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Found 21 results

  1. New seller TIPS For get 1st Order Quickly 😇 1) Find out which services have a low competitor. 2) Find Out attractive titles that are not matched with other gigs titles. ( Use the main keyword of the your services ) Short Title is good to get ranking and order. 3) Make a supper attractive Gig images that are related to your services. try to avoid using too much text on the gig image. 4) Setting up the right category about your service. 5) Please use 5 unique tags !! 6) Brief professionally and clearly about your services and work process in the description value. 7) Add FQ ( think like a buyer what question you have about buying this gig and keep the answer. 😎 Keep the best price for your packaging ! Don't think about low price. Keep always Honest price. After Published the GIG Check Out Buyer Request. > Chose which request are related in your services gig. Write great proposal TiPS: Check out the brief on which services are needed. what is the company name? what category of work need? find out any keyword if the buyer mentions it on the request. Now start writing the proposal you can start it by Greeting...… then write a short brief about your work process. ask him any question if you need. and always try to send few samples related the request project . Hopefully it will be helpful for get Oder!! Marketing : You can share your gig on your social media platform. important Think is add peoples on you social media who are interested in buying service . How!!!!!!!! Well. are you using twitter ?? if yes then i can suggest you just add USA. AUS, CANDIAN I mean targeted County peoples. Who do any job or already have a business. CEO, Then Design a ads what service you provide make any offer. attach some sample or portfolio link. write short massage and make gig short link then post it . I hope you will get order shortly . Try to Be a active freelancer don't late to response buyer massage. Try to avoid order cancelation rate. Provide always best service and earn positive feedback that help you more to grow. If there have any wrong information then feel free to advice me. If you have any more question ask me in the comment below.
  2. A SHORT STORY OF MINE. My 3rd order on fiverr was a 5$ order and got cancelled on 26th May 2018 at 06:52am, it was my mistake and the reason was that I took the client requirements a little light and I thought the client will not notice the little mistake I did and delivered the order without correcting it. Client got angry and cancelled it by threatening me that she will report the mater to customer support and get me banned etc. like I wasted her 12 hours. I was new here, after trying my best to comfort her, gave a lot of extra bonusses etc. nothing worked and I cancelled the order. Many of my friends who were already here on fiverr asked me to just delete my id and make a new one as this one is screwed and will not work for you, you should try again on a new id, this id will never be ranked etc., but I did not listen them even though they were working here since 2015-16. I kept responding to buyer requests and after responding about 100 buyer requests, I received another order and the process started again and here I am today (3500+ completed orders) with the same id. NOW COMING BACK TO THE TOPIC It’s a very common question amongst the new sellers, can we cancel our first order? Or any order from the initial orders we receive on fiverr? Another question arises why this situation occurs, and following are the 4 most common reasons: 1. You are new and you did not do your homework before joining the platform: - a. There are some sellers who join fiverr without properly reading its TOS and policies. b. First time dealing with a client/buyer. So they were not expecting the buyer to act in that manner (false imaginations). Lack of knowledge and experience in handling clients. c. Some even lack basic business ethics. 2. Lack of Business Ethics and Professionalism: - In my experience I have noticed many under developed/developing countries do not teach business ethics at college level or in some cases not even at Graduation Level. So here comes a clash, buyer expects some good business ethics and the seller do not know much about it. 3. Presentation: - If you are new in this field (online freelancing) and did not prepare well to meet your first client and his/her expectations, then yes you will be facing difficulty in presenting your work and effort the way it is supposed to be on an online platform. Your client may feel that you are not suitable for this job (your badge, reviews and joining time also shows that you are new). 4. Trying to do everything or anything to get your first order: - Another very common issue which I have seen in buyer requests that seller try to get the projects which are not even related to their gigs, for example a logo designer taking a project of an illustrator to illustrate a short story. This leads to frustration of the buyer as well as seller, because both are not on the same page, even the requirement form is not related to the order (seller gets a first and a bad impression). CAN I CANCEL MY FIRST ORDER? Yes, it’s very important to maintain your initial record good and up to the mark but if it’s not going well, yes you should cancel your order in a very professional way. Nothing will happen, the process of your growth will may get a speed breaker, nothing else but yes try to learn from your mistake and learn how to bear the loss as its your first time and there will be many more in future. Profit and Loss is part of every business, work, job etc. Put-up your best and leave the rest , do not get depressed its just a cancellation which I believe you tried your best to avoid. If you keep working hard then even after any cancellation everything will be back to normal.
