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  1. Hi! I received an order from a photographer to edit 7 pictures on Thursday at 2 pm and the buyer gave me all the requirements I needed, he wanted me to give him 3 samples of edits to choose one. After 1-2 hours I sent him these 3 samples, but answered me only at midnight that he "will have to ask the client". That was the last message from him and my order entered the late phase today at 2 pm so I asked for a time extension and I gave him more messages, but he doesn't answer even if he was online. What should I do in this case?
  2. Here is a sample of the type of buyer request I wrote. If you think something is wrong, the experts will help. Then my own mistake will be corrected. And those who are new to this post will also learn something. This is how the job I applied for was written.========================================================== I need a logo for my business. Only experts will apply for this job. The logo I need to create is a Private company logo. The beginning ================================================================================ Hello, I hope you are doing well. I have read the description of your project and understood that you need a logo designed. I would love to design it for you and I will provide you multiple variations designed in different colors and designs to select from. I Will do design: All Tippy logos, GIF images, business cards, social media ads, graphics, brochures, flyers, etc. May I know the colors in which you want your logo to be designed? Do you want the logo written in simple texts or you want some symbolic image also inside the logo? I am looking for a long-term business relationship and can start right away. Please send me a message so we can discuss the project further. Thank You! (Your Name) This is the end============================================================ Remember. Do not send buyer requests by copying anything. Try your own writing. That box contains the buyer request. If you can type manually in that box. Then the chances of getting a job are high. Copy any text and send the buyer request. The chances of getting a job are much lower. It tends to be spamming. Unique proposal should be written for each buyer request. Be sure to leave your comments
  3. what's the thing that matters in a buyer request?
  4. TIPS FOR SENDING OFFERS TO BUYER REQUESTS: Check for Buyer Requests frequently Don't send offer if you're not 100% sure. Put the price and delivery time as low as possible to attract client. You may have to do a $50 job in $20 but go for it. Write proposal by starting with the name of buyer. Make sure to give unlimited revisions.
  5. How to find the name of buyer?
  6. I was sending request to a buyer, but unfortunately I sent the request to another buyer. What should I do now? Can I delete it? What is the process of removing it? Thank You
  7. I want know when buyer request are available in Bangladesh time. If any one know, then please tell me.
  8. Yes, probably I'm a Top Buyer, not just a Seller. So why not telling you a couple of tips? exactly one important tip which I consider fundamental: - relationship Means when you deal with a seller, not just demand this or that. Try to create a relationship. I know it's difficult with chat and so far away, but it's important. The seller relaxes and can deliver a quality product. At the same time, you can be part of his creativity with your ideas. At the end the product will be also something yours, not just a bought product.
  9. Hello! I have a question and I need help from you! A buyer contacted me and he wanted me to create a server for the game FiveM for him. We discussed everything, I gave him a test server so he can be sure that he will like the server that i will give him. Everything was okay, he completed the order and he gave me 5 stars review. Now, 2 weeks later he is contacting me and telling me that he doesn’t like the server and he will report me. I don’t know what to do. I tried to help him and I asked nicely what’s wrong with the server I gave him. He was rude and didn’t answer ne.
  10. TIPS FOR SENDING OFFERS TO BUYER REQUESTS: Check for Buyer Requests frequently Don't send offer if you're not 100% sure. Put the price and delivery time as low as possible to attract client. You may have to do a $50 job in $20 but go for it. Write proposal by starting with the name of buyer. Make sure to give unlimited revisions.
  11. Staying online for a long time can be very effective for getting a job. However, just being online will not work.....As soon as the message is received, the buyer must respond. Immediate response will show you "the importance for the buyer to you". Which will satisfy the mind of the buyer in providing you the work. And also good work will force the buyer to come back to you again. Good luck with every Fiverr job experience. Thank you 💗💗💗
  12. I need some important tips for buyer requests on SEO service. Advance thanks
  13. How can I reach More Buyer Request & what is best time to get more Buyer Request?
  14. I have recently ranked up as Level 1 seller. The issue created afterward. I got by buyer request page full off previous offer (even from starting of 2021!) and those never disappeared! All time shows around 1000 old buyer request Is it a bug?
  15. Don't buy anything priced at $5. You get what you pay for. You're welcome.
  16. A buyer replied to a statement I made. It does not seem like a statement that needs a response. If I do not reply will it negatively affect my rate?
  17. I am getting a lot of buyer request in a day. Is it legal sending them the reply for the buyer request privately in their chat. Can this affect my account
  18. Hello.. it was my first order on fiverr and i was very happy. i delivered the file within 6 hours only and waiting for modification/completion notification. i got notification after 3 days that - buyer gave you 3 star and buyer wrote that he didn't receive the files till 3 days of order and i didn't make any communication. so i communicated fiverr support team regarding this and show them that this is wrong mistake and it must be some kind of misunderstanding.fiverr ignored everything which i said and told me that it is their honest opinion.i told them how can it be honest if i deliver it within 6 hrs ? why should i tolerate wrong statement on ID ? if any other buyer looking for service,they will consider me unprofessional,lazy or late worker so kindly help me out. Fiverr denied. So,i told client that i shared the file on same day so what issue you faced ? And He sent me this He clearly said that he never got notification or any comment and he is happy to rectify his comments. BUT NOW fiverr is at fault they are not responding to my tickets. what will be best possible resolution for this ticket ?
  19. At one point, every seller has been in your situation including me. What you can do to overcome this situation is : 1. Research about other gigs on your category and try to create a unique gig that will grab buyer attention. 2. Do SEO on your gig and make sure you have all the target keywords on your Gig title, description and tags. (I personally follow SEO and other tips from Mike Nardi and here is a link for you to get an idea : Fiverr SEO Tip to Improve Fiverr Gig Ranking - YouTube ) 3. You get 10 Buyer requests a day so try to craft a request that is personalized and unique to buyer's requirements. Try sending as much as you can and see how it will change your gig performance! 4. Stay online! Most the buyers look for sellers that are online and are available to talk at the moment they login to the fiverr website. So keep your response rate up and stay online. 5. Follow all these points and be patient. You will definitely get there and all your hard work will pay off in the end! Good luck!
  20. Hey guys, I'm working with my first buyer now, and there's something I don't understand about the time of delivery. I already delivered the product on time, but the buyer requested a revision. It took the buyer about a day to respond, and now I should create the revision for him. But the clock of the due date is still ticking and I have little time left. Does it mean that if I don't deliver on time now it will count as being late? Because a whole day went to waste because I had to wait for the buyer's response. EDIT: I didn't get extra time after delivering, or at least the ticking clock didn't update... Thanks in advance!
  21. How can I send a buyer request, no buyer request is showing in profile. help me
  22. Most of the time I don't see any buyer request. Is there any suitable time check the buyer request or any category issues?
  23. i delivered my order but buyer does not react . i have asked if it is what buyer wants and got positive answer and delivered it but there is no action what to do?
  24. Hello there, 2 days ago, an order given to me was marked completed automatically after 3 days, the buyer never responded to the delivery though he often comes online. Since he did not mark the job complete but it was marked by Fiverr, can he still cancel the order even ?
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