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Found 15 results

  1. Will be there any problem in my account, If I move to another country? Will I face any account restrictions problem because for different IP address in another country?
  2. my account is temporally restricted. How to solve it? And how long it take? i already contact support team. Now its one month. Not yet solve. So whats percent chance to account fix?
  3. Hi, i am new to fiverr, When I search my gig title under online sellers, It does not show up. I am online always. Can any of the experienced sellers help me. https://www.fiverr.com/gehanz/edit-update-modify-or-do-logo-redesign
  4. Hi Dear Member My Account Temporary Restrict How To Resolve And How Take A Long Thanks
  5. I started my Fiverr account and it was quite difficult to get first order. I waited for months for my first order and then I started getting orders. I made some earnings and 5 out of 5 ratings. The problem started when i tried to withdraw my earnings as it said incorrect mobile number (i think i might have put 1 wrong digit as the last digits are correct). I tried to change my number but there i have to put my old phone number. i contacted Fiverr customer support and they said they cant help me. I even told them i can show them proof of my identity or any other documents they want, but still nothing. Worst experience at Fiverr. Wasted my days of waiting and hard work. Really don't know what to do.
  6. Hi Sir, Toady my laptop was attacked by the virus. That's why I am setup new windows on my laptop & after finishing all setup. When I am again login my Fiverr account is warring me that I am trying to login new devices What Can I do ? Is there create any problem with my Fiverr acount in the future?
  7. Hello, My fiverr account is under review , a buyer asked me to send my discord, which i denied, and he also placed order of 100$ and demands 1000$ work, i am a game developer, and when i said you have to increase budget, he said i will contact fiverr else you do my work, i reported his message and on next hour my account is restricted, any chance to get it back? thanks
  8. Hello, I've added two gigs on my profile but it's more than 2-3 weeks I don't get any order. I'm learning tips and trying my best to do my own research about right keywords for SEO and generally everything about improving my gigs, but as you see on my statistics, my gigs are not good enough. How can I improve this? Here are my gigs: https://www.fiverr.com/heythatsmarie/create-professional-and-aesthetic-instagram-canva-templates https://www.fiverr.com/heythatsmarie/create-impressive-instagram-story-templates I created my Fiverr profile in 2019 but it was inactive until October 8, 2021. Can this fact impact on my gigs and orders? Thanks. Have a productive day!🏆🎯
  9. Is there anyone got the account back after the third warning and restriction.. ??
  10. I'm an application developer on fiverr and my account was recently restricted because their antivirus detected suspicious code in an exe file i sent to a customer even though it didn't contain any malicious code. I've sent exe files before on fiverr and it worked fine. What are the chances that i'll get my account back and how long will it take?
  11. My account is under restricated from last 1.5 months, I have contact with Support many times buty they ask me that Dedicated Team will review your account and don't give me the time of review anyone guide me, where i contact for account review Regards
  12. Hello Everyone! Can anyone tell me what will happen if someone intentionally report my fiverr id?
  13. Anyone know How much time fiverr take after restriction of account. I got restricted due to some communication issues.
  14. Hi, I tried to verify my id but when i submit (my license and the photo), within seconds fiverr reply back to me with a message "your id verification is failed". How can this happen? Did they check it manually or is it automatic procedure? And it says that my photos are not clear. I captured the photos as i can using my phone. I am very disappointed due to this. Is there any way to verify my id on fiverr?
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