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Found 17 results

  1. Hi. I am a new seller (according to Fiverr) and I just got my first order since past 3 years on Fiverr. And the client is saying me to contact her on gmail. What should I do? Fiverr has put this message to spam automatically. Should I convince her to communicate only via Fiverr? or should I contact her through gmail?
  2. Thanks to Allah! After a couple of months I got 2 orders in a week. And I've successfully delivered 1st order with 5star review. Keep me in your prayer. Thank you 🙂
  3. I m a new seller how can I take my 1st order I don't have many contact on social media what can I do ? video_2022_Sep_29_22_53_09.mp4
  4. At first I give Thanks to Allah! Then Specially Thanks to Fiverr! After all I got my first order. Keep me in your prayer ❤️
  5. I've got my 1st order. I completed the job and wait for delivery confirmation. It's been a great experience. Alhamdulillah
  6. how do i get my 1st order? Any tips would be helpful. Thank You.
  7. Please tell me How do get best order
  8. Hi everyone! You are all my family so sharing happiness with one another is such a blessing. Today I just Got a order ($5) to a UK Client. he was very Experienced and Friendly. the order was about a retouching image that I have done in couple of hours. the buyer was happy to work with me. that's it.... today I got 1st order 🤩😍🥂✨💖✌😊
  9. At last by the mercy of Almighty Creator I got my 1st order in my Gig and successfully completed with good feedback. Need you valuable suggestions for keeping up this running. Thanks 🙂
  10. Please New seller! Focus on Buyer Request . you'll Get the 1st Order Easily. Keep Try ,Try One day You Can Fly!!!!
  11. Hi there I need help to all of you. I need order on Fiverr .I am new on Fiverr plz tell me how I get my 1st order on Fiverr plz help me I do every thing which is possible to get order.
  12. I have successfully completed my first order with 5* review from the buyer. Waiting for the best. Please pray for me
  13. I join fiverr in February 2021. But not get any order. Please discuss How can I get my First client with the buyer's request?. Already Place 7 Gigs On My Fiverr Account.
  14. I have completed my 6th order. Some of the buyers were new like me, specially the first buyer. And all buyers were very friendly.😄
  15. 1) Research is the Clue. ... 2) Think Out of the Box. ... 3) Importance of having a Healthy Profile. ... 4) Make a proper Keyword Research. ... 5) Use Keyword-enriched Title. ... 6) Add an optimized Gig Video. ... 7) Use High-Quality Images. ... 😎 Deliver on the Same Day.
  16. I am a new here also completed 2 order, cancel 3 order, But stil not getting any job what could do I? Everyone please give me answer. Thank you. This is my Fiverr Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/hafej_md_ariful
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