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  1. I am Raonak Sakib. Digital marketing and SEO expert. I recently publish my gigs. Please check my gig and share your experience and suggetions. i am new so help me for humanity My gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/EEWqdK
  2. Hello guys! 5 Month ago I don't get any order๐Ÿ˜”. What can I do in this situation? Please help me. Thank you.
  3. Hi guys, I'm William, and idk what tags to put on a gig on this topic Video editing, I posted tags 5/5 --- edit video, edit video, video editor, video production, subtitles, please help me put normal tags )
  4. Hello! I am here to make what I think is a potentially helpful tips post! Here are some of my observations on what works very well to advertise for yourself in a way that creates more buyers! 1. Promoted Gigs. Yes, this does work, at least for the gig I have that can use it. I recommend staying up to date with the amount you have to pay per click to beat competitors to the advertisement space and remain relevant. Last month, I paid roughly $10 in all, and I received (after Fiverr percentage) $76. It is a profit, for sure, and it can even land you a regular! 2. Buyer Requests. Definitely make use of the buyer requests tab under the "More" tab on your account. This is where a lot of early buyers will come from. You are putting yourself out there for people to choose you, so be careful and choose jobs right that you think you can accomplish, don't have too much competition, and really fit your style. If you are just starting on Fiverr, know the buyers request tab is most active for only a few heartbeats at random times around midnight to three o' clock or so based on my observations then. You may want to sacrifice some rest for getting requests out in these early stages of selling. 3. Social Media. It definitely never hurts to post your gigs on social media, especially if you have a large following or a supportive family. I definitely urge to even make an account you grow specifically for your work! You can build up your cliental not only on Fiverr this way! If you're lucky, you may even have thankful clients post your gig on their pages, which has happened for me before! 4. Adding Proper Tags. Even putting proper tags on your gig can really act as an advertisement in many ways. If you tag well and make a catchy and detailed (but not too detailed or cluttered) gig title, then people can more easily find you! I recommend looking at other similar gigs and drawing inspiration (not copying) from them! That is all for now! Hope this helps someone! I try to be detailed in hopes this gets to someone who needs it!
  5. Hello Community, Can someone help give me any advice in order to get some orders? What should I change? Or add? And how can I let people know about my Gig. Thank you in advance. https://www.fiverr.com/share/5Vzvy6
  6. I can't get orders for many days. I have 9 out of 5 star reviews, all positive reviews. But even after that I am not getting any order. Those who are experts, please check my profile.
  7. Can you tell me Iโ€™ll share my gig link with forum?? ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž Iโ€™m a SEO product description writer. Shopify expert.
  8. Is my GIG good? Is the description, thumbnail, prices etc. good?
  9. Hello Creative People, How are you? I wish you'r having a great day ! Here is my Graphics Designing gig ! https://www.fiverr.com/s2/325a3e90a6 Feel free to place an order if you need! ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. How to get my first order?
  11. Using Discord To Do The Live Chats When Working On Gigs? Received A Warning - What Can I Do Now? Does Fiverr Have Video Chat? Im new here and need all the help i could get - Joined thinking i could generate complete and fullfill the orders safely thru fiverr but do the actual live work thru discord live video function then complete the order on fiverr. What do i do is there a workaround? Thanks In Advance.
  12. By accident I changed my availability! Does anyone know fiverr contact info ...To amend this because it has me offline but I am available!!
  13. Hello! As you may know I'm a python developer with commercial experience. For a month I've tried to earn here at least 4$ (5$ minus comission). So I use this topic to seek people who need help with studying Python. Reply even if you need a desktop app for Windows or if your Windows app needs testing. Goal of this topic is demonstrating my competiotions. I can help you with studying if it's about anything of that. Syntax without using libraries Standard library (including Tkinter, smtplib (for sending e-mails), and sqlite3) Visualization DataFrames Numpy PySimpleGUI Selenium PIL Flask Web Scraping Working with Excel
  14. I lost my gig ranking. What should I do? Please check the gig URL https://www.fiverr.com/champak03/do-vector-tracing-for-your-raster-logo-convert-image-to-vector
  15. How to make the perfect logo? Because I don't want to show my face
  16. Is this GIG looking good? https://www.fiverr.com/cristoferk29/design-a-ui-for-you What can I improve? Why am I not getting any sales?
  17. I have selected keywords that have very few competitors for my gig. I gave my target keywords all over the place in the title tag in the description and I did gig image offline SEO. But still in all those keywords my gig is showing on page number 3-4. What can I do now?
  18. Is my fiverr profile looking good?
  19. How to get my first order?
  20. Why are the clicks and impressions so low?
  21. Hello there, I am a new seller on Fiverr and have been here for about 30 days. I've prepared 6 gigs so far which have received a good number of impressions. However, the thing which has now started worrying me is that there have been not a single "click" on any of the gigs (screenshot attached). I did my best to optimise SEO of every gig but despite that there is no improvement. Any suggestion/help would be highly appreciated.
  22. How can I improve my GIG about website making? Can anyone give me some tips?
  23. I want to know when click rate is down? 2 days ago my click number was 13 but today is 12.
  24. I am a new seller and already got 2 orders within my first week. The second week the clicks and impressions went up. Somethin like +100 a day. I needed to go on vacation for the last week, and I heared that vacation mode is bad, and you should do it another way. So I wrote in all my gig descriptions that I am on vacation, and changed the delivery time up to 10 days. Yesterday I put out the text which said I am on vacation and changed the delivery time back to 2/3 days. But my gig impressions and clicks are still going down (since I changend the delivery time, but thats what I expected). Is there something I can do?
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