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  1. Why is my buyer request empty? What is the way to get huge buyer request?
  2. for the past 22hr My buyers request section is showing 3 request over and over again, I have refresh the page many time still stuck with 3 request, by going to the "Inspect" elements using chrome and firefox 3 elements are not loading no:1 "Access to script at 'https://js.nagich.co.il/core/2.1.8/accessibility.js' from origin 'https://www.fiverr.com' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource." no:2 "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FAILED" no:3 "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED" below I have attach screenshot of the errors below, I have tried disabling all extension that I have but still not working
  3. I have not received any buyer request since this morning, is there any problem with fiverr? Or is there any problem with my account?😭
  4. Hello, I am a new seller and just completed my first order. I had another order which I couldn't deliver due to some personal issues. I have informed the buyer about my problem and we agreed to cancel the order; So I send him a cancel request and the client accepted it. but now my order conversion rate is 50% and when I am visiting the buyer request page to send new buyer request it shows a note on top of the page "You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers!" and I can not send new buyer request. Please suggest me how to overcome this situation and if I can't send new buyer request then what will happen to my account? How to get new orders or client?
  5. As a beginner,please tell me what is buyer request and how to proceed with it??
  6. I got the first work after sending 100+ buyers request and I did my first work 7 hours before the end of time. Now, I am waiting for my second work
  7. Hai Experts, Recently i introduced with a buyer. Actually he knock me from buyer request. From last two days he just communicate with me different problems on his website. He gave me the website link and told me to diagnosis his site what are the problems. I found some problem on his website and told him about those problem. Then he asked me can i solve those or not? i said yes. But he shows confused and asked me you are new in fiverr & you don't have any buyer review so how can i trust you. After that i show him some of my local clients project and told him i may be new at fiverr but not new at my skill. Then he asked how can solve this problem. After that a explain him point to point how i will do the job. After that he agree to do the work with me but when i said about custom offer & budget related issue he just avoid it and talked with me different issue. Today he talked with me almost full day but i dont know what is his actual motive. So what can i do now?
  8. Hello! Please for first time I saw the following on my screen while I was trying to apply to buyer’s request. From your experience do you know more about this message?
  9. What are the best practices and probably your secret tips for replying in response to a buyer request?
  10. In my desktop i'm facing buyer attachment problem. When buyer attach multiple file but I can se only one file in my desktop. On the other hand mobile app show everything. Used different browser but problem not solved. Now what can i do?
  11. I am sending 100+ buyers request and I didn't knock from buyer request. Can anyone see my gigs what's something wrong, please? My profile is here: https://www.fiverr.com/paleshoaib_
  12. Fiverr is not showing me any buyer request, what can I do? Also what are the effective ways to send buyer request?
  13. In fact, I am not very experienced in this matter. I can expect some advice on this from the experts of the Fiverr Forum. Experienced vendors write it in a paragraph, or refuted it, or, step-by-step.
  14. Hello everyone, I am a new seller here, been browsing buyer request for couple of months now, and I am wondering if there is any way to report sellers who are posting Buyer request to promote their gigs? Its just so annoying to read through his request then gets excited to do the job then open the link attached and SURPRISE, a seller who is desperately trying to get the most useless click from other seller! How can we report such issues ? or is there a way to suggest adding this feature ? Stay safe, Mohamed
  15. I have a doubt in buyer request. Normally I respond fast for buyer request. I send my request within first 10 and I used to get minimum 2 orders If I send all 10 buyer requests in a day. Now a days I'm not getting any orders from buyer request. So I did a research and got to know that now a days buyer can see only last 50 requests. Not first 50 requests but last 50 requests only. IS THIS TRUE? If it's true then thr is no point of responding to buyer request early.
  16. I am level 1 seller and I am unable to get any new buyer requests, I have been online all day today and refreshed by buyer request page every 1 minute but its showing old buyer requests of 17th july, i only received 2 buyer requests today of 18th july. What is wrong today ?
