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  1. Hello, After a few successful sales, I now received a message from Fiverr stating that I need to send them a copy of my passport in order to proceed selling on the platform. By Dutch law (which apply to me as a citizen of The Netherlands and who works there), a company such as Fiverr is not allowed to require a copy of identification. Only governmental institutions may require this. A company may ask for a copy of the ID, but I should be free to decline this request. As a matter of fact, it is explicitly advised by our own government to never share an ID with unauthorized organizations, since the more places have a copy your ID stored, the greater the risk of a criminal gaining access to it and abusing it for identity theft. So how do I circumvent the passport requirement? There must be a way, for Fiverr to be able to legally operate in my country.
  2. After having had a very intense/busy last week, I expected today to be a lazy Sunday — one of seclusion and contemplation. But — oh, no! Life would be too easy (too boring even) if everything went your way, am I right? 😉 As soon as I wake up, I usually check my mobile phone for notifications (I have ALL Fiverr notifications enabled, btw). Sometimes, I also open the Fiverr App just in case there is a notification hiding inside the App (sometimes, push notifications can be unreliable 😉 ). But, today, I didn’t see anything in the App either. After making myself some breakfast, I opened Fiverr on my PC. I noticed the characteristic magenta/pink dot by the “Messages.” There were still no notifications on the Fiverr App, though. This struck me as strange. Anyway, when I checked the Fiverr notification on my PC, it was the dreaded “Verify your ID to continue on Fiverr” message. 😰 Yep, it appeared as a notification. So, please pay attention to those magenta/pink dots and the message that’s shown! 😉 Since there are hardly any posts (from people who have succeeded in their verification process) detailing the entire verification process, I thought I’d give a very detailed description of my experience. 😃 Okay, moving on… When you click on that notification, it takes you to a page where there is a QR code (which directs you to the ID verification link) as well as an option to get the ID verification link (that the QR code directs you to) sent via e-mail. To be honest, I was under the impression that each seller received a unique link which would only work for that seller. However, it was just a generic link which took you to Fiverr’s ID verification page. This is the link that the QR code, as well as the email, directs you to: https:// www.fiverr. com/id_verification/info [Note: Hyperlink has been removed. Please do not go to this web-address if you haven’t yet received a notification to verify your ID. I have only shared this info. so that you understand every step of the process.] Once you go to that link on your smartphone, you will then be asked to enter your Fiverr login details. The verification process will start as soon as you are logged in. You can access the above-mentioned link via your PC/tablet/laptop, too. However, I am not sure if accessing that link from such devices would ask you to switch to a smartphone to proceed with the verification process. Fiverr suggests you do the verification process on your smartphone, and that’s how I did mine. The verification process consists of 2 stages: Take a photo of your passport/driver’s license/ID. Take a photo of yourself. You have the option to either go to the camera App on your phone to take a current photo or to access your photos/files on your phone to upload a pre-existing file/photo from your phone. Before proceeding to the next step in the verification process, you can also retake the photos as many ever times as you want until you are satisfied with the quality of the photo. Just like how someone had already mentioned in a previous thread, you can also upload a pre-existing/pre-scanned photo of your document by clicking on the icon that allows you to access the photos/files on your phone. I believe the more clear, sharp, focused, and bright (without overexposure, of course) your photos are, the higher is your chance of success. Therefore, I believe the easiest way to succeed in the verification process is by getting a professionally-made studio-quality photo of your ID and yourself and uploading it during your verification process (by clicking on the icon that allows you to access the photos/files on your phone). You could also use a scanner to scan your documents, but I believe a professional-quality photo of your ID (taken in a bright environment with diffuse lighting) would have a much higher resolution/quality. Here’s what I personally did: Since I didn’t have a pre-scanned image of my ID that was of good enough quality, I decided to first take a photo of my ID before starting the verification process (I used a 16 Mp camera for this purpose). It is also possible to tab out of your browser to access the camera App on your phone even when you are already in the middle of the verification process on your mobile browser.I stuck my ID onto the middle of a plain white paper (with double-sided tape). I then turned ALL the lights in my room on to ensure that the room was brightly lit and that the light was very diffuse. This was to ensure that there was no shadow projecting onto the ID while taking its photo. I rested the sheet of paper (with my ID) on a wall and then took a photo. Please make sure that the photo looks sharp and bright. I then uploaded the photo to my PC and edited it further for better brightness and image clarity. I then sent the edited image to my phone and started the verification process. In the first step, I clicked on the icon to access files on my phone and uploaded this edited image of my ID. Despite putting in all the effort to ensure that the edited photo was as bright as possible, the final uploaded image in step 1 looked dull/dark. But that didn’t seem to be an issue. Since I already had a studio-quality photo of myself taken when I had applied for my passport, I just uploaded that photo in the second step.This is the end of the verification process. You will then get a message saying that Fiverr has received your photos and that they will inform you of the result. Hardly 5 seconds after that, I got an email saying that I’d successfully verified my ID. . . . I also got a notification on Fiverr. I would also like to mention that the ID that I’d uploaded was not an entirely English document. It had German, English, and French. So, I think Fiverr accepts non-English documents, too. 