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Found 16 results

  1. New seller here, 1 week in and still haven't got my first order yet. I was if it normally takes this much time, the thumbnail is unattractive or I'm just unskilled. Artists, any tips on making an attractive gig thumbnail? Or tips on effectively increasing your art skills?
  2. Hello everyone! I'm a digital artist and a beginner Fiverr seller. I hope to make a lots of people happy with my art on here so here's a cute little dino I drew to make your day at least a bit better! ^^
  3. Howdy again. It's been 8-9 months since my departure from this site, and as I need some work done again, I wanted to share with you a little something that came up during my recent venture on this site. I'm currently trying to get some animation work done for my channel for a fun little gimmick that I want to add. Since my previous artists of choice primarily focus on emotes and logos, they were unfortunately not up to the task. So I decided to look for new artists via a service request to get the job done. Which resulted in me getting like 30 offers from random people that I had no experience with. Everyone had their neat little ideas, and half of them did not even read the requirements, but that's beside the point. Now, I try to be as descriptive as I can in my requests (quite often the 2500 limit is not enough), and occasionally an artist's vision/language barrier/whatever gets in the way. But... sometimes you just find that little golden star among all the rubble. And then, when it clicks and you see your vision personified in front of you on-screen... it's like a little magical moment. This is sorta what happened to me yesterday after I requested some rough sketches from some of the artists that made me an offer. I asked both parties to please make a very rough sketch of what they thought I wanted my character to look like, with a focus on cartoonish, based on my descriptions and drawings. Like, 5 minutes of work, so that I could get an idea of what the artist's style was and whether it matched my personal idea. What I got was more than what I expected and asked for, but it pretty much hits the nail on the head on why it's of utter importance to offer or request (free) a sketch. Because, while the first artist assured me they could get the work done quickly and I looked at their work and their style was good, the sketch they showed me was not remotely what I had in mind. Though I think that maybe my drawings might have added to that, but that's why I try to be very descriptive in the actual request and always provide references. To help you understand, let me show you some pictures to go along with this story. First, let me quote parts of my description and show you my drawings I made prior to all that. These are the drawings I made. Didn't spend too much time on them as it would be pointless because I'm no artist. I just wanted to have some ideas on paper. And here's an excerpt of the request, describing the character: This is the helmet for reference, and Disney's "Marvin the Martian" for comparison. This will be important later. (What I'm about to say should by no means be taken as me trying to insult or diminish their work, but I tend to speak freely. It's splendid work regardless.) The first artist apparently ignored my descriptions both in the request and messages prior to the sketch and simply used my drawings and pictures as references. While it is a nice drawing, it's by no means what I requested. I did not ask for shoes and the body was too bulky, and it all looked kinda... off. It just didn't click with me at all. BUT... it highlights the fact why sketches are vital. I did the same thing with all the artists I hired for my emotes/logos. They were always happy to provide a free sample. However, this case was seemingly a matter of an artist getting in the way of themselves in the form of going strictly off a client's references, too afraid to do their own thing. Which I understand plays an important role in business, but you can always make 2 sketches if need be; 1 strictly based on client's ideas, and 1 based on your own interpretation. However, I hope I'm not too much to blame here as I did tell them to draw the character in their own style and in a way what they thought I wanted it to look like. Lovely work, but quite far off the mark of what I was going for. Now, let's get to the creamy part of this story and my "magical moment". I later got another offer by an artist that had me intrigued after visiting their profile and checking out their work. A little bummed out from before, I was starting to doubt whether I put too little money on the table (I offered $100 or more, depending on work and quality) and didn't exactly have much hope in getting what I wanted. But I messaged them anyway and asked for a free sample. They were kind enough to offer such, but since it was late at night, I told them I'd check out the sketch in the morning and wished them goodnight. And when I woke up, I booted up my PC and decided to go check my Fiverr inbox. I was not prepared for what I got. That right then, that was my little magical moment. When you just click with someone... Here's that absolute beauty of a sketch: That right there is an artist who understands me. Who seemingly knew exactly what I was going for. This... this is way beyond what I expected I would get. Reminder that this is a mere sketch, a very good one, no doubt, but that's not even the finished product. Now, just imagine the magic this artist will be able to produce on-screen with a finished cartoon version. Absolute madness! Not only do the proportions match, but they actually did include the leather wristbands (more like armguard, but I actually like it better!) and the speedo. A few adjustments will be made along the way, but all in all... it's just bloody gorgeous! I'm still so in awe that I felt the urge to share this with you, and I hope you can appreciate the art for what it is. I will definitely proceed with this artist and they will get a tip from me after it's all done. I hope my little experience was at least somewhat entertaining to read, and maybe, if you are an artist yourself, it gave you a good perspective from a client's side of things and why you should always offer a free sample sketch. It's probably common knowledge, but still. I wanted this post to emphasize on such. Thanks for reading and take care.
  4. Hello, my name is Kenny Elysian my screenname is tricksterseer, and I am selling artwork commissions of monsters, fae, demons etc. in the form of portraits you can give as gifts, gift it for yourself or hang it on the bathroom whatever pleases you. And I hope to be friends with some in the community as well as starting my commissions!
