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Found 5 results

  1. good morning,earlier today i have gotten an email stating that my fiverr account is being reviewed, until there no problems, after a couple hours i got an email stating that i have broken fiverr TOS in particular the payment policies in that email it said "Per our policies, all payments must go through Fiverr. Attempting to circumvent the policies we have in place to receive direct payments via payment providers such as PayPal or any other provider is not permitted. Upon reviewing your account, our team found that you have offered to get paid outside of Fiverr." i did not offer to get paid outside fiverr, im going once again to try to explain the situation. i promote my fiverr in my social medias, (discord, reddit, instagram) and a underaged user contacted me on reddit asking to see my fiverr gig (we talked a bit on reddit) so later on he starts messaging me on fiverr, atm i was finishing my first order so i eventually gave a look at his messages (his messages were not related to the gig) so i finish the order and close fiverr, the next day i see that my response time has increased from 1 to 12 hours and i saw that he sent me more messages, so i asked him to not message me on fiverr anymore because it wasn't appropriate and it was prejudicing my gig, he then answers stating "message me on reddit" and i respond with a ok. and i really want to make this clear (WE NEVER DISCUSSED THE POSSIBILITY OF HIM BUYING A GIG), so i want to know how this conversation can be interpreted as an offer to get paid outside fiverr? i am indeed very upset, and i request an appeal to be unblocked or at least to have the possibility to create another account
  2. If my country isn't supported by fiverr what i can do ?& can i make an account using vpn or verifying my account using someone else's phone number abroad ? Without getting my account banned of course. And how about withdrawing money in this case ? Please i really really need to get started and fiverr isn't making this easy at all
  3. Last day i reading a article in there i saw a best seller in fiverr lost his account. It was figure outing me for which reason he gets terminated from fiverr. that is why i wanted to know? Which kinds of sentence, words, letter, numeric font shouldn't use on Fiverr.
  4. So I got this buyer from buyer requests around the end of August. She is a lvl 2 seller, so pretty impressed. She, after discussing about the order sent another person to pay for the order, already kind of sketchy. He(?) did also seemed a little more sketchy because of his stock pfp, but I was restarting my business after long time and his offer was perfect. This order went pretty smoothly, and I got paid. After a little more than a week later, he ordered for a demo version of the game with most levels removed. Not much change needed so I did it for very cheap. After I delivered because it wasn't very noticeable from outside(even though I changed the name of the game as well as the Icon) so he rejected without correctly checking. I then modified the main menu to make it more visible that it's different and delivered. Now after almost 2 days after the delivery, he has not responded yet, and after checking his inbox I noticed I can't contact him. I can't see his profile either not even from another person's phone. It feels like he got blocked from fiverr. Should I do anything? because it seems I'll get paid anyway in a day or so, I don't really care if I get paid for this job. But I don't want any negative effect. I'm thinking about contacting the buyer from requests, though I'm kind of scared about getting flagged, because how much distant she actually is from the order. I don't know how to approach.
  5. I haven't been on fiverr very long, but a week ago I came across a seller that had displayed work in his gigs from at least 23 different unaware artists; none of whom have fiverr accounts. Is that a common occurrence with non-vetted sellers and are vetted sellers vetted in that area?
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