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  1. My first order on Fiverr was on December 09, 2020. Today we are 2 years later, and I have 472 finished orders on Fiverr. I received the Pro Verified badge in March 2022, and last month my repeat buyer score marked 100/100. All this is achieved without staying online 24/7 and without using social media.
  2. I'm having an awful day (don't worry, I have chocolate and maybe waffles later to make it better) but this somehow made me snicker, so.. even if you get no other response, there's that! Unfortunately, it seems like the platform is also losing interest in you. If I'm being honest, none of your gig images (or gigs in general) appeal to me. It seems like you read a blog post about HOW TO GET RICH IN 2 DAYS, forgot to read the comments about how the post was a lie and well... tried your best, but it's not enough. If you look around on the site, say, just search logo design but filter for TRS/PRO sellers. Can you confidently say that 'yes, my work can be as good as theirs?' I know, I know - you get what you pay for but even then, you NEED to sell something that at least looks 'OK'. I remember when my sister discovered a picture editor for the first time (we were like... 10-12 years old max?)That's what your pictures remind me of - which would be completely fine as a hobbyist as you LEARN but not when you want to sell something. Choose ONE thing you're truly good at, pause your gigs, take a year or so to STUDY your chosen field and come back. Seriously. That is my genuine advice for you. I know it's harsh, but at the moment I just don't see the potential. It might be in there - but you need to work on it - and you can't really expect people to pay you while you do so.
  3. If you're looking to get more clicks on your Fiverr gig, there are a few things you can do to help make your gig more visible and attractive to potential buyers.First, make sure your gig title is keyword rich and descriptive of what you're offering. Buyers will be more likely to click on a gig that sounds relevant to what they're looking for.Secondly, use high-quality images in your gig description and video preview. People are more likely to click on a gig that looks professional and appealing.Third, consider offering a discount for buyers who purchase your gig through Fiverr. This could help incentivize people to click on your gig over others.Fourth, offer a discount for buyers who purchase your gig through Fiverr. This will incentive people to click on your gig over others that may be offering the same thing but without a discount.Finally, promote your gigs regularly. The more people see your gigs, the more likely they are to click on them. Use social media, forums, and other online channels to promote your gigs and get them in front of as many people as possible., offer a discount for buyers who purchase your gig through Fiverr. This will incentive people to click on your gig over others that may be offering the same thing but without a discount.Finally, promote your gigs regularly. The more people see your gigs, the more likely they are to click on them. Use social media, forums, and other online channels to promote your gigs and get them in front of as many people as possible.By following these tips, you can help increase the visibility and appeal of your Fiverr gig, leading to more clicks and ultimately more sales.
  4. Do you know why every water bottle is blue? Why every traffic “Stop” sign is red? It’s because different colors make people feel different emotions. Water bottle is blue, because it looks more trustworthy. Would you drink from a water bottle that it’s color is black? I would not even think about buying one. Every traffic “STOP” sign is red, so it will focus driver attention and make him more alert. I learned that when I was studying web design and Im still using it today on my websites. If i would be making layout for doctor’s website or payment service company I would totally go on blue with white. Ecology Party Website? There you go green, your turn… You can see color psychology used everywhere, because it’s so effective. There are artist, companies, politics that are using it. You can use it on your main gig image, so you can affect potential buyers emotions! You could just change colors on it and make your gig more effective. Okay Michał, but I have 5 orders and no time to read so much. I get it and I value your time. Below I will list most important colors and when to use them. You can read more about color psychology online, as im not psychologist 😁 Red: Increases attention, passion and energy. You can use it for: Making your gig more noticeableBring more attention to important informationsWarningsBlue: Increases calmness, trust and safety. You can use it for: Making your gig more trustworthyMake your products look saferHelp your clients feel more secureOrange: Increases friendliness and energy. You can use it for: Making your gig look more friendlyMake your product look more uniqueFind younger target audienceWhite: Increases easiness and simplicity. You can use it for: Make your gig look simpler to understandMake your products look more clean (perfect choice for toothpaste, soap)Make your clients feel calmerYellow: Increases mood and passion. You can use it for: Make your gig feel more passionateMake your clients feel more comfortableGreen: Increases naturalness and healthness. You can use it for: Environmentalist themeMake your product feel more naturalPart 2: How to choose colors for your gig image?