  5. found this NFT artist on fiverr. ID : Kindlynf first of all. he send his other contact because he dont want to be paid on fiverr. talked to him about making an NFT, and hes asking more than his GIG on fiverr. which is unacceptable. asked why he charged more, and then he start cursing and swearing. deleted other convos to protect his fault. Please guys choose your seller wisely! Much love
  6. Hello Fiverr forum, it's me once again looking for useful suggestions from successful Fiverr artists (or anyone with some experience willing to help). Since the last time I asked for help here on the Fiverr forum, I think I've quite improved my gig: short and clear description of my services, basic gig with affordable price and gig extras. I've even uploaded a short video of me drawing thinking that the gig would be more appealing. I've done all of this and yet received only two orders totally. Well, I've been contacted a few times by people but they ghosted me as soon as they knew that shipping the original drawing would cost them quite a lot. (Okay, this topic looks more like a rant than anything else, I'm sorry for that) Anyways, here's the link to my gig: Draw realistic color pencil portraits sketches by hand by Luisa_sa | Fiverr If you could give any piece of advice, I would really appreciate it. P.S: at this point I'm even thinking to create a new gig for digital hand-drawn portraits even though I haven't got much material (just two drawings and maybe a clip). Thank you for reading this far 🙏.
  7. I have a buyer who wants me to sketch out character designs for them before they accept me as a character designer for a long term project, I think? After the first group of sketches I was told that the art director didn't like what I did and wants more sketches, but I feel like I'm being used for free art and don't want to do any more. If anything I thought they would just dismiss me as not something they're looking for and find someone else. I have art up from my other gigs so I don't know why they couldn't infer I may not be able to give them what they want. The buyer has multiple 5 star ratings so that's why I thought they were legit. I also find it weird that most of my buyers so far want me to do services that are not like the gigs I already have up, but still want to use them to pay.
  8. https://www.fiverr.com/share/gdkzg9 please have a look to my profile and guide me about this and tell me the changes that i should done I am new at here and need your support Fiverr Family 🙂
  9. Hello, I am looking for a digital artist that can create 175-200 images, resembling an academic textbook style art, that is willing to discuss terms of usage for copyright intent. I am hoping to be able to discuss the ins-and-outs of what I need done, so someone I can work with, rather than just putting an order in. Sample images are already in place for the entire project, so you will be very easily guided. I am here to look for someone to collaborate on this work and possibly discuss work in the future. Most of the pictures that are in this project are animals and scenery. Since I am new here I am not quite sure what the protocol or pricing is for a project like this, so please let me know your thoughts and forward this to anyone who might find it fitting. Thanks!
  10. Hello community! I'll be asking an artist for some designs that I'll be using on a brand material. As I want to be sure that the created materials will not be used besides my brand, do you have some tip or template regarding copyright agreement? I hope to have made my question clear. Thank you so much
  11. Hi everyone, I am new here and I wanted to know what are some useful things to know before you start off selling your services as an artist on fiverr. I make custom children's book illustrations and botanicals and would like some input from fellow artists here.
  12. Hi guys, I'm Mohamed, I'm new seller in fiverr, I'm vector art artist, I'm still learning about this website honestly it's really great to gather a lot of freelancers in one place I hope I can be helpful person to all people btw this's my gig's link : https://www.fiverr.com/share/PxvBox can you give any advice about my service ?
  13. Hey everyone, nice to meet you all! My name's Alice (she/they) and I'm a young artist trying to move around the freelancer illustrators world! My very fist gig on here will be Twitch Emotes and I'll soon add Full Illustrations to the options, 'cause I love what I do and I can't wait to show you what I'm capable of! Thank you for your attention 💕
  14. I joined fiver since almost a year, and even if I believe that my services are of good quality I got only three costumers. Two of them told me that my prices were too low compared to the quality of the delivery, and both insisted to pay a little more and tip. I understand that maybe I've just met two really nice and kind costumers, and that I might not be so lucky in the future, but while during this year i believed that my bad results were caused by a lack of visibility and a preview galllery which could honestly use some work, I started to think that maybe the low prices made clients unconfortable. Do they think I'm scamming them? Is it possible that they directly expect highter prices when they're looking for a good work? I should probably add that I'm an artist, and i sell semi-realistic or pictoric illustrations of animals and characters. I work many hours on them but since I have a really small "audience" I didn't feel entitled to a proper payment. (I'll add some examples of my drawings below, they costed $15 each) What are your experiences and tips?
  15. Hi all, I do realistic face portrait. If interested please contact me. Check out my Gig for more information. Thank you ☺
  16. Traditional artists on Fiverr I need your help: please tell me if what I'm doing with my gig is right or it needs some changes. When I first created my art gig, I chose the "illustration" section and didn't use the 3 packages option. I was offering only a very affordable basic option and ended up being contacted just once. I thought that maybe I had put my gig in the wrong section and moved it to "Portrait & Caricatures", where you can now find it. The overall desctiption seems clear and detailed to me: I explain what I do and what the client will get in simple, clear English. In addition, the pics that I uploaded showcase more than just 3 drawings, so that the client can have a clearer idea of the different choiches he has. Yesterday I switched to the 3 packages mode and further specified my services, so to be a more appealing seller and attract more clients, especially those that don't think that I'm undervaluing myself with a 5$ gig. These options are different in terms of price and time put in the work and the differences between them are clear, I believe. Now, did I do something wrong? Is there any advice that you, as artists on Fiverr, can give me? Thanks.
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