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Found 11 results

  1. Hello Great Seller, I just want to use this moment to as my fellow new seller's if any has started getting Brief orders because it's almost getting to a month now this update was introduced. I haven't for once get any Brief yet.
  2. Hi everyone, It has been a long time since I haven't seen enough buyer requests. The ones that come in are either too old or not or another category. sometimes, I remove the request which is not in my category is this affect here? Fiverr has fewer job post? or Is this problem unique to me?
  3. We've had a few posts about some ridiculous BRs, for example, that one BR which was searching for a farting connoisseur to take their brand to the next level. I've come across some nonsensical BRs myself - people begging for money, asking for favors or even trying to sell their own products there. There are also those with ridiculous requirements such as "you have to be Italian, minimum 8 years of experience in your field, level 2, minimum 600 reviews, otherwise DO NOT APPLY". Today I came across a Photoshop video tutorial in my BR tab. I'm not sure how it works, but it's there nonetheless. Is Adobe now taking advantage of fiverr's BR feature? 17 people seem to be interested. What do you think, should I apply as well?
  4. Buyer not response. What can I do now?
  5. She is a seller and she posted buyer request. We don't know either who she is in the buyer request page. We have only 10 buyer request for everyday. If all the request gone for this type of post then what will be the prize for our time?
  6. Have you ever landed a gig through buyer request? How did you do it?
  7. Are you getting buyer requests less these days than usual?
  8. I have not received any buyer request since this morning, is there any problem with fiverr? Or is there any problem with my account?😭
  9. Hello Fiverr Forum. I have few doubts about Buyer requests. There are many fake Buyer requests in Fiverr that are posted by Sellers. I don't know why they posted these requests. We have a limited amount of buyer requests to sent. If we sent those buyer requests to Fake ones. It's a disadvantage to reach to Real Buyer. Does anyone have any solution for this? How can we Identify the Real Buyers except for fake ones? Thanks, Parsi
  10. This is Mohammad Nurul Islam. I'm a professional graphic Designer. Now, I will give some information for attractive buyer request. If you read This tips, I hope you will manage your buyer on the buyer request. Tips for Seller: 1. Firstly Read buyer description very carefully, What he/she want? 2.If you read very carefully , Then you will saw her main focusing point. What he want. 3. Your first target is understanding your clients you read her description carefully. 4.You should writing her focusing point then you will say your profession like(experience, how many work you done Etc.) 5.Must be cover letter is shorter and attractive. Because, Clients read to easier shorter buyer request. 6. You should tell him. You are always ready for him any time any days. 7. Also tell you will give him vip support with lifetime support. Don't forget it. Because, it's very helpful for manage clients. 8.Last Thanks and regards your name and send. I hope you will manage your buyer request if you follow this step. Thanks Regards Nurul Islam
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