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  1. Hello Everyone! Today, I have achieved the Level Two Seller position after hard work from the last six months ( got Level One Seller, by July 15). Throughout this journey, there have been lots of experiences and steps, lots of trial and error. Thanks to all the Fiverr seller members for spending their time here to suggest and guide me when I had faced difficulties with overcoming. But, there is a long way to go and reach my destination, definitely earning more money, honestly. So, I want to share one last message for all new sellers and level one sellers: please take care of your health first and serve what you can do honestly and efficiently. I plan to write a long stong about my Fiverr journey later; maybe that will be a small help to the new seller and level one seller. Thanks! Cheers!
  2. You ought to follow each top of the line merchant who was another vender once a period. New merchants consistently attempt to make you 100% fulfilled and take a limited quantity cause they need to develop their record. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you don't channel new dealers you will get a terrible involvement in them. You should check his experience level, his conduct, correspondence, and past work. On the off chance that you can track down a specialist new merchant you will get appropriate help for your project and spend a little buck. Here are a few hints for discovering master new dealer 1. Master new dealer consistently have great correspondence ability 2. Dealer get what you need 3. Dealer will give his past work and feature his mastery 4. Dealer won't ever zero in on spending plan, he will zero in on doing your task You need to consistently check new ability possibly you will encounter a terrible circumstance. However, never assume each new vender is a fake and not a specialist. There are heaps of individuals has effectively neighborhood business or customer yet they are need to begin on Fiverr, presently he can't bounce first class vender he will begin from another dealer.
  3. Hello there! My name is Annika and I am a new seller on this platform. I am a professional digital marketer and I will be glad to work with everyone here.
  4. 1. Short Gig Title Clear and concise titles perform better. It’s difficult to fully convey the value of your Gig in just a few words, so you might test out a couple variations to see which ones generate more interest. When in doubt between two words, use the Google Keyword Planner to see which one is searched more. 2. Detailed Gig Description This is your opportunity to sell your services and let customers know why they should do business with you. If you’re getting a lot of questions asking for clarification or details, your description probably isn’t doing its job. Descriptions are limited to 1,200 characters so you have to be concise. Fiverr does allow you some freedom in formatting with font weight, larger font sizes, lists, and text highlighting. Take advantage of these features to enhance your description. 3. Video and Images Fiverr has released the statistic that Gigs with a video description sell 220% more than those without. Because of that, consider a video a requirement. If you don’t have a video, you should take advantage of all three image slots with high-resolution descriptive pictures of what you offer. Make sure the dimensions fit 682 x 459 pixels. 4. Targeted Extras Gig Extras are where Fiverr gets interesting. The more you level up, the more opportunity you have to add more and higher cost Extras. You can change these Extras and their pricing at any time, so there’s no harm in testing different offers to see what might work best for your buyers. Credit: Fiverr Blog N:B we are new
  5. Seller is not responding and order is in revision , after 48 hours i requested a progress update using resolution center and that timeline is over too. what should i do next i want to cancel the gig and get refunded.
  6. I really need clicks on my gigs and I will be forever grateful if I can be helped out 🥺 https://www.fiverr.com/s2/626ca7188c
  7. I'm New Seller on Fiverr but I'm a expert because I've work on many Projects and I've strong Portfolio to show. How can I get Orders and I can convenience anyone that I'm experienced if they're technical. My gigs https://www.fiverr.com/share/PlaEWx https://www.fiverr.com/share/Ad86lR https://www.fiverr.com/share/85V2lE
  8. What is hidden feedback? I want to know more about hidden feedback. Is there any article here for these topic? Please suggest me.
  9. * Make 7 Eye catching Gig * Every Day Send 10 Buyer Request * Try to stay more Online
  10. Hello everyone, I am writing here today because I want to express my concerns with the lack of transparency from Fiverr with its sellers. Suddenly, my gigs that used to get thousands of impressions every day now don't even get a hundred and are not eligible for the promotion. When I asked Fiverr customer support about this, they told me that there are some "internal eligibility standards," "additional quality metrics," and other metrics that can affect my gigs. The lack of transparency from Fiverr regarding those "internal eligibility standards," "additional quality metrics," and other statistics makes me feel anxious and frightened as a seller on the platform. I am writing this bring light on to the importance of sharing these statistics with the sellers so they can work on improving and being the best seller Fiverr wants us to be. From reading the forum, I noticed that I am not the only one with these concerns. I see that questions such as "How to become a Top Rated Seller?", or "Why am I getting less impressions?" are extremely common here and is a concern that many seller are having. I know Fiverr says that they take a deeper look into your work ethic and all communications to promote sellers to a Top Rated Badge, but that just sounds too vague in my opinion. I wish there were specific guidelines on how to become a Top Rated Seller. (IF YOU ARE A SELLER AND ALSO HAVE THESE QUESTIONS PLEASE COMMENT BELOW YOUR EXPERIENCES or HEART THIS POST) I hope that someone relevant inside Fiverr's Product Management team reads this so they can improve on being more transparent with their sellers.