  5. Indeed, staying online will not help but I believe it helps occasionally because buyers who searched on Fiverr might filter for online seller
  6. Thanks a lot for this wonderful post. 😀 One thing we, buyers and sellers, must understand is that the communication is happening in a chat box and it is not a face to face conversation. Therefore, the writing in the chat is everything here. If it were a video call then we could communicate with each other in a more effective way. As far as I know, in a face to face conversation, we convey up to 70% of our feelings through body language and only 30% by the talk itself. In a chat box, we have to write in such a way so that we can make up for the 70% missing information. Hence, video call is a better for a discussion. Effective communication is very important for a freelancer working online. Thanks much!
  7. There are some tips to rank your Fiverr Gigs: 1. SEO SEO (search engine optimization) is a marketing technique where companies try to improve their website's visibility and ranking on search engines like Google. SEO services, like any other type of online marketing service, can get expensive quickly. That's why I've created my own system to rank Fiverr gigs based on how much they cost. 2. Customer Service The second thing I look at when ranking gigs is customer service. If a gig doesn't have good customer service, then I know it won't last long. In addition, if a gig has great customer service, then it means they're going to be around for awhile and provide excellent value. 3. Value Value is what determines whether or not I'll use a gig again. A good way to figure out value is to ask yourself these questions: Is the gig worth $10? Do I need it now? Can I find something similar elsewhere for less money? These three factors go into determining the value of a gig. 4. Quality Quality is determined by two things--the quality of the product and the quality of the service. When I'm looking at a gig, I want to make sure that the product is high-quality and that the service is consistent. 5. Price Price is the final factor in determining the value of a Fiverr gig. Of course, price isn't everything; however, it does play a role. I want to make sure the price is fair before using a gig.
  8. The only reason for staying online is that Sometimes a client might want to have a chat with sellers who are online at that particular time. So, they filter out results to show only online sellers.
  9. Your account was made in February 2017. In almost 6 years, you made no sales (I see no reviews). Do you still believe that you will get more impressions or sales because you stay online? Just face the reality: STAYING ONLINE DOES NOT HELP YOU TO GET ORDERS.
  10. I got my very first client within 15 days of making a gig 😄 and being online for like whole day and night. After that, I got my second client within like 5 months 😑
  11. I feel like there is a very However, I'm sure that Filip has something valuable to offer, while the less valuable your offerings, the more it could actually be crucial to "stay online 24/7" and "post on social media"*... 😉 Congratulations, Filip, and after now six or so years, and lots of orders, I can also confirm that 24/7 and social media posting isn't necessarily a requirement. If anyone after too much forum consumption fears that Fiverr isn't for them because they need sleep and are socially shy, do not fret, you may still prevail. *Of course, this isn't to say that the one or other of these "tips and tricks" is necessarily a bad thing in itself, or might not get you even more orders, and you who really read forum posts and don't just "react" to them, know that.
  12. COURSE CONTENT, COURSE OUTLINE, COURSE DEVELOPMENT,ONLINE CONTENT, CURRICULUM, COURSE CREATION, EBOOK WRITING, LESSON PLAN, E LEARNING CONTENT Are you looking for a qualified online content creator who can help you write your online course content, course outline, curriculum? If yes you have come to the right Gig! I'm an online course content creator with years of experience, I will do online course content, course outline, course development, for different topics that is highly informative to audiences. MY SERVICES Online course content Course outline Course development Course creation Ebook writing With each course you will get: Exceptional online course creation plan and course outline Outstanding curriculum for the course Quizzes and assignments that test learners' skills Learning outcomes CONTACT ME NOW TO GET STARTED Best Regards Writer Rose https://www.fiverr.com/share/ab681W
