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  1. I’ve registered to Fiverr two months ago, however, I haven’t been able to land a single client. Can anyone help show me what I’m doing wrong? Until now I have: - Created some gigs - Taken skills tests - Applied to buyer requests - Created free offers for the first clients.
  2. please give some tip for getting first order in fiverr and how to promote fiverr gig for a beginner...
  3. Hi everyone,How to get new orders? that is a question is raising in every new seller had in his mind.I also trying to get new order for my services. After having 28 days I got only 1 order.Please post your views…
  4. hello everyone. hope you are all well. I would like to share my fiverr experience. I am a MERN stack developer. When I join fiverr ray. 1st month I did not get any job. Suddenly one day a client messages that he has to design a page with his nextjs. One day he will give me 200$I'll get you in 1 day. He happy at me and gave me 30$ tips. After that I complete 2 more jobs. Now we are good friends. Any of his work is done by me. He was also a developer himself.I hope so. I will get more work from him.
  5. Hi There, i am new on fiverr please guide me how i can win a bid on fiverr
  6. Hello Fiverr, I am a new seller on fiverr and very curious to know that, how much time does it take usually to get the first buyer message or first order. Please enlighten me. Thanks for reading. Emon Arefin
  7. Hello Fiverr, I am a new seller on fiverr and very curious to know that, how much time does it take usually to get the first buyer message or first order. Please enlighten me. Thanks for reading. Emon Arefin
  8. Hi friends, How are you all? For some time I could not spend time in the Fiverr Forum. Because I was busy working on a big project for a long time. I just finished the project. But it has not been delivered yet. Because I finished the work long before the time. But I will submit it in a day or two. All will be well. And good luck to all. Thanks for Fiverr and all Fiverr Forum members.
  9. Please I got my first order but the client said refundable insurance fee what does it means
  10. Hi, I am a new user, doing fabric design and pattern making. I am looking for buyers. I do my job efficiently and quickly
  11. I have been using fiverr for a few weeks now but I am yet to receive my first order. I read people recommending to use buyer's request but I don't receive much buyer's request. Only 2-3 requests shows up on my feed in a week. I have been active, been sharing it on social media but I got no luck. Here is a link to my gig. Please help me to improve it. It would be a great help thank you. https://www.fiverr.com/share/7KpkpL
  12. As I am new my Gigs are ranking in the first three page so I am worried about it that how long I will be there or If my gigs are not come into first three page after passing first month what should I do?
  13. I have created my account 3 Month ago. I also stay online and send buyer request but get no response. Please Help Me anyone.
  14. I am a new seller in fiverr. I was sent 200+ buyer request but not get my first order. so now what to do for me?
  15. It's almost everyone's Q how to get the first order from fiverr? Hundreds of gig for the same topic is being created everyday, but few of them may place on fiverr. What is your idea to get the first order?
  16. Hello! Everyone. Is it necessary to make all gigs for getting orders? I have only two gigs this time and I'm new on Fiverr but I have not any orders. I have been spent two months on Fiverr.
  17. Hello Friends, I'm new in fiverr, I just passed in exam for English, Adobe illustrator, Adobe photoshop. But i'm not getting order, Can someone help me for fixing the problm, I will very patient on him.
  18. I 'm new to this (for fiverr). But I made an account and made a gig in a few days ago. I received an order for it within a week. Somehow you can see it through this. https://www.fiverr.com/share/l71aa7 I will let you know in the future about the sacrifices I made to get this. Stay tuned with me if you can find out about this anyway. I will be updating here regularly. Thank you. 😍It all depends on the commitment😍
  19. Note: If your answer is Yes, to get your first order as a new seller, you must make the buyer request section your best domain. Then please tell me How to impress the buyer to get an order?
  20. I am a new here also completed 2 order, cancel 3 order, But stil not getting any job what could do I? Everyone please give me answer. Thank you. This is my Fiverr Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/hafej_md_ariful
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