🙂 I did not see any information pertaining to the number of attempts I had available and the deadline for successful verification of ID prior to account suspension. Some users have claimed that you only have 15 days to verify your ID and that you only have 3 attempts. I am not sure if Fiverr has changed this in any way. Or maybe you’re shown that info. only after you fail in verifying your ID? I don’t know. :man_shrugging: Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding the ID verification process. I’d be glad to help y’all out. 😺
  3. Hello friends, Today I opened my fiverr account as always to see what’s new. But I have noticed that a new message banner appears on the top of the page saying that I have to verify my ID. So that’s ok, I clicked it and followed all the instructions saying that I should open the link on mobile. But, the problem is that this verification can only be done with either a passport or a driving license which I don’t have any of them. I’m worried about that cause If I don’t verify my ID, my activities will be restricted. What should I do? Help me guys pls. 🙏 Screenshot 2021-06-09 2139581345×54 4.38 KB
  4. Yup. I have a dream: I want a small hut in Alaska, far away from everyone else. I want a Starlink internet connection. A generator. And I want to burn my passport and live alone for the rest of my life, hunting to survive and doing voice-overs on Fiverr to pay for diesel so I get electricity. I'm gonna eat bad bear meat, drink whiskey to keep myself warm, and shoot anyone who comes onto my property with a home-made potato cannon. If the government comes knocking, I'll load it with spiked cannonballs.
  5. I don't have a driver's license or any other document other than my passport. I consider it unfair and dishonest to demand my passport details from me after I have completed several gigs and I am waiting for an opportunity to receive my money. now I have a choice either to lose money for gigs or to send them my passport. they did not warn me that they would need my passport at the moment when I registered on the site! I wouldn't work with them if I knew about such conditions. it's not fair to deceive people like that. I have completed the gigs and I want to get my money. But I just can't do it
  6. I’m starting to see why Fiverr has such an abysmal reputation for sellers now. I’ve been asked to verify my account, I’ve uploaded perfectly clear shots of my passport three times and they keep rejecting it. Now they tell me my account is suspended for multiple failed attempts. Question one: Is my hard earned good rankings going to suffer now as a result of this suspension? Question two: Is this something Fiverr does to try and swindle sellers out of their earnings? Question three: If they kick me off the site, will they try and keep my earnings?
  7. Hello, I’m having a problem trying to “submit” my ID Verification, not just the “submit” button won’t work but also why is the identification limited to Passport and Driver’s License which is not usually available on an early age in my Country(Philippines) since I’m not here to travel abroad and not really wanting to drive(Since I don’t have a car), I’m just a college student who’s trying to earn my way out of college and improve my skills in writing. I’ve already made a few job request and did quite good with a positive review and great project, but will my account end up being disabled. What should I do? I even have a Paypal Account and Credit Card without the help of those kinds of ID, so why is it trying to stop my career this time?
  8. I left one of the platforms when they suddenly decided that all people on that platform need to have “passport” names. It happened really weird, I was already working years on that platform and suddenly one day I couldn’t withdraw my funds, I reached out to support, they said that my nickname on the platform doesn’t match the name on my billing and that I should explain to them why that happened. I was quite mad and told them that they should explain to me why they made “passport” names mandatory without giving a notice that they will be changing their terms of service. Long story short short, I left my 50$ there on the platform and never came back working there. it was more trouble to go through the process of confirming my passport name (which is translated to English in a weird way) than leaving 50$ there forever. wisdom of the day: people should be allowed to have any names (if they can prove their identity behind the scenes) especially if that wasn’t in the TOS from the beginning
  9. I have national Id card but it is not even available to verify it in fiverr. My god, I can’t believe fiverr just stopped me from getting orders just because I don’t have passport. How easily they said we can’t do anything right now. Been selling in fiverr with 5 star rating, now everything gone?
  10. Hello, I have no idea how to verify a new Fiverr account at Fiverr. I don’t have a NID card. But I have a passport. Can I now verify my Fiverr account with a passport?
  11. Hi there, I don’t have any NID card I want to verify my fiverr account using e-passport. Does fiverr support e-passport?
