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Found 19 results

  1. Hi guys! I was out from work few months and it looks all my Gig rank being downed. How can I rich my Gig impression to get more order and became a good seller and get the next Level. Advance thanks for good and effective suggestion. thanks https://www.fiverr.com/asifdginer
  2. Hi Fiverr ! I'm a young french artist looking for build up my reputation as a seller on this platform. I'm new in Fiverr, new in freelancing. I use this topic in order to promote my gig, be cool i'm excited to join the Fiverr community ! 😄 Some of my images below :
  3. New seller here, 1 week in and still haven't got my first order yet. I was if it normally takes this much time, the thumbnail is unattractive or I'm just unskilled. Artists, any tips on making an attractive gig thumbnail? Or tips on effectively increasing your art skills?
  4. Hey, everyone! I'm Antonella. I'm an illustrator and designer, and I just joined Fiverr. I hope I can do well there. Here's my Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/g4gV4Y Recently, I also started a Youtube channel where I show the process of some of my art, here's a link in case someone here enjoys that type of content and wants to check it out:
  5. happy_fiat22


    This drawing was from a dtiys challenge I entered. It's been a while since I logged into my Instagram art account so I am unsure if the hashtag for the entries is still the same. I chose to enter because I like fantasy-like characters...but perhaps I made her ears too long, I have no idea what she is. I had fun drawing her though.

    © happy_fiat22

  6. happy_fiat22


    This drawing was from a dtiys challenge I entered. It's been a while since I logged into my Instagram art account so I am unsure if the hashtag for the entries is still the same.

    © happy_fiat22

  7. happy_fiat22

    Rock House

    This area actually exists and it's beautiful! I decided to draw it so I could have my personal copy.

    © happy_fiat22

  8. happy_fiat22


    Another place out there in our vast world.

    © happy_fiat22

  9. Edgar Degas inspired, definitely going to draw more ballerinas later too.

    © happy_fiat22

  10. Hello, my name is Kenny Elysian my screenname is tricksterseer, and I am selling artwork commissions of monsters, fae, demons etc. in the form of portraits you can give as gifts, gift it for yourself or hang it on the bathroom whatever pleases you. And I hope to be friends with some in the community as well as starting my commissions!
  11. Hi guys, I'm Mohamed, I'm new seller in fiverr, I'm vector art artist, I'm still learning about this website honestly it's really great to gather a lot of freelancers in one place I hope I can be helpful person to all people btw this's my gig's link : https://www.fiverr.com/share/PxvBox can you give any advice about my service ?
  12. Hello everyone, I have created a new gig that revolves around creating chibi and anime illustrations just two weeks ago, and after a number of edits, I managed to get around 320 impressions till now. However, I got only 3 clicks and obviously no orders. How can I solve this problem? this is my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/moulaylkbir/create-nft-chibi-illustrations-for-you I want to hear your constructive criticism.
  13. Hi all, I do realistic face portrait. If interested please contact me. Check out my Gig for more information. Thank you ☺
  14. Hello everyone! 😁 I'm a level 2 seller, and I've always had constant sales on the platform, however, in the last few months, I simply don't even receive messages and new orders! and I can't promote at the moment, cause I don't have money. I would like to know what I can do about it, because fiverr is my only source of income. 😔 I sell illustrations! Some examples!
  15. The relationship between art and anthropology has long been debated. The study of traditional arts and crafts found in various societies has only recently begun in a scientific form. Herta Hazelberg points out that anthropological works have been on display in European museums since the 16th century. Olferta Dapper also studied African literature in the 17th century, Cool Sharp in England, European dance in the early 20th century, and nineteenth-century German "Grimm brothers" in oral literature. The study of human music also began with Theodore Baker's doctoral dissertation on the music of North American wildlife in 1882 at the University of Leipzig. Although such studies have begun in the field of scientific arts in various cultures, anthropologists have largely developed research into the aesthetic side of human culture over the past few decades. Despite this lack of research on folk drama, Melville Herkowitz's 1944 dissertation on "Drama Expression Among Primitive People" is important. In 1956, Professor Ediriweera Sarachchandra published an experimental book (Gami Natakaya) on Sinhala folk drama. Art was first introduced as a feature of human behavior by the American anthropologist Alan B. Mariam. Among the cultural creations of man, art is a strange creation. The reason for the creation of art is that human behavior, which is demonic, has created things that are far removed from what is considered to be works of human literature. Although tools, houses, etc. can be taken as examples, the argument arises as to whether these can not be considered as arts. The importance of art is also in the design. Artistic behavior or behavior is associated with it. Music and social human behavior patterns are inseparable. The purpose of the artist is creation. Art is symbolic. This is because it reflects a reflection of human emotions. Why this image can be applied in an entertaining or cultural sense. Second, art can be symbolic because it expresses meaning. This expression is further clarified by the fact that even a literary essay can be presented in words in the language. Third, art is symbolic because it perfectly reflects certain patterns of social behavior, such as political and economic institutions. Fourth, art is symbolic because it universally expresses the profound process of human thought and behavior, not limited to any one culture. In the past, anthropologists have studied the thighs as a social outcome. Art is a social product, but weird forms of human behavior give rise to the arts, and secondly, human behavior is caused by the notion and thought of what should be appropriate behavior or behavior. "Miriam" has also been shown to affect. Anthropologists' focus on the value of art as a result of human behavior shows that the study of the primitive arts has expanded considerably over the years. Research and Editing by Dilranga Perera
  16. Hi! I'm new on Fiverr and I've opened some new gigs. I'm a concept and illustration artist from Spain, nice to meet you all and glad to be part of this community! I've been here for almost a month I think but haven't get any work yet, do you have any advice I can take? Thank you so much to you all! ❤️
  17. So i recently got into learning pixel art, after years of working on photoshop, illustrator and procreate, and i have to say, it is a really nice experience, so much fun and its also kinda therapeutic, so i definetly recomend to give it a try. Im sharing this super helpful tutorial about canvas size, it helped me a lot to get in to the basics of pixel art. Its made by (pixel overload) i definetly recomend to check his youtube channel.
  18. Hello everyone! 🥰 Thank you for having me here! I'm a digital artist who struggling to gain customers here on fiver. But I'm doing my best and not giving up! 2020 wasn't really kind for me and so far 2021 isn't much better. But! I optimistic so 'You can't have a RAINBOW, without a little RAIN', right? 😄 Anyway. As you can see below I'm a digital artist. I already had my first two orders (i was lucky on reddit) and so I'm happy to present them to you! Wish I could show you the reference photos 'cause I'm pretty proud of how similar those portraits are 😄
  19. Hi ! today i want to share this tutorial for coloring and light painting, it is super simple and basic with really great results ! it has help me a lot, hope it can help you too. I will be sharing more tutorials, feel freee to follow ❤️ By: Beinkamp on youtube
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