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  1. Sharing your work is the best way to get more work right...Can anyone assist me in the proper way to share on twitter my gig/gigs?!!! Thank you...😇
  2. Wow! Today I have promoted as Level 1 Seller. Yes, Level One is a big achievement! I hope I can continue the similar services for achieving the next level. Thanks to all sellers who are guiding and advising me during their busy working time in Fiverr. 😊 Best, zero_doshomik
  3. Hi, I have three GIGs for different services. One of the GIG when clicked shows the Contact Seller button under pricing that my customers/buyer can click and easily chat with me for any order BUT other two GIGs don't have Contact Seller button but instead it has a box written "Do you have any special requirements?" and under that is Get a Quote button that opens the order window directly. Can anyone please guide me how to enable Contact Seller button and how to get rid of this Get a Quote button?
  4. Hello All. Hope all are well durning this pendamic situation. I need experts help. Please anyone help that Everyday I share my gigs in social media for marketing and also send buyer request but from 2 month I didn’t get much click and impression in my gigs. Can any one help me please? Here is my profile- https://www.fiverr.com/ahasanahamed03?up_rollout=true Please check and if there any wrong give me your valuable feedback. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello Fiverr users, I hope all of you are doing great. I want to share a story with you and have some question for you guys. Please try to help me. I am a professional graphic designer as a result my expertise are photo editing , vector tracing, print design etc. So, I have gigs on these sector. I can edit simple video too. But I do not have any gig regarding Video editing . One of my regular client ask me to edit her video . Question: 1. Can I sell video editing service by my photo editing gig? 2. Does fiverr allow this? 3. Is it harmful for my fiverr career? Thanks Pratik
  6. I remember reading a post some time ago regarding payment on fiverr and the feeling that, as a seller, you are getting ripped off (to put it harshly). Many responses were along the lines of "that attitude is ungrateful" considering all that fiverr is doing/offering for sellers. I agree. Nevertheless I couldn't help but notice this feeling of unfairness when I earn "only" 80% of the gig price and if I actually want to withdraw that money, there are subtractions once more. (I happen to withdraw it in euros, so perhaps that wouldn't happen otherwise) So it just dawned on me that the reason for the feeling of "this is unfair" is not, that we as sellers want more money, but rather that we want the money we have put as the price of the gig and the amount it says at the top of the page. At the same time the reason behind "that attitude is ungrateful" is: fiverr deserves compensation/a share for what they contribute. My suggestion therefore is this: Make the buyer pay the 20% more without the seller knowing/seeing it. Additionally it would be nice to have the amount at the top reflect the minimum that the buyer would get if everything was withdrawn, but I suppose that is a rather small factor, since probably you don't withdraw too often. If this would mess up things too much it would be nice to at least implement a feature, that the amount the seller sees gets more or less instantly changed (or at least that there's the option to activate this feature) so that the feeling of getting 100% can be manufactured, even though nothing actually changes. Especially for people starting out I think this could be a massive improvement as far as motivation is concerned, so I hope I've outlined a fair potential solution. So just to make it absolutely clear: Everything is fair and great, I am talking simply on a psychological/emotional level about the way it is percieved.
  7. Hello everyone! Hope that you are fine. Lets get into the business. You want to rank your gig in first page then go to my gig and see the perfect use of tags as It is done by one of the best expert in SEO. https://www.fiverr.com/kakon_datta/do-targeted-b2b-lead-generation-internet-research-and-prospect-list-building Go there and use the best tags for your gigs.
  8. Hi guy's, being a new seller just wanted to know if there's a way to change or edit your Seller name? Or Make it short and simple like just only initials, as Fiverr initially picks the name from your email address by default and I didn't see any options.
  9. Hi Community, I have an unusual situation, a buyer bought a gig, accepted delivery, gave a 5 star rating and a good feedback, is now threatening me to change his review by contacting customer support and change it to a bad one, just because i declined to work further with him because of his abusive behavior. Is this allowed to change the reviews by buyer through customer support? I mean if he really wanted to write a bad review, he would have done it then and there when he wrote the first review.