  12. Hi, I don't have a passport or driving license yet. The only thing that I have is my National ID. Fiverr asks me to upload my passport or driving license to verify my account, since I don't have one of those two, I attached my national ID's image. After that notification comes and saying that, "it's not a supported ID, please try again". So what should I do for this matter? Your great cooperation towards this matter is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  13. I love passport/ID photos as profile pictures. Everybody looks like they were taken hostage and are recording a proof-of-life message.
  14. Planning to start working on FIVERR? Started a new job in FIVERR? Then this post is for you. Many people face many problems when they are new to FIVERR and many people do not know the hidden rules in FIVERR. Today I will highlight the points that can work long hours on FIVERR if adhered to. 1. At the beginning of the FIVERR profile: Open the FIVERR profile in his name and if you have a voter ID or passport, verify it with the profile. You can read the verification at any time later. 2. If you come to work on FIVERR a lot of the time, then no two can be numbered on Fiverr. Gig on Fiverr as a product. The more attractive the product, the more it will sell. 3. Gig's image or dress on Fiverr can never be copied from anyone. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Later one day you will see that after going a long way you will see that your gig has been removed. 3. Fiverr has removed gigs in many categories that fall into the category of illegal activities such as YouTube likes, subscriptions, reviews, etc. 4. You see, you can work, but if you can't get a client from any country to speak to them in their native language. So how do you do that? The same goes for English. It is very important to keep communication while working. If you do not understand the work, you will never be able to do the work. And you can't knock him once in a while to understand English. And Google Translate never gives 100% right output. So if you think you can't speak English. Then learn English for 2-3 months, at least even if you know English like communication. Keep following for Part 2.
  15. Three days ago I am back in Fiverr by verify my profile with passport. I was outside fiverr for more than four month. I worked good and have a good review. Now I want to know, how could I get new order and start again.
  16. I got arrested at the airport for no reason. (fake passport, kilo of blow in a shoe, .38 caliber pistol in the other shoe. Damned unfair world.
  17. Hello everyone , i need help on regaining access to my account , a week ago fiverr requested that i upload a valid ( id , driving license or a passport ) to continue selling and buying, i uploaded my id along with a selfie of me , i got a ( we couldn’t verify your id ) , and for my country there was only option for a passport , also i didn’t have a passport at that time so 4 days ago i applied for a passport which i received today, I scanned my passport in very HQ and took a selfie then i submitted them , when i refreshed i got that we couldn’t verify your id , that’s why i submitted them again !, i immediately got restricted and my account was temporarily disabled , ( i think it’s because i upload my passport twice ) can some fiverr CS help me ! i opened a ticket but the CS didn’t respond to it ! Thanks 🙂
  18. I don’t want to confirm myself with my passport, driving listened or ID Card. Fiverr said I will not be able to sell more products until I verify myself. I don’t want to give them my personal info. Anyway I can contact them directly or something? Thanks
  19. Probably is because you did not verify your identity. You are required to verify either by using your National ID or your Passport. The image you upload for your passport must be clear and also the headshot photo of yourself should be clear. For me I tried only ones and I was verified. Maybe you should consider contacting CS to ask if they can give you another chance to verify your identity.
  20. I’d be up for having how I prefer to be addressed (same for buyers) listed in the profile somewhere. And yes, it’ll open the door for individuals who prefer to be called “Cupcake” at the very least. If this is the level of professionalism they choose to exhibit, it’s up to them. I’m not sure why fiverr or any of my buyers need to know my “real” first name. It’ll have to be most likely verified and taken from the passport by fiverr and no one ever calls me by that name in real life.
  21. I was asked to verify my ID but I don’t have passport. I do have national ID but again there isn’t a option for national id and only for passport. I proceeded to try with national id and was rejected saying that i need to try with either passport, national id or driver license. Then, I contacted CS and they said the only option for me is to use passport but there are other people trying with national id and still get their id verified. Why is only mine not being verified ? It takes long process for my country to make one’s passport and it says we are only given 14 days. SO NOW WHAT? Is my account going to be banned permanently? Cause I seriously don’t see any solution to this problem.
  22. Fiber is getting notifications for my ID verification within 14 days! I don’t have ID card and driving license, I just have passport. Now I am using fiber from Kuwait but my passport is from Bangladesh. Since I am using fiber from Kuwait, if I use Bangladeshi passport and information, will there be any problem? Please let me know
  23. For ID verifications use your passport or driving licence. For me our country ID is not worked for ID verification and i used my driving licence.
  24. I'm using HP pavillion g6 laptop since 2011. with 1gb radeon graphic, 3gb RAM, 500 gb harddisk. Processor itel core i3, WD passport 500gb external HDD for backup. Thinking to upgrade with gaming laptop. 🙂
  25. can you provide a screen or a quote of the conditions, where it is indicated that I will need to provide my passport details?
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