  11. I'm disappointed. Suddenly my gig's impression and click down. What could be the reason? https://www.fiverr.com/share/ZL5ylR
  12. Hi, wellcome everyone! i have a seller account that's created on April 2021 and my profile has 7 review done. There are 5 Five Star Review and 1 Three star review and Last Review was 1 star. I think the last review which is 1 star, it's very harmful to profile and gigs. After i had got 1 star review, my all gigs rank and impressions fall down. My impressions decrease day by day. Last 1 month i got no order. I have no idea what i do now. Please tell me something, how can i increase my profile gigs impressions and rank again? Note: i can't send any buyer request because my profile has 4.2 overall rating. Please tell me something!! Thanks all buddy!
  13. How can I become a good seller cause am new on this platform
  14. Completed one task for reaching level one seller. Today got 20th five star ⭐ review.
  15. Hello everyone, I recently joined on Fiverr. It's about near 1 month and I completed a order. Now I am not getting any order. Please check my this 2 gig and tell me what is the problem. Gig 1: https://www.fiverr.com/share/0dRV5q Gig 2: https://www.fiverr.com/share/xyPVlx Thank you in advance.
  16. My question is that what are the requirements for getting BEST SELLER Badge for my gig in Fiverr Profile area. How Can I get this badge for other gigs as well? dy know, What are the are
  17. 4 Tips to Improve Gig impression and Click 1. Stay Online Maximum Time. 2. Share Your gig in social media minimum 5 times a day ( without spamming) 3. Send Buyer Request to get Click. 4. To be active on fiverr Forum to help new seller. Because Forum is Very Helpful to Improve your Gig. I hope in a few days your gig will be Rank. Happy Fiverring🥰
  18. So, last week i’m just got 1 costumer, he purchase my service on Gigs, but in next one day after i send him my work, he did not read/response my chat via telegram. So i complete the orders because i alread wait for 1 day and i have late delivered flag because of him. And the in next 3 days i got the money on fiverr, which is says the payment is auto complete by fiverr And today i got notifications that my buyer just cancelled his order after i send my work to him, he didnt even Read my chat on Fiverr or Telegram. My account got flagged warnings, late drlivery just because of him, i sent it late because im waiting for his response, but he didnt even read my chat and just cancelled the order. I dont know what to do know, because im actually nee on Fiverr, and joined february 2022
  19. Just a few quick tips that can help you in Fiverr: Use proper English and grammar in your gigs and in your conversations with buyers. Do not use Stock images and avoid copyright claims. Explain what you are offering in your gig service. Explain what the Fiverr gig buyer will get and the exact value for him out of it. Respond to negative feedback positively. Use gig keywords relevant to your niche and gig topic
  20. Many Seller of us become very frustrated. Months go by, years go by, no orders come, no work. We need to find out our own weaknesses. The world will find you if you can do the Work correctly. You follow the rules of Fiverr and develop your skills more and more. The world is waiting for you.
  21. Have you ever landed a gig through buyer request? How did you do it?
  22. New Order complete with Book Cover Design
  23. The Most Important Thing Which Most of the Sellers Ignores A common mistake done by new sellers is publishing a gig without proper description. Today I will talk about some of the mistakes and will try tell about what should you do. You see, if you want to sell something then you have to describe your product specialty to the customer. You have to make your customer understand that why your product is special in the market. Then he will convinced to buy your product. Exact same theory is applicable for your Fiverr gig. Buyer have to find something special in your gig description then he will convinced. Now, I am telling about some common mistakes the seller does with the gig: Doing copy/paste of someone else's gig description. Not introduce the service properly. This means lack of proper detail about your service. Don't offering special offer which is unique if you compare it with other gigs on your category. Doing grammatical mistakes. Many others are done by the new sellers. But these are some common mistakes. If you want to prepare a professional gig then you must avoid these mistakes. Here are some important things you must include on your gig description if you want to make it professional: Research other sellers gigs and get an idea on your mind. Plan about what you will include on your description and what will you avoid. Then write a rough sketch on a paper and revise it again and again. If you found any mistake make the correction. And while it's final then write the final one on your gig description. Include some special offers which aren't on other's gig description. For example: give 10 days after sales service, give special offer based on your service e.t.c. Try to write your service areas properly. I mean for example: I work as a web uiux designer. I have included my designing tool names, My delivery files details, My portfolio site link e.t.c. Do the same related your service. To avoid grammatical mistakes use Grammarly or similar extentions help. Use several columns to write your descriptions so that it don't look noisy. Hope my writings will help you a little bit. If you follow these words while writing your gig description hope your description will look professional. If you have any question please feel free to ask me on comment section. I will be happy to answer you! Next time I will try to talk about the pricing of the gig for the new sellers. Thanks a lot for your time! Tanim Ahamed UIUX Designer
  24. Tell me how many review have in your best SELLer gig,?
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