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  1. Anyone can please tell properly what is the best way to share my gig on social media and how can i do that ? THANKS
  2. hi dear, please help me. last month i earn fiver level one batch and i was complete 26 order than lost my profile rank and last 1 month i don,t want any new order. what this causes. please suggest me how i find new order regards mahedi
  3. We are a bunch of designers and developers focused on branding and web design. But for a 2 months we are not getting any orders.
  4. Hello Everyone. Can auto complete order decrease the impressions or impact in ranking ? 😕
  5. Hi, while previewing my gig, I noticed something that bothered me and I would like to inquire about it. All gigs have the option for live portfolio to be enabled. Live portfolio is a feature that allows buyers to attach a visual sample of the final completed version of the order to their review. I have noticed that this visual sample in live portfolio seems to be of significantly lower quality than the original file. While this might not be a big problem in some cases, in my case the compression of the file actually misrepresents my gig in a significant way, as I offer services that consist of subtle changes and enhancements (one of the biggest selling points of my gigs is improving the quality of provided photos, which is almost completely negated in live portfolio preview). I have "activate watermark" feature enabled on all of my gigs, therefore all the samples in my live portfolio have fiverr watermarks. Could this be the issue that causes these samples to appear in lower quality? I have seen sellers, whose live portfolios consist of great quality, large size images (presumably original size). I will attach two samples to this post, one is the original before and after file sent to the buyer, and another one is the image as seen in my live portfolio. Thank you in advance
  6. Hello Community, Can someone help give me any advice in order to get some orders? What should I change? Or add? And how can I let people know about my Gig. Thank you in advance. https://www.fiverr.com/share/5Vzvy6
  7. Alongside the infamous "try to online 24/7" pro tip, we often have the "send 10 buyer every day". I am genuinely curious, are buyer requests worth it? When I started on fiverr, I did not even know this feature existed. And now that I do, it's hard for me to see the value in it. Every single request in my niche gets around 600-3000 offers from sellers. That's 3000 offers for a 5$ gig (in worst case scenario). If you want to send a personal offer for the buyer, you have to look at their material, read their request carefully and craft a great offer. That takes time. Time, that could otherwise be spent on something productive. Are buyer requests even worth your time?
  8. OK, that's possibly the worst title I could have ever come up with - I was trying for something witty, but I'm too drained. It happened, people. I... had my first week as a 'digital nomad' (...fine. it was a Workaway program. but don't tell anyone!) And quite honestly, while I did have the time to write, I did NOT have the time to check the app UNLESS I was delivering or responding to messages. So instead, I was busy taking photos, eating, talking, and other fun stuff (like, waited in line at the hostel shower.) So... did my orders/messages stop completely? Did I have to result to BR to secure myself an OK August? Did I cry myself to sleep on the night bus to Berlin in the midst of 50 teenagers, clutching my phone and refreshing the app even in my sleep in the hope of at least a single spammer saying 'hi'? No. (mind me, this is with my impression DOWN at their absolute worst in the past months, not sure why just yet, but working on it.) I had exactly the same number of people 'knock' me AND scored a few orders already with the rest in the last phase before ordering (aka, I need to send all those custom orders through). If anything, it was even better than the week before! While I have less orders in queue than normal, they are 'bigger' (so.. I'm going to have a reaaally busy month again. Oh, and I'm going on an island adventure to Malta in 10 days!) Now, I know that as a newbie, being online more CAN help a tiny bit - but honestly, as long as your gigs are interesting, people will flock to you. It's completely fine to live your life WHILE having your account open. I was busy trying to take a picture with Minnie Mouse (...couldn't in the end!) when one of my messages came in - and just waited with replying until I was back on the bus. People who are genuinely interested in your work will be fine to wait for a little for your reply... (I realise this is partially a bragging post and I'm very lucky to be able to travel right now. But this is why I! wanted a more laidback job in the first place. Freedom. If I had a regular job, this wouldn't have been possible for sure. So while I am certainly fortunate, I do think there's at least - some - using in 'bragging'. Taking a step back didn't do anything but help me get my inspiration back and... eat a ton of Belgian chocolate.) (pictures of all the food I ate while travelling are avaliable at request. Didn't wanna flod the post...)
  9. Hello Dear Fiverr Forum Friends. I am Bellal Hossain. Since Join Fiverr 2019 but I am joining Fiverr forum before 2 months ago but not active fiverr forum. I am Professional Graphics Designers specially logo design expert. Now I am Level 2 seller. Almost I have completed 160+ Order. Please pray for me because My Dream won Top Rated Badge. Thanks.
