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  1. Hi, I am a new seller at Fiverr. Can I share My portfolio link when replying 'Buyer Request'?
  2. Please tell me which word not to use on fiverr market place. I think every seller it's need know it. 1. Pay 2. Payment 3. Outside 4. money 5. Paypal 6. Payoneer or others 7. any social media 8. Whatsapp 9. Email 10. s***e. If you know more word not use on fiverr, please share in the comments.
  3. Hello everyone, One problem I have is that I can see in the mail that the buyer is massaging me in the inbox, but when I open it, the inbox is empty. How to solve the problem? Thanks
  4. Please tell me which word not to use on fiverr market place. I think every seller it's need know it. 1. Pay 2. Payment 3. Outside 4. money 5. Paypal 6. Payoneer or others 7. any social media 8. Whatsapp 9. Email 10. number. If you know more word not use on fiverr, please share in the comments.
  5. I have dealt with a person from ******* and would like to make other aware of his scam. Basically he will ask you to do a content writing for him and will provide you a little information regarding that and will try to convince you to do it for him and once he will place his order upon asking for further information he will not return and suddenly will appear when you will deliver a work. In the beginning he will ask you to put your effort and so on and will ask for contact information if you won't provide him than he will provide you an information of himself (Which I ignored) than he will have a point to get you when his work is done he will report your account and fiverr will give a warning or restrict your account because of his behavior and false accusation. I would like to mention one more thing he have scammed several people before like that and upon deliveries he cancelled the orders and he have not only one account but many which he use to scam the freelancers and waste their time and efforts. If you have find some buyer like that please share this in the conversation or have encounter someone like this just please let the others aware of his scam.
  6. Hello Experienced, I got a order few days ago. It was on my logo design gig. But in the inbox buyer told me to design a image related to something else(not logo). Then I got confused and texted buyer. Buyer didn't see the text. As the time is limited I had come up with the image design. And delivered it. In the order conversation said, I might mess with some other's order with him. He wanted a logo. But in the very first inbox conversation he gave some sample of other other image. Not a single logo. Then I had to design a logo for him. I designed 2 logos. He said he would give me 5 dollars tip. But after the completion he didn't. I don't get the whole thing. Did he cheat with me anyhow? Thanks.
  7. Hello, I have opened a new service in image editing on Fiverr. I received 1 Order 4days after opening this Gig. You can check out my gig if you have the time. And yes, contact me if you need this service. I am online 24/7 for you. https://www.fiverr.com/share/qxWP6l
  8. Long story short: Returning buyer orders without PM first, provides inaccurate or none description to the gig as well as low quality files. Communication is vague and uninterested about having a good workflow with the seller. After several deliveries, more revisions than the ones permitted and no given info on how to meet the desired outcome buyer requests cancellation, stating I can't do the gig. As a seller, one tries to focus on working things out and make the best out of it. Sometimes this is not enough and the buyer requests to cancel order after the seller spent working hours on the project for nothing, Gig get canceled, money goes back to the buyer with no consequences whatsoever, It is not the first time that a buyer behave this way with some general disregard about putting effort in explaining what they want or providing accurate info or decent requirement files. I understand its up to the seller to decide to stop going through with the order or to even begin with it, on the other hand the reality is that seller want to be good communicators and try to be nice and accommodating, to get good reviews and ultimately to earn some money. This means that the seller - client relationship is rarely on the same level. Most importantly if sellers behave incorrectly they faces a number of (fair) consequences while clients can freely keep do whatever they want. As a seller I feel I need some kind of protection from these issues on the platform I work on. For instance now I can’t even put a negative review for this last gig that got canceled by resolution center, I lost days after a client for a 30$ job and nobody will know of my experience with him. And he will keep playing sellers this way. I don’t even care too much about those 30$ he owes me, I care about all the working hours I lost because of him, thats why I think some follow up on behaviours like these should be part of Fiverr's policy. I hope some of you will relate to this. I'm exhausted of having to deal with these kind of people. The question is: WiLL FIVERR SOLVE THIS? Below parts of the conversation with this customer (returning customer btw, 3rd order with me) and finally a few other people who had the same experience with this buyer which will suffer NO CONSEQUENCE for stealing sellers valuable time HERE ARE THE FEW PEOPLE WHO COULD MAKE A REVIEW (AND THEREFORE HAD TO CONCLUDE THE ORDER JUST TO AVOID LOSING THEIR MONEY OR HAVING LOWER RATING ON THEIR PROFILES)
  9. I got the first work after sending 100+ buyers request and I did my first work 7 hours before the end of time. Now, I am waiting for my second work
  10. HELLO Hope all well in the pandemic situation. Try to clean and protect your self. I am a new seller in this market place. I am a new seller in fiverr I work at Graphic Design. I have 6 years of experience in this field. I am publishing a gig on 29-08-2021. My gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/1Wy4q6 . Now how do I get my first order. Because I am new to this Marketplace. Have experience working in other market place. So I hope everyone's help. Thank you so much Regard Reza Uddin
  11. I didn't receive enough information from the buyer he say request me to extend time is it effect on my ranking?
  12. what's about others? I did not get any project last two month? I have worked in the web design field. Am I here alone or you with me?