  13. Then how could I increase my impression? What if the Buyer search through online sellers.
  14. NO NEED TO STAY ONLINE!!!!!!!! I wish I can shout this from the top of Mt.Fiverr. NO NEED TO STAY ONLINE!!!! Pardon for sounding snobby but I'm a TRS, I've been working on Fiverr for over 10 years, and I DO NOT stay online, but I still get sales. Why? Because I am honest, I did my research before starting, and I have decent skills. Again, I repeat. NO NEED TO STAY ONLINE!!!!!!!!NO NEED TO STAY ONLINE!!!!!!!!NO NEED TO STAY ONLINE!!!!!!!!NO NEED TO STAY ONLINE!!!!!!!!NO NEED TO STAY ONLINE!!!!!!!!NO NEED TO STAY ONLINE!!!!!!!!NO NEED TO STAY ONLINE!!!!!!!!NO NEED TO STAY ONLINE!!!!!!!!NO NEED TO STAY ONLINE!!!!!!!!NO NEED TO STAY ONLINE!!!!!!!!NO NEED TO STAY ONLINE!!!!!!!!NO NEED TO STAY ONLINE!!!!!!!!NO NEED TO STAY ONLINE!!!!!!!! ** this message will self destruct in 10 seconds, abort abort abort KABOOOOOOOOOM
  15. Thank you for noticed that. I do not limit myself to offering my skills alone on Fiverr. These days, I spend most of my time working on other freelancing marketplaces, and I don't have much time to manage my Fiverr account. If you go to the search page on Fiverr and select on the "Online Sellers" option, you will be able to see the gigs that are being offered by freelancers who will be available at the time you do your search. That's why I suggest to remaining online may help in some way. Sometimes I do hire freelancers from Fiverr and I always turn on this check and then choose the freelancer. Most of the time clients didn't have time. Results for "content writer" | 31,327 services available | Online sellers check off. Results for "content writer" | 1,281 services available | Online sellers check on. Let me know what you think about it @jonbaas @filipdevaere @alexfun
  16. Hey there, I'm a new seller. I just delivered my first order last week and waiting for the next one. Can anyone give me an idea regarding how staying online affect my impressions, clicks and finally the chance of having an order. And please let me know how you used to stay online and does it have good results? And also what are the methods you use to stay online? Thank you.
  17. Hallo, Past 1 day I get 1 Order and I complete as the buyer Requirements. But the Buyer is not come in Online and he give no feedback my work. So, now what can I do for it?
  18. I'm new here in Fiverr forum. I'm Ibukun OLORUNNIWO, an Online Entrepreneur who resides in Nigeria. I wish to get familiarize with the community.
  19. Hello people. I set up an account in February which is currently offering just two gigs - product descriptions and email copy. I plan on uploading a few more over the next couple of weeks, all of which relate to writing in one form or another. Since Feb, I have amassed the grand total of one job consisting of two product descriptions, which paid the princely sum of $5, or $2.50 per description. I know, I know... its a dizzying amount of money and you will be pleased to know that I haven't blown it - it was invested wisely. Also since Feb, the product description job has earned 350 impressions, which I am led to believe isn't too great. So I have followed some tips posted within this forum, along with some various YouTube tips from established fiverr sellers. They all say the same really: tweak your gig regularly, nail the SEO, make sure you stand out from the crowd, offer cheap services initially, and promote to death on socials. Lets look at that then. Tweaking your gig - easy enough. I have been editing the content every couple of weeks since Feb. I have also just ordered a new 'snazzy' gig image which I will hopefully upload in a couple days. SEO - am I missing something with this? I mean its dead obvious and hardly worth mentioning as a tip, is it? You simply make sure the words 'product descriptions' are adequately represented within your title and about section. So yes, thats done. I would have thought that is common sense and am surprised this is offered as a tip in the first place. Stand out from the crowd - this is also a daft tip, in my opinion. All we can do is create a nice gig image, a great title and a nice description. How else are we to stand out from the crowd? Its not like I can jump inside my laptop, crawl over to my gig, and start juggling firesticks in front of it while shouting "ROLL UP! ROLL UP!" or something. Unless I am being old and stupid, I fail to grasp one single method other than a well thought image and title, that might pertain to 'standing out from the crowd'. Cheap - done that. I have suitably bent over and invited prospective clients to roger me, firmly and without lubrication, in order to win a few reviews. The only problem with this tip as far as I can see, is the huge amount of sellers in copywriting also bending over and asking to be rogered hard, and so this method is making little difference on the whole. From a buyers point of view who cares if you are dirt cheap? So are two hundred others! Which brings me on to my final point: Saturation - Am I just too late to the party? Copywriting is the jumping-off point for the average person looking to sell on this platform, or so it seems. I think it might have been saturated for a while. recently though there have been a few viral videos doing the rounds created by Fiverr copywriters, all of whom are selling the dream of making big money with zero experience or qualifications, all whilst sat on your arse at home. One seller in particular claims to be making half a million per year copywriting. I am guessing this just encourages even more new sellers to join. The most baffling of all tips, at least to my mind, is to promote through social media. How? I have 65 friends on my Facebook. I doubt my 76 year old Aunty Vera is in need of copywriting services in between knitting a new scarf and weeding the garden. I have a twitter account with a couple of random followers. TikTok can feck right off, I am not a teenager and I refuse to behave like one for the camera. So again I ask, am I missing something? How are we supposed to use socials to promote? Spam random strangers with messages advertising copywriting services? Join various groups and beg for work? I think the truth is I am probably destined for failure at this and thats a shame, as its my only hope right now. My once thriving online business is over thanks to covid and I was hoping this might be a new career. I enjoy writing and have some experience at writing copy through my own ventures over the last couple decades. I thought this might be a way to earn a living for a few years, whilst I figured out something more long term. I am capable of the actual writing and genuinely enjoy it, to a point. What I am not so interested in is promoting through social media, joining sodding LinkedIn and touting my services left right and center or any of that nonsense. For want of a better word, I just cant be arsed. I figured being capable of doing the job quite well would be all I need, to do ok with Fiverr. Maybe its not as simple as that? Any tips, apart from the obvious?