  10. I have completed two orders from a buyer from Hong Kong but that don't have any reflection in world domination map. Dont understand why? 🤔
  11. Hi! Everyone. I'd like to share my tips on buyer requests. I know they are alot of forums on this but I'd like to share my own tips and my experience I'm a new seller. I joined fiverr back in April. It took me almost 2 months to get my first order. I'd send 10 requests everyday, hoping to get my first order. I read so many articles, watched videos, did almost any kind of research on this buyer request but no orders, and then one day I finally got orders. Not one but two orders. Since then, most of my orders come from buyers request, and I'm about to become a level 1 seller I want to share my tips so that you don't have to go through all that. Being a new seller with no reviews is difficult. You have no reviews to show that what you do has integrity, and that makes things tough. But every seller was a new seller at one point. If you're a new seller with no reviews. You only have words that you'll type to send that offer that has to captivate the buyer. But don't get me wrong, these tips are for New seller with reviews and no reviews Tip 1: if you're new and wonder why you see little to no requests, the reason is you mostly likely have just 1 active gig. Atleast have 4 gigs running but not on the same category. Even better, maximize your gigs. For example: you're a graphic designer. You can have a gig on vector illustration, logo designing, t-shirt merchandise design, anime design etc. Requests depend on the type of service (category) you provide. This way, you'll have more requests on different services you provide. Tip 2: NEVER EVER send the same template offer to every single request. PLEASE DON'T DO THAT. And DON'T COPY OFFERS "Hello, I've worked for the past blaaaah blah years. I'm experienced blah blah. I'm profressional blah blaahhh." You're new please, how will they know that you're a professional with ZERO reviews. "I've understood that you.. (copied and pasted the requirement the buyer needs) blah" They are buyers that can SENSE that you just copied and pasted their requirements without understanding it. Most buyers can KNOW if your offer is just a template with no meaning. These buyers are human, and you are human. Treat them with a humanly response. Read carefully and tell them what you've understood in your own perspective, and if you feel you have an idea of how to go about it, tell them the idea. This will show that you've read their request and buyers will be interested. Tip 3: Ask questions when NECESSARY. I know most of these articles say "Always ask questions. You're not obliged to ask questions because requests are different. Some requests have little requirements and others have stated exactly everything they need. But even those requests that have stated everything they need, can make you wonder what exactly else they need. Read carefully. If there's something you havent understood or you feel something is missing in their requirements. ASK. For example: Some buyers can write a whole story about what they need as an illustration, but you're not sure what type of illustration they want. Ask. Example 2: "I'm looking for someone to make a YouTube thumbnail for my videos" and you might ask yourself for what kind of videos, is it motivational videos, gaming videos? You obviously have such questions in your head. So ask them when you ecounter such requests. Tip 4: Don't let desperation get to you. There are 3 points in this. 1. You're new and you desperately want a review or more reviews, and by doing this you lower your value of your work to get a review. What I mean by this. Is that you offer to some requests that don't make sense. They ask for something that should be worth like $100 but they say their budget is $5. Don't do that to yourself. Don't waste your precious time and don't devalue your precious services all for a review. When you come across such. Don't waste your time and try to send an offer. Run as far as you can from such. 2. NEVER Contact the buyers. PLEASE NEVER DO THAT. You don't want to get spammed, do you? Let the buyer contact YOU, not the other way round. Even if you desperately need the job and you know you can exactly do what they want. Just don't All buyers that you can contact, joined as sellers. It's only sellers that can have a "contact me" button. Correct me if I'm wrong. 3. Don't offer to requests that you know you CAN'T do the job. Don't ever do that. Tip 5 Make sure that in your offer, you state "Contact me". You can say "Contact me if you're interested in working with me" etc Why? Is because you're reducing your chances of cancelling your order. You and your buyer have to be sure that you're fit for the job. Some buyers might contact you and ask for a free sample or sketch. Make sure that what you're sending has your WATERMARK. Some buyers steal your hard work services
  12. Hi fiverr fam! I got my last order on my Powerpoint Presentation gig 2 months ago. I am not getting any order since then. Can you please visit my gig and suggest me how can I improve it. Thanks and Regards Powerpoint presentation gig
  13. Hi fiverr fam! I got my last order on my Powerpoint Presentation gig 2 months ago. I am not getting any order since then. Can you please visit my gig and suggest me how can I improve it. Thanks and Regards
  14. I was a level 2 seller. Suddenly I stopped getting orders on fiverr. Then I lost my level 2, I was demoted to LVL 1. After another month I lost LVL 1 too. Now I'm a new level seller. I'm not getting that much orders on fiverr now. What should I do now?