  10. One thing I want to know is why the seller sent buyer request? And what should I do ??
  11. Hello Everyone, I am new at fiverr and I wish my journey with fiverr will be great....... Experts suggestion and motivation will be a valuable gift for me😇
  12. Whenever you come up with a great idea about the marketplace, look at the profiles of other sellers in the same category to create gigs according to your skills. Why that person is at the top among thousands of people, what kind of image of that person has been used in the gig, how he has arranged his description, what kind of keywords he has used. After reviewing the above-mentioned topics, take a good note of them and analyze the suggested keywords of the topics you want to gig. Keywords that are relatively low in competition but have a good search volume, you can create a full gig by targeting those keywords. Don't go editing again and again after creating a gig unnecessarily. Here you have to test your patience. Try to stay online most of the time and do some marketing on social media that will help increase traffic to your profile. When you submit a proposal to the buyer's request, you will read the matter well. Never copy and paste. If you understand that the thing is a little late then read well then give the proposal. Whenever a buyer knocks on you, try to find out the details of his project and ask different kinds of questions so that the buyers are very happy and engaged. At the same time, you will be able to understand the project better. You should contact Fiverr Support immediately when you make a mistake or get into trouble. I have received maximum support every time I have contacted Fiverr Support. Stay active in the Fiverr Forum. By doing this you will get updates on various topics and find solutions to many questions.
  13. Hello to the Fiverr community! My name is Daniel and I'm here to create 3D models and renderings. You can check my gig here: https://www.fiverr.com/share/d5A5pg Thank you all and good luck!
  14. Hello everyone! As a way of welcoming myself to the Fiverr community, I wanted to start by giving something rather than taking. Now I know that $100 is a splash in the pond for some, but for the people starting out, hopefully these tips will boost you past what was stalling you from getting that first order! I'd find the advice of someone closer to my level a bit more relatable than sellers at their first $1000, or even their first $10,000! So hopefully, you can take these tips and use them to either start your Fiverr success! Or progress it into something better than it was before! 1. Have Patience, My Friend I imagine that a lot of you have started the Fiverr journey expecting immediate results. And that's ok! Some sellers who start out have impeccably flawless gigs, with professional thumbnails and competitive prices, due to their skills from outside of the platform. But in most cases, it boils down to one simple thing. Waiting. When you create a gig, it starts at 0 reviews and 0 impressions. Gigs are created by the hundreds everyday and it's quite difficult to set yourself apart from them. It's just the way the game is played. If your gig is greater than 50% of the competition, eventually, a price shopper will land on your gig and take a chance on you. This could take a week. It could take months. But eventually, you will get that first order. And that's where the fun begins. 2. The Thumbnail Is What Makes Them Click As humans, we like pretty things. It's within our subconscious to equate something shiny to high quality. Example? Diamonds. Apple Products. You get the picture. The thumbnail is the absolute first interaction with you and your potential buyer. The quality of the thumbnail relates to your perceived competency. But don't fret, quality doesn't necessarily means becoming an expert in Photoshop or Illustrator, there's plenty of paths to enticing a buyer to check out your gig. One way is to show off your design skills if you have them. Color does indeed attract. It's why when a peacock presents its feathers, we have to look. It's beautiful! Another way is highlighting the value of your gig within the image itself. If you look at the top sellers, you'll notice that 9 times out of 10, they'll explain their services within the thumbnail itself, making it readable and clear. If you're not good at design, do this instead. Or even better, find a designer on Fiverr and have them make you something better than you can produce. Another way is show your face. Humans like faces, they like a glimpse of personality. You can do this by including a picture of yourself within the thumbnails design. You can either put on a big smile to show that you're a happy person who gives off the impression that you're fun to work with, or you can take after me and make a cringe, trying to be cool, thumbnail! I might not be smiling but damn, does it show what I'm all about! 