  13. Hello fiver community, it's been more than four months someone bought my gig on fiverr without contacting me first or filling out the requirements. He just bought my gig and disappeared I kept messaging them once everyday eventually they replied after 7 days and said "Sorry for the delay. Can we put this project on hold for few weeks, I have some personal issues right now. Ill get back to you ASAP. Thanks." its been more than few weeks I still cant get in touch with them. what do you guys think what should I do?
  14. Hello Everyone, How do I talk to the buyer when taking orders. 1st I ask the client what he wants or what kind of website he wants. Do you have an XD or Figma file? What language do you want to build the website with? Ask if I have any suggestions or questions. If everything is my burden then I ask the client for your deadline. Then, create an order by asking client budget. Thank you Sonjoy chandra Barmon
  15. Hi All, I am quite disappointed, and would really like to have some support on how do deal with this issue. I am a relativity new seller on Fiverr, and have been working really hard on my second order. I had already spent over 6-8 hours working on the order, and talked a lot with my client. The order was quite complex and I ended up going overtime, though my customer said he understood completely. The main issue was that because of time zones, I couldn't get him to test my code on his website. Anyway, my client and I were working on testing a piece of code, when suddenly the order got cancelled. Just for the record I had actually already submitted a working prototype of the website, and the order was currently in revision. There was no reason, and it said it was by customer support. I looked at Fiverr Messaging, and I couldn't communicate with the buyer. It appeared that his account had been disabled. Does this mean that I lost 6-8 hours of work and dropped my order completion rate to 50% for nothing? Is there anything I can do?
  16. Hello everyone! Hope that you are fine. Lets get into the business. You want to rank your gig in first page then go to my gig and see the perfect use of tags as It is done by one of the best expert in SEO. https://www.fiverr.com/kakon_datta/do-targeted-b2b-lead-generation-internet-research-and-prospect-list-building Go there and use the best tags for your gigs.
  17. A buyer ordered a gig through custom offer. I delivered according to the requirements they asked. After that, they asked for some extra work which wasn't part of the initial deal. But I wasn't too much. So, I agreed to do it. While I was doing it, they asked to cancel the order saying that their boss got it done by some other developer and now they don't need my delivery. Now they have sent the cancellation request. What should I do now?
  18. My regular buyer, he pays me very well for every article and we're working from the past 3 months. Today he told me that he needs another article, but due to Weekend he can't accept the offer as his office was closed due to upcoming Saturday and Sunday. Now he said that I should work on his article and deliver till Monday. And on Monday he'll accept the offer. Now, please tell me should I work for his order, since, he didn't placed the order. But, I trust him blindly. He'll surely accept the offer on Monday. Is working like this TOS Violation of Fiverr or is it allowed? Because I don't want him to think like I don't trust him. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT SHOULD I DO?
  19. I'm a model and a buyer wants to send me a product to model, is it alright for me to share my address to them when they say they're from a specific large brand? I'm new to Fiverr and I can't tell a scam from a real deal yet. Please give me advice.
  20. Hello Everyone, I am new at fiverr and I wish my journey with fiverr will be great....... Experts suggestion and motivation will be a valuable gift for me😇
  21. How do I send an effective buyer request?
  22. I want to know about the FAQ on Fiverr...hope I will get the right info about that?
  23. I've been on Fiverr for about a month now. I've been following regular, necessary steps to promote my gig on social media but haven't been able to get any buyer yet. How can I change this situation? Here is my gig link.. https://www.fiverr.com/share/d5qybz
  24. Hello everyone, I'm Jannatun Tazree Oishee from Bangladesh. I have graduated from University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh and my subject was Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. Today I have started my journey at Fiverr forum and I'm very happy to be a member of this family. Hope it will bring something good for me. I am a fresh seller, my wish is to provide the best work to the customers. Please give me some tips or tricks that how can I catch buyers attention very easily. Your suggestions are very important for me. A very warm thanks to everyone. In this pandemic situation, stay home and stay safe everyone 💖
  25. I don't get New Buyer SMS Last 20 Days. What is problem in my profile. check and let me know - https://www.fiverr.com/share/Dwja9Q
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