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Found 10 results

  1. Hello Fiver Community! Add on Fiver ways to withdraw funds for freelancers on debit card and direct bank transfer without Payoneer. Unfortunately, PayPal and Payoneer are not suitable for most freelancers. I suggest Fiverr members suggest Fiverr add a debit card and direct bank transfer as a withdrawal for freelancers. Please pay attention to this.
  2. Hi! I wish to share my concern as I'm not very familiar from this platform. I had a withdrawal yesterday but my card was not in use anymore so the money got sent back. how long does it take to get your money back into fiver account. please guide.
  3. Hello Everyone! I Need Information About Withdraw Amount From Fiverr Using Payoneer I want to withdraw my money from my account. I verified my fiverr account. Now i want to withdraw money and want to transfer the money on my payoneer account. But there is a question arrised. I don't have bank account and i can't open a bank account for my personal issue. Now I want to create a payoneer account and verify with my nid card. So, can i create payoneer account and add my brother bank account there? And Can I transfer the money on my brother bank account? Is there any problem will i face like account suspension? Waiting everyone reply. Please give me right information. Thank You
  4. For example Robert Downy Jr. . Payoneer doesn't allow dot(.) or any types of symbol. Is this going to be a big issue? My bank account name has a dot(.) in it.
  5. Hi there! For the past 3 weeks, I have been unable to withdraw my funds via Bank Transfer. I did my last withdrawal about a month ago, and now for some odd reason, when I try to initiate a withdrawal, a pop-up window opens, which states that I am "trying to add a new withdrawal method." As I said, I already had a Bank Transfer (via Payooner) account linked to my Fiverr account. I contacted customer support a couple of weeks ago, and they tell me on a daily basis that the relevant team is still working to solve this technical issue. Has anybody experienced something similar? PS: I suspect the reason for this technical bug is the "new feature" (rainbow-colored circle) which, when added to the bank transfer button, reset it, and removed the existing info?
  6. What is this Cash Advance? If I take it, does it mean I can do whatever I want with it like withdrawing it to my bank and use it. They're not very clear about it.
  7. Can anyone tell me about the Payoneer service? How does that work? And how can I transfer with local bank accounts?
  8. I'm fairly new to Fiverr and have accumulated a good chuck of change so far, and I want to be able to withdraw it. BUT the system wouldn't allow me to. Ill click the type of deposit link, Ill get the email, and when I click the link in the email, it just takes me to the home page. I tried contacting support (Still OPEN) and it's been almost a month. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, have you found a fix?
  9. I don't have any experience in global payment services. Recently, I create a account on Payoneer though Fiverr referral. I receive an email from Payoneer that they approved my request to get payments from Fiverr. All payments received from Fiverr will be deposited directly into my bank account. I have also option to withdraw money from Payoneer to bank. But Still my NID verification and global payment service is under review in Payoneer. If I withdraw money from Fiverr now, can I receive the money from Payoneer to Bank? or, I have to wait for the verifications?
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