3. The Title Should Be A Summary Once you've hooked in your potential buyer, they'll look at a number of things. If they're price conscious, they'll look at your prices. If money isn't an issue, they'll read your title. Obviously, we want the buyers with a bit of 💲dollah💲 in their bank accounts so the title is your next priority. Your title should serve, not just as the summary of your gig, but as a summary of what you offer. For example, my main writing gig's title is "Write an article that will make your competitors jealous". Show off your confidence and your personality, nobody wants someone who isn't confident in what they do. If you're not confident, fake it until you make it. Worked for me, it'll work for you. Now I don't know my buyers competitors when they first contact me. But I do know that I can provide them an article that has quality. And researching the skills of my fellow Fiverr competitors, and knowing that buyers do have a bad experience when trying to find competent writers on many gig platforms, I can guarantee, at the minimum, I can write better than 50% of my competitors. So that means I can deliver on my titles promise to 50% of all buyers on this platform. So when you're making a gig, don't be afraid to inject some of yourself into it. Because in the end, it's not your gig they'll be working with, it'll be you. 4. Have Fun With The Description But Show Value They've read your badass title and they like it! "This guy with the crudely low resolution glasses on his thumbnail is pretty cool! The title reinforces that!". Well thank you, me, who is currently high fiving myself, yes, I am pretty cool. But back to the tips... The description is completely yours and yours alone. You can do whatever you want with it. But what I'd advise is to place yourself in the eyes of your ideal potential customer. What would you think? This is what I think they think: Is what they offer clear and readable? Does it explain the value I'll get? Will I end up skimming it because it's too long? Does the description give me an insight into the person I'm ordering from? As a writer myself, I'd think of what a buyer wants in relation to what I offer. You should do the same with your target audience but for me, they want an article, a good one. They want it quick. They don't have time for spelling errors or bad grammar. They're after a person who can write in multiple tones, in first, second and third person etc etc But they also want to know what kind of person I am. "Sure, it's good that his thumbnail is pretty flashy and his title sets him apart from most, but who is this guy really? Who will I be working with? Will they get my return orders? Are they easy to work with and understand that I may be a buyer, but I'm also a human being deserving of respect and patience?". So to combine all of this into a summary, describe exactly what you can offer the buyer in terms of value and who you are. You're not offering a 500 word article, you're offering a story, something engaging to keep readers hooked, and something that's easily readable and clear. Think along those terms and you'll do fine. 5. The Sad Truth. Price Low To Begin With I know, I know, nobody likes being paid less. But the game of Fiverr is reviews. And to get reviews, you need buyers. And the most buyers price shop at the very low end of the marketplace. You want to be there when they're price shopping. Try not to see your start as a way to get the big bucks instantly, try and see it as an investment. Each 4-5* review you get increases a number on your profile and your visibility on Fiverrs algorithm. The bigger this number gets, the more opportunities and buyers you'll receive. I'll admit, the worst of the worst buyers lie at this bottom end of the marketplace but it's a place where we all start. But you'll also meet some buyers who are pretty great. Don't worry, it's not all doom and gloom. Every top seller you see had to begin here, where you are now. But if your thumbnail looks good, your title stands out and your description is solid, you'll come off as smart. And smart sellers can come off as intimidating to those who wish to take advantage of them. You wont avoid them entirely, not at all, it's impossible. But this is the way the game is played. If you meet these buyers, be wary. But it's a necessary evil to starting. When you've reached 10 reviews, start pricing up. 20, price up more. You'll eventually weed out these people. And your patience will pay off. 6. Do A Little Bit Extra For Your Buyer Ok, you've landed a buyer and they seem nice. They've taken a chance on you and holy crap, that's pretty great! This is your chance to shine. I know I made price shoppers sound like the spawns of Satan but you will actually meet some decent people. They're just looking for some value or their own budget isn't so big but they're trying to hustle. You gotta respect the hustle. You're also hustling. Hustle together. I bring back a cliche saying. "Under-promise, over-deliver". Give your buyer your all, ignore the price you're selling at. The tiers don't matter anymore, only what the buyer requests. I'm not saying slave away for them, just throw a little extra in. Don't violate specific things, which for writers would be word count or