  20. When I first signed up for Fiverr, I remember asking myself this question. It was very exciting, and I was looking forward to it a lot. I got my first order after three months of making Fiverr gigs. Why I got my first order so late: There were several things that I learned later. When you get your first order on Fiverr, it means that people can find your gigs and decide to hire you. You can't just put your gigs on page 10 and hope that people will buy them. NOT POSSIBLE. As a new freelancer with a lot of drive but not much experience, I did these things at first. Learn more about Fiverr on YouTube: I watched a few videos to learn how to set up my account, design my gig, write descriptions, and send buyer requests. A lot of new sellers don't know that gig images have to be a certain size on Fiverr, and if you don't follow this rule, your gig could end up on a lower page. I can't say enough about this. Watch videos at every step of the way. If you want to learn how to make a gig, go to YouTube and type in how to make a gig on Fiverr, how to rank my gig, or even how to get orders. Create Gigs: Without gigs, clients can't find you, and you cannot contact buyers directly until and unless they contact you; if you don't make gigs, For a new account, you can upload up to seven gigs. The great thing about this is that you can choose from a wide range of services. For example, as one person, I can do administrative work and design websites. Don't copy another seller's profile or gig information word for word, either. Fiverr will terminate your account permanently. Promote your gig: After creating the gig, never forget to promote it on different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. It is very important. Track your gig impressions and position: Fiverr lets you see how many people see your gig every day, so you can see if your promotion worked. You don't want to work hard without getting anything out of it. Stay online: I hear from many Fiverr expert freelancers that for a new freelancer, it is essential to stay online as much as he can. Buyers can use Fiverr's filter options to find a freelancer who is available at that time. If you are online, then your gig position will change, and there are higher chances that you will get your first client quickly. I hope this is what you were looking for.
  21. Be patient and share your gig on social media. try to stay online at night.
  22. The most important thing is that your gig should be written in proper English without grammatical errors. There are ALSO a few general tips you can keep in mind that may help you achieve success. First, make sure your gigs are well-optimized and relevant to the search terms potential buyers are using. This means using keyword-rich titles and descriptions that accurately reflect what your gig is offering.In addition, it's important to keep your gigs updated regularly with new images, videos, or other content that will grab attention and show potential buyers that you're an active seller. And finally, be sure to promote your gigs through social media and other online channels to reach as many potential buyers as possible.By following these tips, you should be able to see an increase in your gigs impressions and clicks ratio over time.
  23. In a perfect world yes. However take in consideration services such as SEO where is difficult to prove your have done the work you said you will. Some wordpress developers charge per hour (packages of 40h) because they develop custom feautures. Some market researcher charge per hours because it makes sense. Especially with market research you need to research everything before you can even send a custom offer to the client because data maybe not available online. Instagram growth expert charge per for the time spend not the n.of followers gained. What if the client says I have paid for 40h but I am not sure 40h have been spent on this.
  24. It also gives additional visibility to new sellers during their first month. Not to mention that it often shows a few (or more than a few) sellers with no or almost no reviews, to give them a chance. I've seen numerous complaints about that: if you filter for bestselling gigs, it should show you gigs with most sales, and yet, on the very first page, you can see gigs with zero sales. It is, but Fiverr wants sellers to be available. In one of the webinars this years we've learned that, if you're unavailable for more than 30 days a year, your ranking will drop.
  25. The myth that you have to be online and active 24/7 to get orders is false. If you have downtime on Fiverr, it's better spent learning new stuff, optimizing your gig, planning and strategizing, or doing something nice with friends.
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