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Found 5 results

  1. good morning,earlier today i have gotten an email stating that my fiverr account is being reviewed, until there no problems, after a couple hours i got an email stating that i have broken fiverr TOS in particular the payment policies in that email it said "Per our policies, all payments must go through Fiverr. Attempting to circumvent the policies we have in place to receive direct payments via payment providers such as PayPal or any other provider is not permitted. Upon reviewing your account, our team found that you have offered to get paid outside of Fiverr." i did not offer to get paid outside fiverr, im going once again to try to explain the situation. i promote my fiverr in my social medias, (discord, reddit, instagram) and a underaged user contacted me on reddit asking to see my fiverr gig (we talked a bit on reddit) so later on he starts messaging me on fiverr, atm i was finishing my first order so i eventually gave a look at his messages (his messages were not related to the gig) so i finish the order and close fiverr, the next day i see that my response time has increased from 1 to 12 hours and i saw that he sent me more messages, so i asked him to not message me on fiverr anymore because it wasn't appropriate and it was prejudicing my gig, he then answers stating "message me on reddit" and i respond with a ok. and i really want to make this clear (WE NEVER DISCUSSED THE POSSIBILITY OF HIM BUYING A GIG), so i want to know how this conversation can be interpreted as an offer to get paid outside fiverr? i am indeed very upset, and i request an appeal to be unblocked or at least to have the possibility to create another account
  2. I have been a seller on Fiverr since 2016 and have reached level 2 many times, but because of buyers not abiding by my requests of contacting me first before ordering I'm punished, which has dropped me all the way back to new seller. The biggest problem that I have being a seller on Fiverr is there's no way to refuse an order started from the buyer who may be disrespectful or you can't do the job because what they requested isn't a part of your gigs. Then once you agree or disagree to cancel the order your demoted if you get too many cancelled orders within the 60 days, even though it's not your fault. This is not fair to the seller because we work hard to try and keep our level status but all it takes is a few buyers who sometimes I think is on here working together to take someone with many 5 star reviews like myself down to a lower level so they can move up in searches. This is a major problem that I also have heard from my fellow sellers, there's no way to refuse orders or stop orders that you don't want to accept without hurting our completion rate and level status. Customer service or developers need to come up with something to protect good sellers or your going to lose us to another platform.
  3. Hi, I am in this situation: The customer support cancelled one of my orders based on user feedback and gave me a warning. I learnt from forum if you get 2-3 warnings you can get a restriction or even banned. I knew I delivered everything correctly (i can easily proove it and far outperformed the previous aggreement) so that warning was not right, so opened a ticket. In the ticket I asked about the real reason why was that cancelled and why i did got that warning at least 5 times and asked about the process if its common that if someone provide something the CO make one sided decision without talking to other side? Just gets some random general answers every time, then i ask again... Still there is no answer for that, still trying my best to keep patient. Have you ever been in similar situation? Is it normal here if a buyer send something to CS as a compliant then you get warnings without any information? If so everybody can be banned by the clients by making some unvalid compliant really easily without and rights for negoitations or discussion? What is your thoughts?
  4. Hello everyone! I've come across this particular buyer request recently. To my utter surprise, more than 20+ offers have been sent for this fu***ng long tiring task. Sellers are digging their graves with their own hands. Period.
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