title, the buyer knows what they want. But if your delivery date is in 3 days, deliver it in 2 hours. But only do it if you don't mind, or you're ready for the Fiverr grind. You wont enjoy it otherwise. There's been plenty of first tier articles that I've completed to a premium tier quality. I want these guys to come back after all. The pedantics of my gigs pricing doesn't matter. This is human to human communication and luckily, people recognize quality. I have 3 return clients and they're pretty awesome. I'm glad I went that extra step and the 5* reviews are mostly because of them. The first return attracted the second and then the third. So yeah, just put a little extra in. You can resume normal service when you're getting more orders than you can count. And maybe send a deep and heartfelt thanks to those return buyers when you eventually price them out. 7. Always Ask For A Review But Don't Ask For A Specific Review I bet you thought this was against the rules, huh? Nope! Fiverr has absolutely no problem with you requesting a review. They will, however, karate chop you to Kansas and back if you ask them for a 5* review. (if you live in Kansas, replace it with another state, I dunno, I'm British). Your main priority in the beginning is reviews, reviews, reviews. Reviews are your currency at this point. Fiverr on its own does a great job on poking and bothering the buyer into submitting a review but it's not exactly the human touch. If your buyer loved your work, they were kind and friendly and the stars are aligned, ask them this: "Would you mind leaving me a review you think I deserve?" This is great because you asked them this. They've been so great with you as you produce some work for them, and your work, well, it blows most out of the water compared to who they've tried before. So if the buyer knows that your already cheap service is great value and you've told them what you want, they'll more than likely leave you a delightful review! But if you did mediocre or they're less than happy, well, it might be in your best interest to not ask them that. 8. For The Love Of God, Get Your Gig Right The First Time! I don't know what the data wizards of the Fiverr algorithm are up to but if you don't have any return buyers, leave the gig alone. Just don't touch it. Editing your gig seems to have a sort of re-submission affect. When I tried it, my impressions just tanked and with no impressions, no orders. Good thing I had those return buyers! Also, added bonus is you can come back quicker if you keep getting orders as Fiverr's priority is the percentage they take off your gig. Of course they'll want it up front and centre for buyers to find sooner, right? So essentially, craft the perfect gig on the first try and leave it. Let the algorithm do its magic. I imagine gigs to be a perfectly balanced coin on its side. Fiverr can easily pick it up and show it to others. But if you knock it down, Fiverr's slippy fingers will have a harder time picking it up. What's the best time to edit? As mentioned above, get yourself some return buyers to hold your hand through the process. Otherwise, hands off, seller! And that's all from me! The obvious disclaimer is that I am by far an expert on the Fiverr platform. But advice from a person who's made the smallest bit of progress and still understands the difficulty of breaking out, might be better than the advice from someone who's beginner days were years ago and everyday is a $1000 a day deal. But please, I encourage discussion! If I'm wrong, let me know, I'd love to learn something new! If this helps you, good, my work here is done. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions as I'm one of those people who get the good feelings from knowing I've helped others. I wish you all the best on your journeys! Stay smart, stay safe, stay proud!
  15. Hello, Seniors of Fiverr Forum, I am new here, My aim is to become a successful seller on this platform. Hope, you may help me on this long journey. Regards, Rezaul 122126.
  16. I want to know about the FAQ on Fiverr...hope I will get the right info about that?
  17. Hello everyone, I'm Jannatun Tazree Oishee from Bangladesh. I have graduated from University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh and my subject was Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. Today I have started my journey at Fiverr forum and I'm very happy to be a member of this family. Hope it will bring something good for me. I am a fresh seller, my wish is to provide the best work to the customers. Please give me some tips or tricks that how can I catch buyers attention very easily. Your suggestions are very important for me. A very warm thanks to everyone. In this pandemic situation, stay home and stay safe everyone 💖
  18. Hi, I am from Bangladesh. I am working as a photo editor in Fiverr. I opened my account a few months ago and after researching a lot, I published my first 7 gigs yesterday. I hope and pray that I can get better support from this community. And I will also try to help anyone who is in trouble. Thanks. Taif Ibrahim.
