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  1. Hello everyone! I am using fiverr from last 4 months, last month to 13 October i have completed 13 orders and now i am promoted to Level 1 seller. My clicks and impressions never went up (100-300 impressions per gig) from last 4 months. What should i do? My gig description, title,image everything is perfectly fine and i had got orders from buyers request section. I am promoting my gig on social media but nothing seemed to work out. Please give me any valuable solutions. TIA.
  2. Hello Everyone! I am very frustrated when I saw this, my GIG clicks and Impression going down day by day. I keep completing orders on time with 5 star rating and good reviews. Promoting my GIGs on social media platform everyday. Still clicks and impression is going down day by day. Anyone can help me and suggest me what I have to do?
  3. Good day to everyone here Please I wanna make an enquiry about Fiverr buyers "last seen". Is the last seen always correct? Please I'm confused.
  4. Hi, I'm new user. I joined here about six month. But I didn’t get any order. And last few days don’t get any buyers request. So, I want to know, how can I get orders and buyers request regularly?
  5. What is good ratio of impression and click? How can I know that my gig is good or average?
  6. When I came to the new Fiverr, I did not know about the gig. In a way, I publish my first gig Fiverr, I did not do the promotion. Now when I delete the gig, can I share another new gig?
  7. what the solution impression and click growing up....
  8. Hello everyone I'm a fiver seller almost 1 year now. But I haven't any clicks to my gigs but my impressions are getting good level in each day. onr of my gig have 10k impressions but only about 40 clicks and I haven't received any clicks almost 2 months and also I haven't received much orders regarding my impression levels. . please help me. I want to find some money to pay for my university. please I appreciate your help. This are my gigs - https://www.fiverr.com/share/amE9Pp https://www.fiverr.com/share/Wkz3w7 https://www.fiverr.com/share/yAbZXA
  9. I am Nath. I am a web developer and WordPress expert. I am working as a web and WordPress developer in a local company. I want to serve the people of the world through Fiverr Marketplace.How can I be Fiverr Success? Thanks, Nath
  10. 1 month ago, I was in a good position and impression was cool. I got clicks and orders. 2 orders cancelled and this month 1 order cancelled(By CS, Completion Ratio was not damaged). Now, My gig is falling down. From 7 days stat, Gig impression was 20k-24k, But now, It is only 5k. Clicks were over 200, now that is in 60-70. Is it normal?
  11. How can I become a good seller cause am new on this platform
  12. Hello Everyone. I hope You are well. My name is Ariyan Shihab. And I’m a new member of this amazing community. Whenever I ask a question on this platform I get a lot of valid answers. Well, now I have a list of some questions. I hope I will get some valid and responsible answers . Here is the list of questions. (Gig Rotation ) is it true ? Or just a myth? I can’t find any edit options when I upload a video for Gig to set a Thumbnail. And that’s why I used to publish my gig first and then edit my entire Gig to set the video thumbnail. Here is the screen record of my problem Loom Video link Can you please give any solution about this problem How many times should I wait to check my gig performance ( number in days ) usually if our gig doesn't perform well, basically we do two things ( a ) Edit the Gig ( b ) Delete the gig and recreate it. Now Please give me a time frame on how many days I should wait to check my gig performance before deleting it. Any article or video do you want to suggest to improve my communication skill with my buyers? Any tips for creating gig video? If you don't want to answer all of them you can answer a single one. But please Give me some solution Thank You Very much Have a good day
  13. Impressions are running low on my account. What can I do now?
  14. Hi, I am Kamrul Hasan. It's been 23 days I have created my Fiverr account. So far I have published four gigs but the impressions are not good enough. What I want to know is ... 1. What are the good estimated number of impressions do new sellers get ? 2. How do I improve impressions ?
  15. Hello everyone. I have created my fiverr gigs: https://www.fiverr.com/share/Rl9d6R and https://www.fiverr.com/share/EjY2D8 . Now I want to create Videos for my Gigs. Is there any requirement for creating Gig Video? Expecting expert suggestion.
  16. My gig impression and click is too much low how can I improve it?
  17. As you can see there is impressions but i still not able to convert them to sales please help?
  18. Hi my name is Harriana Martin and this is how I gain alot of traffic for these gigs down below. https://www.fiverr.com/share/AdL6PB https://www.fiverr.com/share/67KWPr Tip 1 : Join Facebook Groups in your niche Tip 2 : Share your links on as many social media platforms as possible Tip 3: Create custom orders and share them on each platforms. Hope these tips help you gain a lot of traffic for your gigs.
  19. How can I improve my Gig's impression and click? Please tell me.
  20. Last few days I am not active in Fiverr I just want to know my gig impression would be any problem
  21. how to get good impression and rating on my gigs....?
  22. How to ranked my gig at top or optimized my gig or get good impressions iam new guide me .....??
  23. please anyone answer me
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