  17. Hello Fiverr Forum. I have few doubts about Buyer requests. There are many fake Buyer requests in Fiverr that are posted by Sellers. I don't know why they posted these requests. We have a limited amount of buyer requests to sent. If we sent those buyer requests to Fake ones. It's a disadvantage to reach to Real Buyer. Does anyone have any solution for this? How can we Identify the Real Buyers except for fake ones? Thanks, Parsi
  18. hi i am rd emon,fiverr new seller Please advice me. Thank you
  19. I’m not going to provide you any pre-made Fiverr buyer request templates to make the process easy & quick, if you think so. Maybe that could work in early days of Fiverr when buyers were just discovering it, and there were less sellers available for the job. Things were easy, you must have heard it from some old sellers. However, things have changed now and it’s becoming hard to get the project that is why you’re here, Am I right? 10 Daily Offers are like 10 Different Opportunities for you. Let’s have a look at what you’re doing wrong, the perfect way for buyer proposals and communication skills. ================================================================================ Why Template Proposals are a big fail Every buyer has a different frame of mind. On the first look, one cannot completely understand what type of person is the buyer. With every proposal done using the same template you’re doing two things wrong: It sounds spammy to Fiverr. You’re not really getting into what the buyer needs. Remember the first tip: An Effective Buyer Request Proposal is always unique and written by keeping in mind what buyer needs. Get into the mind of the buyer. Understand what they need. If your template for Buyer Request proposals contains paragraphs about your previous work with a lot of Flickr Links or you telling your past experiences then your chance of getting hired for the project is only 20%, which I’ll be going into more details later. Writing The Proposal perfect way Grab your popcorn now. You’ve to pretty much become a buyer yourself for this. Ask yourself: “If I needed something, who would I hire first and more confidently?” Well it depends upon what type of buyer you are which includes: “I just need the job done man, I don’t care how much cash is spent.” “need the job done right now in X dollars. Fixed price.” “Met some CHEAP sellers who played me and now I’m angry. I need the job done, completely on time and only in $5!!!” (Worst position one could be in.) Or “Hey, I’m just Pewdiepie, playing around to buy weird stuff and get my account banned.” (Just kidding, don’t take this one seriously) Here are some set of rules if you want some serious buyer activity: It’s not only about you (Don’t Brag) I’m a buyer, and I’m here to get MY tasks done here. You think I need to know how many buyers you have worked with before? Just tell me if you have experience with something similar to what I need. In other words, instead of this: “Hi, I’m a Web Developer who has worked with 287392 organizations since 2005 and many of my clients say that their experience with me has been great. I need to let you know that I have created 50 websites which I am going to enlist here for you to check.” (Just an example.) not good looking cheap, You need to be like this: “Hey, Hope you’re doing good. I checked the details and it looks like I’ve worked on something similar to that on this website xample.com, I can help you in the task you need. Let’s talk about this in more detail.” This seems more focused and concise. ============================================================== Your second Tip summarized would be: Tell them what you can do for them, not what you have done for others. Try to make it friendly You can be friendly with buyers, but don’t cross the limits. It’s not about “Let’s drink vodka together tonight” though, but get comfortable with them. This helps build trust, so you can work with him 4 times in future as well. This doesn’t means that you also write the same sentence, try to come up with something friendly which makes the buyer thinks that you’re comfortable to work with. You can try to be funny if it works. Be Yourself (No fake Portfolio) As a new seller, you usually don’t have a portfolio. I’ve seen some people showing fake portfolio from anywhere around the web to gain buyer’s trust. Only show the portfolio if your name is present on the website somewhere. But it’s a better practice to have a portfolio URL in your Gig or show it in inbox while discussing (only if the buyer asks for it). Side Note: Try to include a Flickr link in the Gig or profile. Not your own website etc. Don’t make your proposal scream “I’m hungry for your Money & getting orders!” instead show that you genuinely want to help them. Don’t show fake portfolio, instead let them know that you have to knowledge required for the task. A Sample Buyer Request Proposal: “Hey! I would like to get this task done for you and I’m available to do it right now for you. I have understood your requirements and have the required knowledge for this.” Researching the provided details This is something you should spend around 2-3 minutes on. Usually buyers don’t provide much details in their request. =============================================================== Reading long paragraphs is boring Some buyers just need something quick to get to know you. Especially on Fiverr, when we ourself see long buyer requests we chose to not bid on them (I sometimes do this) the same goes with buyers too. You have to be extremely concise with your proposals, try proof-reading the proposal once you’re written it. Remove sentences which you think adds no value and have no concern to the buyer’s request. So another tip to remember: Keep things short. Sometimes I watch summarized videos of books on YouTube, because we sometimes don’t have time to read out the whole book. Or before buying a book you’d like to know what it is like. We can say being to-the-point does have a lot of value in this world. I also re-read my blog posts and remove what’s not necessary. For instance, checkout these three buyer request proposals I have done recently: HI, I can install + Setup the WordPress Support Ticket plugin for you. Kindly message me so we can discuss in more details and start working on this right now. Regards, Salman HI, I have done this for one of my clients before. Kindly contact me and I'll get the job done within the next 24 hours for you. Regards,Salman Hey, I can create the website for you. I have worked with many clients before and created an RTL site before for a client as well. Kindly message me so we can discuss this in more detail. Regards,Salman You can see I don’t make them longer than a specific limit. Hope this will help you. Happy Freelancing
  20. Hi there, I created a gig that link-https://www.fiverr.com/share/pjYNlZ. My problem is that from the beginning I don't get gig-related job posts on my buyer request feed. I checked my gig is active. How can I solve this problem? Anyone can help me!
  21. Submitted a buyer a request ; sent offer what is the next step?
  22. If I submit a buyer's request even after 50+ or 100 buyer requests have been already submitted to the buyer, will it be worth and will it reach the buyer? One youtuber said that buyer can see only first 50 replies is that true! I need to clear this confusion please help me.
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