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  1. Me- Since- Aug' 2020 Buyer request attend- 1811 Oder completed- 56 What is your status... !?
  2. Hello guys! 5 Month ago I don't get any order😔. What can I do in this situation? Please help me. Thank you.
  3. Please tell me which word not to use on fiverr market place. I think every seller it's need know it. 1. Pay 2. Payment 3. Outside 4. money 5. Paypal 6. Payoneer or others 7. any social media 8. Whatsapp 9. Email 10. s***e. If you know more word not use on fiverr, please share in the comments.
  4. I can't get orders for many days. I have 9 out of 5 star reviews, all positive reviews. But even after that I am not getting any order. Those who are experts, please check my profile.
  5. I completed the order within 2 hours. The buyer was much better. Has been friendly with me. I tried my best to help him. After all, he gave me a very good review.
  6. All thanks goes to Almighty, recently i just completed my 1057th order in fiverr..
  7. It feels like i am stuck right now because of taking gap of two weeks. I was taking orders continuously but right now due to gap some what i am not getting any order now. Any tips? Sending offers alot!!
  8. Hello Experienced, I got a order few days ago. It was on my logo design gig. But in the inbox buyer told me to design a image related to something else(not logo). Then I got confused and texted buyer. Buyer didn't see the text. As the time is limited I had come up with the image design. And delivered it. In the order conversation said, I might mess with some other's order with him. He wanted a logo. But in the very first inbox conversation he gave some sample of other other image. Not a single logo. Then I had to design a logo for him. I designed 2 logos. He said he would give me 5 dollars tip. But after the completion he didn't. I don't get the whole thing. Did he cheat with me anyhow? Thanks.
  9. How can I improve my gig and increase my order? give me some suggestions. Please check my gig : https://www.fiverr.com/share/xD0Gvx https://www.fiverr.com/share/No9BBp https://www.fiverr.com/share/YdVvva
  10. I have completed my 6th order. Some of the buyers were new like me, specially the first buyer. And all buyers were very friendly.😄
  11. Alhamdulillah completed 12th order on fiverr. Just keep believe on yourself and go ahead. I believe one day you will achieve what you want. Seriously, This journey was so much struggling. But I don't give up.
  12. Just complete 975th Review on my profile.. It took 1 year to reach here.. So close to 1K .. Please Everyone pray for me so that I can reach my goal.. I wish one day I will be a TOP RATED SELLER.. thank you everyone
  13. Hello Creative People, How are you? I wish you'r having a great day ! Here is my Graphics Designing gig ! https://www.fiverr.com/s2/325a3e90a6 Feel free to place an order if you need! 🙂
  14. I am so Happy. I got 12th order in Fiverr. Now I feel so happy.
  15. Now it's happening with me! Suddenly no order, no buyer messages, no relevant buyer request list from this month. Don't understand the Fiverr Algorithm, don't find out the way of what should i do next! ................................................................... 😕
  16. How to get my first order?
  17. Hello, I have opened a new service in image editing on Fiverr. I received 1 Order 4days after opening this Gig. You can check out my gig if you have the time. And yes, contact me if you need this service. I am online 24/7 for you. https://www.fiverr.com/share/qxWP6l
  18. Hello friends, Please read carefully, Will Get a better help INSALLAH🥰 The Most important thing is GIG IMAGE, You need to make a attractive image, so when a buyer searching related service then showing too many gig, so if your gig image is attractive his eye will go there first. You need to make a description with eye catchy style but not a long story. If you can take a skill test it's a better point to get order. do your gig image offline and online seo. Do Blog marketing. and mostly send 10 buyer request everyday must, But if you just writing it there have no pint about his requirement, then you don't need to send it, If can then send a proper offer that, Yes I can DO IT. Stay ONLINE 24 Hour's Not Only 10 Hour's. Don't use any extension or Bot software it's very harmful for a account. And try to thinking that: You are doing a official job in fiverr, You main Earning Point is Fiverr. You Must Get a better Result. If you think My suggestions is helpful then Can i get favorite on my gigs and profile!!!! www.fiverr.com/kingsdesign95 Thanks....!!!!
  19. I have completed my 11th order on fiverr. It's really nice experience working on fiverr as a seller.
  20. What is the maximum number of orders that a buyer can order at once on Fiverr?
  21. A buyer has asked to cancel an order, citing that he's 'not satisfied'. I suspect he just doesn't want to cough up for the work I've given him. Anyway, here's my dilemma. If I cancel the order, I will definitely be demoted back down from level 1 to new seller. But if I refuse the cancellation, he will surely leave me my first ever bad review. Question 1: In terms of the damage my profile could take, which is the lesser of the two evils? Question 2: I'm happy to delete the gig, as it's new, will a bad review left on it still show up on my main profile?
  22. How can i increase my gig impressions & Clicks and get order. Advance Thanks🥰
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