  15. Hi! Everyone, I got my first cancellation. Not happy about it, but it happens. My cancellation was due to the buyer not really being clear about what they wanted and we just had to mutually cancel it. So I was almost heading towards level 1 seller, even though I have completed 7 orders. My completion rate is at 88% and I have 1 cancelled order. I'd like to know how many orders I need to complete to reach 90%
  16. My gig Got 10K impression in 30 days and 129 impression. but only two order why i have only 2 order how i can increase my order where is the proplem
  17. Single gig with good skills 7 gigs in same category 7 gigs in different categories can be successful
  18. Hi! I'm a new seller on Fiverr. I created a transcription gig, but I'm having trouble with getting orders. It's been several days, and I don't have any orders. I don't know whether it's because I'm new, or because there's a problem in the way I've presented my gig. Please give me some advice on how I can receive orders.
  19. Hello there, I am a new seller on Fiverr and have been here for about 30 days. I've prepared 6 gigs so far which have received a good number of impressions. However, the thing which has now started worrying me is that there have been not a single "click" on any of the gigs (screenshot attached). I did my best to optimise SEO of every gig but despite that there is no improvement. Any suggestion/help would be highly appreciated.
  20. can you visit my profile to examination my gig is which condition. can I make this properly or not and what should have to change? https://www.fiverr.com/share/W7Kmr5
  21. I am new fiverr, Please share your fiverr experience
  22. Hi Seller Community, What can be the problem here, Good Impressions, Good Clicks, But very limited buyers who start the conversation. Where is the loop hole? Expert Advise needed.
  23. Even though the slogan of Fiverr “Get Those To-do Tasks Done” is crafted to target buyer side of the community, sellers shouldn't be sleeping on that too. We have our own to-do list in order to emphasize our gig's point of difference and establish uniqueness. It's the way in which our services stand out from our competitors who may have invested less time and effort to craft their own offering and we must take use of that. Stop treating this platform as your salvation if you haven't had any luck trying to sell your services on other online marketplaces. This is market which, in fact, functions similarly to traditional bazaar where every salesman invests some money and time to make his stall stand out from the crowd, grab the attention and attract some buyers. Everyone has their own tricks up one's sleeve and they're ready to pull it of when needed. Be as it may, both online and physical marketplaces of services and goods functions along the framework of sales funnel—your customer's journey on the way to ordering your services. 5 Steps to Become a Top-Rated Seller on Fiverr Awareness Gig marketing stage which describes the phase of recognition. Ideally, it may help to present the qualities that distinguish your gig from its competition. You have a set of tools to achieve this. You can step up the game by implementing effective cover image as well as choosing a researched name and tags to make it more SEO-friendly and appear in front of more eyes of possible prospects. In addition, you can gain advantage by using Fiverr promotions function or social media ads to increase your traffic and fight for your opportunity to be noticed. Consideration Metric that shapes customer expectations from a seller. To take use of this process, consider investing some time to craft a valid brand positioning. Why is your service valuable to your customers? Does it serve a specific need in your market? Look for some ways to align your and customer values thus establishing possible connection that can lead to the next stage of sales funnel. Action Every step that you've worked on before, comes down to this stage: whether you get the order notification that shines the light on your seller's panel or not. If it's not there yet, you have no need to be stressed out. All you can do is to come back to the earlier stages of the process to spot some improvable areas which could increase your conversion rate or to drag it out of a plain zero. Your main mission is to stay on top of the mind of potential customers. Retention Sales funnel doesn't end at a conversion but continues past into the loyalty of your customer. Suggest a discount for their next order, overdeliver providing more than advertised, initiate some kind of an additional contact after the order is marked as completed and ask if everything's fine and make sure that no further help is needed. It'll build a solid base for getting 5 star reviews and will function as a traffic accelerator that ignites the first process of your sales funnel which, as you know, is brand awareness. By now, your gig is getting some positive feedback thus appearing in front of more buyers who end up visiting the platform. Advocacy Whole process, covering every step including brand awareness, consideration, action and retention, adds up into the final phase of the funnel which is advocacy. Was your customer so satisfied that they not only order your services, but refer more business to you from family, friends and turn into an indirect promoter of your gig? If so, you're on your way of becoming a true rockstar! Any reactions or comments are always appreciated and would inspire me to create even more content for you in the near future!
  24. I have completed 5 orders. Last delivery was 3 months ago. I got all 5 star ratings also. But I have no orders after all. Any one can give me some advice please?
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