?
  9. I got the first work after sending 100+ buyers request and I did my first work 7 hours before the end of time. Now, I am waiting for my second work
  10. HERE ARE SOME TIPS FOR WRITING PURPOSAL: Don't make templates to send offers Each time write different proposals depending on the request. You can start with "I've recently done a project which was similar to this one." Then in just 1-2 lines describe what was that project and then in k next 2-3 lines discuss about client's project description. Then in next 2-3 lines tell your client how you'll solve this project. Copy paste a URL e.g you are offering for CV then upload a perfect CV that you wrote by yourself and you can short the link by using URL Shortener Tool and paste it to your offer and tell your client visit this URL and you can see my sample work.
  11. I have a doubt in buyer request. Normally I respond fast for buyer request. I send my request within first 10 and I used to get minimum 2 orders If I send all 10 buyer requests in a day. Now a days I'm not getting any orders from buyer request. So I did a research and got to know that now a days buyer can see only last 50 requests. Not first 50 requests but last 50 requests only. IS THIS TRUE? If it's true then thr is no point of responding to buyer request early.
  12. Hello Fiverr Forum. I have few doubts about Buyer requests. There are many fake Buyer requests in Fiverr that are posted by Sellers. I don't know why they posted these requests. We have a limited amount of buyer requests to sent. If we sent those buyer requests to Fake ones. It's a disadvantage to reach to Real Buyer. Does anyone have any solution for this? How can we Identify the Real Buyers except for fake ones? Thanks, Parsi
  13. Hey Genius,,, I wont to know how a buyer get a seller that they require....?
  14. Hello everyone, I'm Jannatun Tazree Oishee from Bangladesh. I have graduated from University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh and my subject was Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. Today I have started my journey at Fiverr forum and I'm very happy to be a member of this family. Hope it will bring something good for me. I am a fresh seller, my wish is to provide the best work to the customers. Please give me some tips or tricks that how can I catch buyers attention very easily. Your suggestions are very important for me. A very warm thanks to everyone. In this pandemic situation, stay home and stay safe everyone 💖
  15. Hi, I am a new user. I can't see any buyer request yet in my seller account. I've gone through other questions regarding this topic and found many members have suggested to create multiple gigs to receive buyer requests. I have 2 questions:- 1. Do I need to create multiple gigs to receive buyer requests? 2. If yes to the first question, do I need to create multiple gigs "in different category" or "in the same category but in different sub category"? I'll be really grateful if anyone could help me with this.
  16. This is Mohammad Nurul Islam. I'm a professional graphic Designer. Now, I will give some information for attractive buyer request. If you read This tips, I hope you will manage your buyer on the buyer request. Tips for Seller: 1. Firstly Read buyer description very carefully, What he/she want? 2.If you read very carefully , Then you will saw her main focusing point. What he want. 3. Your first target is understanding your clients you read her description carefully. 4.You should writing her focusing point then you will say your profession like(experience, how many work you done Etc.) 5.Must be cover letter is shorter and attractive. Because, Clients read to easier shorter buyer request. 6. You should tell him. You are always ready for him any time any days. 7. Also tell you will give him vip support with lifetime support. Don't forget it. Because, it's very helpful for manage clients. 8.Last Thanks and regards your name and send. I hope you will manage your buyer request if you follow this step. Thanks Regards Nurul Islam
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