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  1. New Order complete with Book Cover Design
  2. Many Seller of us become very frustrated. Months go by, years go by, no orders come, no work. We need to find out our own weaknesses. The world will find you if you can do the Work correctly. You follow the rules of Fiverr and develop your skills more and more. The world is waiting for you.
  3. Hi everyone, just of curiosity am posting this poll to know how many of you demoted from seller 1/ seller2 to new seller?
  4. Have you ever landed a gig through buyer request? How did you do it?
  5. To Improve your sell, Always keep in mind that Buyer always want a good quality work. So, You have to Develop your skill and deliver best quality work to satisfy buyer/clients. also have another benifites to Sitisfy buyer is Repeated work. if Buyer satisfied of your work then 90% chance to repeat for hire you. So, You have to provide best Quality Service to Improve your sell. Best Of Luck👍
  6. Tell me how many review have in your best SELLer gig,?
  7. Most Buyer in Confusion to select a good seller. Firstly see him previous work also see a sample of your project. If he have good communication then damn sure he is good for your project. Also I'm a Icon designer.
  8. Just random discussion out if curiosity How long after you signed up on the platform did it take you to get ordered?
  9. How to Compete Order on Fiber. Order Processing On Fiverr 1. When the client orders you, you will receive a notification via fiber. 2. When ordering you will see a watch within how much time you need to finish the job. 3. When you receive the order, you will understand everything and give a thank you message. 4. Start to work. If you do not want to work, go to Visit the Resolution Center to Declined the order. 5. If the work is more or more complicated than you can tell the client to take more extras. Okay 6. Click the Deliver Your Order button to send the file when finished. 7. The client will review your work and let you know if there is any connection. 8. Now your order is done. Thank you so much for read this topic.
  10. Hi there! For my co-freelancers on fiverr, how would you feel if you see another seller using work that they have secretly outsourced from you to promote their gig? In my case, I was one day searching thru the gigs related to art works as I offer digital illustrations and just wanted to see the gigs with most reviews. I was shocked to see two illustrations I've made for a buyer used in two different seller's gig. They're on their gig's front banners. What irked me more is when I saw that they're charging more than 5x the price they've offered to me for the work which is business, I guess. So there, just wanted to know how you'd react and what you'd do if you experience the same. Thanks!
  11. I've been a seller on the platform since around December, and have found fairly decent success in my community (story/fanfiction writing). Recently--within the last couple of months--I've noticed that several of the orders I've gotten were marked as 'Fiverr's Choice'. I honestly had no idea what that meant, and had to look it up on this forum to find out what it entailed. Mostly what I found was people talking about how they've been selling for years and never gotten a 'Fiverr's Choice' or wondering how each gig was selected for it. I do not know, but I just want to share right now that even if it's something you want, something you think will help with your gig and increase sales, it can quickly become a nightmare for a seller. Let me explain: I was very happy to have gotten it at first. It meant that maybe my gig was going to garner more attention, my sales would go up and I would make some more money. But it quickly turned into a situation where I had no control over anything. The review from the buyer is completely private and I can only assume that Fiverr uses it as a way to either boost or all but take your gig off of the main page. You're basically forced into giving a buyer everything and anything they ask for, and while I'm all for that, it quickly became apparent that even if boundaries are being set, a buyer can completely step over that line if you want to maintain that good review. I had a buyer that wanted a short piece, and I was very excited to write it. I rewrote that piece about eight times for them, before they finally decided that they wanted something completely different, a completely new story, something that I didn't agree to. Not only would that mean all of my time had been wasted, but that also meant they would be getting a completely free piece that they would be free to download and use as they wished. There was and is no way for a seller to cancel an order, and I was on the verge of having an order cancelled (and all my hard work still going to them for the cost of nothing), and I jut knew my review was going down the drain. I haven't had more than two orders within the last three months. My gig is pretty much not getting any exposure, but today I got yet another Fiverr's Choice order and I am quite scared for what is to come. I'm not ungrateful for the opportunity, just horrified at the lack of support and control Fiverr gives to any of its sellers. I guess I just want to hear other's experiences and opinions, maybe warn people about this as well. There is no choice to opt out or in and it seems that gigs are chosen at random.
