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Found 9 results

  1. my account is temporally restricted. How to solve it? And how long it take? i already contact support team. Now its one month. Not yet solve. So whats percent chance to account fix?
  2. First of all, thank you to the community club. I have a question. In early 2021 one of my accounts got disabled and I spoke to support and deleted it. I am currently using another account that account is not yet verified, now the question is can I verify this account with the previous identity NID Information?
  3. Hello. So my account on fiverr is restricted because of something that I sincerely didn't know is considered a spam. (i texted someone to help me teach how to make good gigs) Now it's under restrictions for 90 days. My question is, are there any chances of me getting my account back after 90days. Or should I say goodbye to fiverr and try other platforms. (Needless to say, so disappointed at Fiverr that without listening to our side of story they can destroy our profile and efforts of years. After getting 20% cuts from our account, this is what we get from fiverr. Not a listen to our requests or pleas that we never spammed.)
  4. Hello, Please I got a mail that my account has been restricted due to low delivery, this is a shock because I have never delivered a copied or substandard script. However, is there a probability I will get my account back?
  5. Hello everyone. Today i received an email that my account is restriced, They have said my account is under review and ill receive a decision within 90 days, In the meantime i can contine active order, "My question is how much time it usually takes for decision from fiverr" Secondly i have 30 active orders now and i have delivered 8 orders currently, If in any case my account gets disabled within a few hours or days I know my active orders will be cancelled but what will happen to my delivered orders? Will i receive money for delivered orders or will their amout will also get refunded to buyers?
  6. My account got restricted because a buyer placed an order asking to help him in assignment.Is there a way I can get my account back ASAP? Am I ever getting it recovered?
  7. Hi, we got into a fight with one of the buyers and today our account was restricted. The problem is we're not individual freelancers, but a limited liability company with investors on board. We've convinced our investors to start selling on Fiverr, and they invested money to increase our team to be able to service requests from clients. Things were going well, we've started to generate a high five figure income (in our currency) monthly from Fiverr and started to scale our team to service Fiverr clients. We had straight 5's as our feedback, completed 14 orders, and clients really loved us. We just entered Level 1 Seller yesterday. We also started to build long term relationships. Until that one buyer came. Our investors are one of the biggest investment groups in the central and eastern Europe and they're demanding explanation from us why we were restricted, they think it's our fault. This guys won't take "we don't know" as an answer. But we really don't know what to tell them. Our corporate / investment contract says we must inform their legal team about any entities that do harm to any of the channels of distribution of our services. Do you think there's anyone in Fiverr that can fully explain to us why we were restricted that we can pass on to our investors? I'm afraid they will be escalating this issue. I've already had CEE journalists getting in touch with me why we were restricted just like that without any prior notice. We're really lost. Also, we had over 4k usd in open contracts when we were restricted. What should we do now - continue working? Stop working?
  8. Hello Community, My seller account with few funds got restricted during verification as Fiverr didn't accept/recognise my means of I.D. I have contacted the support team to futility as they only say I will be informed of any activity that goes on later on It is about 4months now. Is there any possibility it will be reopened and when?(if possible). Thanks
  9. I have dealt with a person from ******* and would like to make other aware of his scam. Basically he will ask you to do a content writing for him and will provide you a little information regarding that and will try to convince you to do it for him and once he will place his order upon asking for further information he will not return and suddenly will appear when you will deliver a work. In the beginning he will ask you to put your effort and so on and will ask for contact information if you won't provide him than he will provide you an information of himself (Which I ignored) than he will have a point to get you when his work is done he will report your account and fiverr will give a warning or restrict your account because of his behavior and false accusation. I would like to mention one more thing he have scammed several people before like that and upon deliveries he cancelled the orders and he have not only one account but many which he use to scam the freelancers and waste their time and efforts. If you have find some buyer like that please share this in the conversation or have encounter someone like this just please let the others aware of his scam.
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