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  1. Good Day Everyone! The most waiting notification arrived today. Today, I have achieved the Level Top Seller position after hard work from the last 2 Years (I got badge after 2 years earlier i was also top rated seller too but due to some bad experience i lost that badge so finally back very excited to start this new journey again).
  2. I want to about fiverr cash advance loan. My got the loan few month ago and almost the loan was finished. Now, i want to know about that does fiverr will give you loan again? Does anyone here Who got 2nd time loan?
  3. Hi I am level two seller with 870 reviews. I am facing the issue of gig deranking from last year and now facing for the third time de-ranked once again yesterday on 15 October. Last time it took five months to get my gigs back to ranking and first page. Also my Fiver Gig promotions goes to unqualified for all my gigs yesterday. Now how I can overcome this issue soon? I can't wait once again like five months. Another thing I get is Seller plus option on my account few days go. Should I buy this feature? Will it help me in getting back my ranking?
  4. Iโ€™d like to request tips from people on setting your delivery times. How long is your delivery time, have you changed it over the life of your gig, does your set time differ from your actual average delivery time ?
  5. Traffic to Fiverr.com by country 21.97% 1.25% United States. 10.09% 0.53% Pakistan. 6.33% 3.19% India. 5.81% 0.83% United Kingdom. 5.59% 1.17% Bangladesh.
  6. Why wouldn't we ??๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ Fiverr features 1.Multi-Currency Support. 2.Private Communication Platform. 3.Custom Offers. 4.Multi-Category Jobs. 5.Secure Payment Gateways. 6.Freelance Marketplace. 7.Seller Rating & Feedback. Add more feature that ain't mentioned above.
  7. There have more facilities for a buyer at Fiverr market place in every sphere. But why? we're, the sellers also a major part of this marketplace.
  8. hey guys why I am still not in level 1 I completed all the required today is October 15 and it says 0:00gmt not it is around 11 is there something wrong or it is delayed please let me know and thanks
  9. Can I create one more GIG of same category ? I want to create one more same category gig. Is it possible? My GIG title: I will do any kind of photoshop editing and photo retouching work
  10. Hi everyone, am soo excited to share this news that i promoted to LEVEL 2 ๐Ÿ˜ƒ sooo sooo soo sooo happy๐Ÿ˜
  11. Hello! I have join Fiverr long ago. In 2013 but never did much things. Yesterday I was able to login but realised a lot has been changed in life too. When I created this account back in 2013 the username meant something for me but now after 8 years I realise the username has nothing to do in my life anymore. how would I change it ?
  12. How can I get more buyer knocks by writing gig descriptions? how I attract more buyers to my gig description.
  13. Alhamdulillah! I have received the second-order on Fiverr.
  14. How much does Fiverr charge the buyers for placing orders? Like, do they also have to pay 20% extra for every order they place? Should we price our gigs accordingly so that they don't have to bear the burden?
  15. Finally i get 120+ review in fiverr. I get enormous help from fiverr. Thank you guys. Hope for the best. You can check my gig https://www.fiverr.com/reza_asif?up_rollout=true
  16. What about a dark mode theme for Fiverr๐Ÿค” . Is it available?
  17. What is fiverr? What do you know about its use?
  18. maximum new seller are not know that buyer request replay is a custom offer that you are offering to the buyer and you can't modify after sending offer or getting order so always remember when you send a buyer request. good luck
  19. I feel like there is a lack of security. I feel like I'm being stalk. I notice alot of sellers have multiple accounts to stalk you just to make sales even after you tell them you not intrested because you already found someone else because there price was better but you don't necessarily tell them you found someone better because there price. You try be nice but they just don't seem to get it and keep bugging you till you have no choice but to block them. Even when you not looking for nothing no more you still get bomb with messages from random sellers but you notice it's from the same seller because they all try bribe you with the same links. Also I notice alot sellers like to scam. Putting up ridiculous amount for offers and hoping you fall for the bait and accept it and if you do your screwed because fiverr will only give you credit in the end and I notice I get that alot with people from **** or *****. Not racist or anything and one more thing I notice alot catfishes. They figure if they predent be a female they hope you will take there offer but they all send you same links and I always get hit on fiverr. Guys from India always asking me if I have a instagram or Facebook and ask for my location and age and phone number which makes me very uncomfortable and I don't even reply to them but like all sellers they constantly bug you until you block them and then they would then make a new account to harass you all over again. I would make a new fiverr account but I don't wanna lose all my feedbacks as a seller and buyer. My username here is not the same as my fiverr account for privacy reasons.
  20. I thank fiverr for giving me this nice course "Online Freelancing Essentials.I have benefited a lot from this Course. I have learned a lot by doing such a good course in free and I am very thankful to Fiverr ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜
  21. I want to explore all the seller recent good or bad experience in Fiverr.. This is just for sharing their personal feelings..
  22. Is anyone face the problem with FIverr learn website. website full of broken images and videos are not working. please help me i bought one course and cannot play the video from chrome..
  23. Thanks to Allah! I have completed 10+ Order. My name is Ishtiaqbappy and I am new to seller. Can someone please advise me on how I can rank my Fiverr gigs?
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