  3. Here are few tips I learnt with my experience as a graphic designer Stay Active usually with Mobile app if you are away from laptop Reply as soon as possible to buyers Keep great conversation (most important) Use best and catchy gig images Write best gig description offer something free or extra service Always deliver more maintain higher ratings Send Buyer request Daily do SEO on different Keyword Target Low competition Keyword with average sale compare your gig or service to other sellers never ever copy paste anything from other seller profile Good Luck for your business. Stay Blessed!
  4. Hello Fiverr World I'm Mst Nayun Working As a Professional Digital marketing Seller On Fiverr From Today, But Need to Suggest how can Make Perfect gig for get rank easily and makes my career On Fiverr
  5. 👉 Gig rank and Order Tips for new seller.👁️‍🗨️ Research and Find low competitive keywords. Create a buyer-friendly title ( Use the main keyword of your gig title ). Your gig should have main and popular keywords in the Tag section, and 3 to 4 times use the main tag in the Description. Add attractive 3 gig images, PDF and Video (Must). Add attracted "Thumbnail" which buyers mind attracted. Select the right category about your gig service. Write professionally and clearly about your services and work process in the description. Add FAQ ( Try to write some common buyer questions and answers). Keep the price of the gig slightly lower than your competitors ( If you new seller and there are no reviews on your profile). Send 10 buyer requests regularly which help you to get orders easily. Extra Tips: Make a strong portfolio Share/Marketing your gig on social media platform in the right way (Although I'm not marketing expert😜 If there have any mistake or wrong information, then feel free to advise me. Thank you!
  6. At first I give Thanks to Allah! Then Specially Thanks to Fiverr! After all I got my first order. Keep me in your prayer ❤️
  7. I've got my 1st order. I completed the job and wait for delivery confirmation. It's been a great experience. Alhamdulillah
  8. how do i get my 1st order? Any tips would be helpful. Thank You.
  9. Please tell me How do get best order
  10. Hi everyone! You are all my family so sharing happiness with one another is such a blessing. Today I just Got a order ($5) to a UK Client. he was very Experienced and Friendly. the order was about a retouching image that I have done in couple of hours. the buyer was happy to work with me. that's it.... today I got 1st order 🤩😍🥂✨💖✌😊
  11. At last by the mercy of Almighty Creator I got my 1st order in my Gig and successfully completed with good feedback. Need you valuable suggestions for keeping up this running. Thanks 🙂
  12. 1. Find out that which services have a low competitor. 2. Find Out attractive titles that are not matched with other gig titles. Use the main keyword of your services. (Short Title is good to ranking and order.) 3. Make attractive Gig images that are related to your services.Try to avoid using too many text on your gig image. 4. Setup the right category about your service. 5. Use 5 unique tags that are matched for your service. 6. Brief professionally and clearly about your services and work process in the description and use your keywords 5-10 time on the description. 7. Add FAQ ( think like a buyer, what question you have about buying this gig and set the answer.) 8. Keep the best pricing for your packaging ! Don't think about low price. Keep always Honest price. After Publishing the Gig : >>> Check Out Buyer Request that are comming to you on your buyer request section. >>> Chose which request are related to your services gig. >>> Read the buyer requirements carefully! what category of work he needs? Find out any keyword if the buyer mentions it on the request. Now start writing the best proposal from you.. >>> You can start your proposal by Greetings. Then write a short brief about your work process. Ask him any question if you need. And always try to send few samples related to the requested project . ★★Marketing of your gig ★★ You can share your gig on your social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social network. Hopefully it will be helpful for getting Oders!
  13. Please New seller! Focus on Buyer Request . you'll Get the 1st Order Easily. Keep Try ,Try One day You Can Fly!!!!
  14. Hi there I need help to all of you. I need order on Fiverr .I am new on Fiverr plz tell me how I get my 1st order on Fiverr plz help me I do every thing which is possible to get order.
  15. I have successfully completed my first order with 5* review from the buyer. Waiting for the best. Please pray for me
  16. I join fiverr in February 2021. But not get any order. Please discuss How can I get my First client with the buyer's request?. Already Place 7 Gigs On My Fiverr Account.
  17. I have completed my 6th order. Some of the buyers were new like me, specially the first buyer. And all buyers were very friendly.😄
  18. 1) Research is the Clue. ... 2) Think Out of the Box. ... 3) Importance of having a Healthy Profile. ... 4) Make a proper Keyword Research. ... 5) Use Keyword-enriched Title. ... 6) Add an optimized Gig Video. ... 7) Use High-Quality Images. ... 😎 Deliver on the Same Day.
  19. I am a new here also completed 2 order, cancel 3 order, But stil not getting any job what could do I? Everyone please give me answer. Thank you. This is my Fiverr Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/hafej_md_ariful
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