  19. According to Fiverr, they're supposed to give us 80% of what me make, or cut 20%, but now both my orders, 25% was taken, any reason why this is happening? My order #FO4190FB8FDC8 is totally 30$, which is 25$ for main gig, and 5$ for extra, now if we split this 80% of 25 = 20$ and 80% of 5 = 4$, if you sum these 2, it should be 24$ and not 22.5$, second order (#FO214E4BD8288), its total is 10$ and 80% of 10$ = 8$ and not 7.5$ Anyone else facing this?
  20. Hi I know most Requests get 50-100+ offers on them when posted. I understand this creates harder competeion and makes it less likely for people to reply to you. I'm trying to reach 10 commissions to get my first review in the hopes it'll make it easier to get work. I started working on my fiver account Jan 2020. Will it even make it easier to get work once I have a review? Is the fiverr market too saturated with sellers? If I'm struggling to get orders how are new sellers doing? Why is the fiverr market place full of people trying to scam you? Out of the 7 orders I've done I've had one person try and tell me they'll only be paying half of the agreed price once the work was complete. (I had to try an contact fivver to ammend this and sort this out) I've also had people message me and ask to plagrise others work and had people ask me to do things for free. Out of my 7 orders Only 4 of my 7 orders came from anwsering requests. The rest was a repeated buyer and a friend. Should I open more gigs in the hopes I might fit in a more needed work area? I'm really unsure on how to continue with fiverr. I anwser to requests every day I can and try and personalise each request yet it seems that I'm wasting time when I get no responseses or work from doing this weeks on end. I've even tried to under cutting my pricing. I don't know how to move forward or make it worth while to continue on fiverr does anyone have any suggestions.
  21. Hi there, My name is Rafał and i have been user on fiver about a one year. During this time i was posting many gigs. I mainly specialized in graphic design and website development but also i have been doing some electronic music. After one year i got zero sells. I try to change price make another gigs but nothing happen. During this year i received messages from a bots and fake account. btw hire is my portfolio: https://wroblewski.no/ Why this site is not working?
  22. Hi dear sellers, My Problem ⚠️ I open a ticket 3 month ago because I was facing a problem to see fewer buyer request and outdated too after achieving level one. I achieved level one in just 2 months and found all my clients through buyer request. Before getting level one buyer request working normal for me. CS Behaviour CS team responded to me, there is a technical problem with your account and our tech team will respond and resolve your problem. 3 months are passed but Fiverr Tech Team not resolved my problem yet or even respond and my ticket is still open. I just lose my business and I'm thinking to "SAY NO TO Fiverr" We are working on Fiverr and providing 20% fees for Fiverr maintenance and our account too. My questions are: 1) Is there anyone, who faces the same issue or same CS behaviour? 2) Is the Fiverr CS team careless to support sellers? 3) Who handles complaints after CS failure?
  23. Is that True Fiverr removed Order response Rate from Seller account?
  24. Hello. I'm Maria and I provide proofreading service. I'm experienced in editing and reconstructing others' ideas in their documents, emails and essays. I also revise people's resumes and cover letters. Unlike other proofreaders, I never employ symbols which are difficult to comprehend while delivering my job. Hence, if you are finding someone to review your content prior to publication or submission, probably I'm the choice! And, to build reputation and accumulate positive feedback on Fiverr, I would like to offer the following promotion/ limited offer: Simply click the following and ignore the gig descriptions: https://www.fiverr.com/marialelunana/proofread-and-reconstruct-5000-words-in-24-hours Remember to specify what you would like me to offer you in the "requirements" section. I'm more than happy to complete your custom orders. I'm also welcome to receiving your outsourcing orders (which you can be the middleman and earn the price difference/ so-called commission). Best Regards, Maria
  25. I am seller on the fiverr and I noticed every time and also my clients complain that they download zip file on mobile but there is error in the file but if they download from desktop website, it’ll work perfectly. I don’t know what is the issue with fiverr app. Please try to solve this issue
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