  12. Pls, how can I post a gig request.
  13. Few tips for all you newbie sellers to be [before you sign up or create your new account]: 1. Username should be simple and easy to remember, your password should be long, complicated and include unrealistic numbers/symbols, not your username: Yes (examples: # are in order/easy to remember): Art123, artist444, brian99, jenny_designer, Proof_edit No (examples, # are out of order or hard to remember): Art963715, artist00l00 No (try to reframe from using letters or numbers that can be mixed up): Capital "I" (pronounced EYE) & lower case "l" (pronounced "elle") look exactly the same 2. Triple check or (better yet) hire a fellow seller (spend $20) to proofread, edit everything on your page. The more professional you look, better your odds. Most experts, rarely tell everyone they are an experts, they can prove it by the quality of the gig page & profile. Every newbie says, "I am an expert (word)," yet everything is horrible. 3. Never be afraid to use bullets and spaces (where ever you are able). It's easier on the eyes and buyers are more apt to read it. 4. Short description or long jumbled description won't be taken seriously by real buyer, business buyer, or long term buyers. It will, however, attract cheapskate and scammers. Long, concise, easy to read descriptions that look professional with original designs/pictures may catch a buyers eye, and could convert to order. 5. Only offer what you know, not what's easy that you know jack about. 6. For goodness sake, go to sleep. I don't want some dud that stays online 24 hours. Your quality of work will stink. You won't lose a good buyer, you'll only lose someone that probably wanted you to write a term paper (which is illegal). 7. (Edit): Important: charge what you are worth (time) not what everyone else is doing. Just because logo_seller84032578 & hundreds of others decided to jump off the 100 meter blue bridge, doesn't mean you should. (Take the road less traveled, the red bridge is only 10 meters and has a trampoline. 😁) ** Note 1: Please, I beg you, do not post any "thank you," "great tip," etc. It's a waste of time. ** Note 2: I do understand that some people are in dire, desperate situations and all you want to do is feed your family. I was homeless in the USA once, but begging or acting desperate won't get you work. Real buyers use real money to get real work. Begging people on the forum won't get you work. Everyone has a family to feed. You have skills, use it. [Yes, I do know that most people that needs to read this will not read it or maybe even understand it, but maybe just 1 or 2 newbies will take it to 💕💟. Thanks, G.
  14. I am extremely glad to be awarded the Level 2 seller badge today! 😍
  15. Assalamu alaikum.I Created a new gig and i want to make a video for my new gig but i don't know about this video.I want to ask two question....? 1.How long will the video be ? 2.How many MB will it be ?
  16. Hi guys, I'm new here and also a new seller on Fiverr. I'm a social media optimizer. As a new user i don't have the knowledge about each and everything here in this platform. Hope you guys are friendly and cooperative. Thanks.
  17. There's a concern among sellers on Fiverr. It's about "buyer request from another seller", and like many other problems, new sellers are the most affected. While it doesn’t cost or harm anyone badly, It's frustrating and annoying to say the least. Here's a few points regarding, why some people do it, How to identify one and what to do when you see such a proposal. So, when do people do it? 1. They are both legit buyers and legit sellers at the same time. 2. They took an order and got stuck. So, they hire somebody to do the heavy lifting. 3. It's an outright scam. And Here's why they do it- 1. They are legit buyers and legit sellers at the same time. They take jobs from other buyers, usually at a higher price, and offer them to newer sellers for a lower budget, and make a profit out of it for doing virtually nothing. It's unethical in my opinion. I have to mention here, they don't always take the jobs from Fiverr, sometimes from other platforms, but offer them to Foverr. In a way, they are creating new job opportunities on Fiverr, but I don't think it justifies their action. 2. Sometimes, sellers take a job slightly(or even drastically) beyond their skill. Soon enough, they see there's no way they can finish the job in time(if finish at all), and offer the tricky part to someone else through buyer request. It can happen by accident when the seller overlooked a requirement of the job and thought they would work around it somehow but fail to do so. This kind of makes sense but it's still a bad thing. 3. Sometimes it's outright scam. a. I've seen buyer requests with some description and an URL. Guess where the url leads to. It leads to one of their GIGs. They do it to get some exposure for free. b. I know a couple of sellers who did this for experimentation. Mostly to see how other sellers react to it and how they send buyer requests. They don't really have a job to offer in the first place. While It's an effective way to observe competitor strategies, it's not a great one. There’s plenty of materials out there in fiverr forum, youtube, blogs and whatnot. c. One time, someone I knew posted the same fake buyer request. When I asked him why, he said, his response time had risen from 1 hour recently. He posted the buyer request because he knew that a few people would find his profile and send texts directly to inbox. By responding them fast, he'd be able to reduce the average response time to 1 hour again.(note: he didn’t have a job to offer anyway) It seemed silly and funny to me. And it was harmless(mostly) so I gave it a pass and told him not to do it again. I'm sure there are other reasons and perspectives why people do this. These are just the most obvious and common ones. So, How to identify these buyer requests from legit ones? 1. They have an attractive(at least decent) profile picture. Because they have to approach their buyers as sellers. 2. Their profile has plenty of reviews as both buyer and seller, and both reviews are frequent. 3. Their profile may show "Top Buyer" or something similar in chatbox while "Level two seller" etc on profile. 4. You can tell the difference when talking to them. They approach you as buyer, while they have exceptional knowledge on the topic like a seller. True that, a legit buyer will know what they want and what they are talking about, but a middleman will know far better. The 4th point requires experience, but the first few are free for all. So, What should you do when you see these buyer requests? First and formost, they are job potentials. Read the requirements very carefully. Discuss with the buyer everything. Make sure that it isn't super hard for you. And when you know you can do the job, you can take the job. Unless, the money isn’t worth the effort at all. Another thing, which is more disgusting than anything is when people share links to thier gigs for free exposure. That's straight up cheating. I usually report their account, selecting "Others" option and write that they shared their own gig in buyer request. Basically, inform the authority of it, and let them handle it if they do. That's it for now. Take care.
  18. what is the best way fiverr gig marketing? Please share your experience. Thank you so much all member.
  19. Kindly, provide your valuable advice about how can i manage buyer.
  20. what is wrong with my gig? https://www.fiverr.com/share/oB8v5A
  21. Now I'm level one seller.
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