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  1. alhamdulillah after many days complete a order with 5 star review
  2. It was my 3rd order on fiverr. I created a full wordpress website. He was my repeat client and provides me 5 star with a good review. Also gave me a $15 tips. It makes me more energetic to provide great quality work..
  3. A 5r discussion for buyers: When I first started buying on 5r, I was a prolific reviewer. I wanted to brag about the great work each seller did for me. As time went by, I started reviewing less and less. I'm at a point that I've stopped leaving reviews. 1. I'm kinda running out of things to say, as I've reviewed my regulars many times. 2. I'm kinda private about the gigs I order and do NOT want prying eyes checking to see what I buy and from whom. I wish the 3 that's there can be deleted somehow. * Yes, I am aware anyone can Google me but it takes some work and not every review I've done is displayed. 4. If I happened to tip, several of my sellers write a "thank you for the tip" on the review. 🥴🥴 * I don't mind it so much on their profile but I don't want it on mine. It's got to do with privacy. 5. Even though most reviews are cr@p! I still peek at it. Sellers can fake few reviews but it would be costly to have 100 fakes. * Before I get a lot of flack for this one, any experienced seller will tell you majority of their reviews are like, "good or good job" with 5 stars. That doesn't tell the buyer anything. A wordy review of what the seller did that made them a 5 ⭐ are gold. So, my point of discussion or question is have you, as a buyer: A) Stopped reviewing B) Slowed down your reviews C) Still review vigorously 2nd question: 6) Does it bother you that the reviews are displayed on your profile? 7) How important are the reviews on a sellers profile? A) All reviews are very important to me as a buyer. B) Only the well written reviews count because it tells me what the seller did. C) I don't read reviews and it doesn't matter to me.
  4. Finally i get 120+ review in fiverr. I get enormous help from fiverr. Thank you guys. Hope for the best. You can check my gig https://www.fiverr.com/reza_asif?up_rollout=true
  5. Completed one task for reaching level one seller. Today got 20th five star ⭐ review.
  6. I have got 400 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews today!! It was a quite amazing journey. Fiver forum helps me lot in this achievement . I take this opportunity to thank all fiver senior sellers and community members who help me through out this journey.
  7. I got a order after long time and buyer give me 5 star review
  8. Having worked with a few sellers and buyers in the past I have found that if a seller or buyer decides to cancel the order it is impossible to leave a review. One example that I feel NEEDS to change. Buyer purchases a gig. Seller deliverers the gig VERY poorly and buyer has lost trust in them to provide the service. They then wish to cancel the order. Once the order has been cancelled the buyer is no longer to provide a fair and honest review allowing the seller to get away without receiving a review, whether good or bad I believe is very unfair. Does anyone agree here ? It's great for the sellers but very unfair for the buyers who could potentially be mis lead by a seller having all positive reviews! Let us know your thought on this! Thanks Sam
  9. Alhamdulillah, I’ll Complete my seven orders on Fiverr, & also got an excellent review; I’m pleased My Gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/misbahgunabi/build-ecommerce-website-in-wordpress-woocommerce
  10. Getting bad review or feedback on Fiverr is a very serious matter. Once a bad review is in the account it actually becomes a very difficult thing to get out of there. So today I will try to share 4 tips: 1. If your service or work is good then there is no possibility of getting bad review. No matter what you do for the client, you need to give the client 100% satisfied with that work. 2. The client gives us 3 or 4-star review even after we have done the service well to the client. The biggest reason for this is that we cannot communicate well with the client. So you should develop your communication skills well. 3. There are many of us who no longer communicate with the client after submitting the client's project. Fiverr receives private or private feedback from the client within 14 days or 14 days after giving a 5 star or any bad review or feedback. The client is then asked if you are satisfied with the service or do you want to give feedback on the service you took? This is private or secret feedback but you cannot see it. This secret feedback will rank your gig and grow your account if the client responds well, so all you have to do to get this feedback is to send an SMS to the client 2,3, or 7 days after submitting the project. Did you get good results from the service I gave you? Whether the service has been right? So you must ask the client this. 4. When you go to the client to deliver the service, you can gift the client some extra services. Suppose you have designed a T-shirt, you can give 2/3 free mockup to the client if you want. You can write with this mockup you can use commercial or marketing. Satisfaction will definitely come to the client when you provide some additional services to the client and you will have the possibility to give a good review or feedback. Note: So, in this case, I can say you can follow these tips. If you follow these tips, you will never get bad review or feedback on Fiverr.
  11. a good review is a life of your account. be ready to work properly to get good review.
  12. I completed my first job in some days ago but the client didn't give me any ratting. May I ask the client for ratting ? Does it violent fiverr rules ?
  13. Today I have completed my first goal of getting a perfect 5.0 stars 50 reviews. 😇 Oh god, I'm so afraid of the first not 5.0 review .
  14. When a deliver date expires on a fiverr order, does the ability to review work?
  15. I am always happy to get my work review after satisfy people worldwide. And this is one of my client review that overwhelmed me much!
  16. HeY Everybody!! ▶️Can a buyer review or report an order after auto completion? Thanks
  17. Alhamdulillah, I just completed 955 feedback in my 1 year Career .. professionally I am start working on June 2020, in last 1 year iI completed 1060 Order and got 955 Rate in my profile.. I am always trying to give best service to my all employer .. so thank you so much Fiverr to give me a great position..
  18. Three continuous orders from the same buyer without any review🤔
  19. Recently a client provided negative review mentioning the design wasn't as per what he wanted. Even though I only delivered after couple of revisions and when we himself mentioned and permitted me to proceed with the delivery. That's why I included a portion of his screenshot in the reviews reply (Hiding his username), I have created the link through a URL shortener (So I can update it if it's not right). Wanted to know if (sharing client conversation screenshot even after hiding their username) is allowed in terms of the community guidelines. If anyone has similar experience of link sharing of conversation screenshots, kindly enlighten me regarding this. Thanks.
  20. Just complete 975th Review on my profile.. It took 1 year to reach here.. So close to 1K .. Please Everyone pray for me so that I can reach my goal.. I wish one day I will be a TOP RATED SELLER.. thank you everyone
  21. Hello everyone. I successfully completed a resume writing/revamp order for a buyer and he left a 5 star rating, a review, and a tip. However, there is something I found peculiar about his review. The review appears as "type a comment...". Out of curiosity, I asked him what that feedback meant and he said he actually wrote a review and he has no idea why it did not show up. He said that it could have happened because he wrote the review under sellers response instead of under "my review" Honestly I don´t mind it that way but my response, the one you reply to a buyer´s review, contradicts everything and makes it look sarcastic in a way. Is there a way this review can be edited to show the review the buyer left? Thank you!
  22. After few weeks, I have started work again on fiverr and got "5 star" review from client.
  23. Hey folks! I've been on Fiverr for coming up on a year now and have completed over a hundred orders, many of which had five star reviews. I'm interested in getting some feedback from other Fiverr users on my gig... is there anything you think I could do better? Anything you didn't like? Anything missing? Feel free to be brutal, I love feedback! Cheers! My gig is here: https://www.fiverr.com/andywarburton/audit-your-ecommerce-site-for-conversion-killers Cheers! Andy PS - sorry for the silly title, in case you wondered it was a play on a line from the movie Titanic.
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