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  1. If you're like me, you use Fiverr as a buyer and a seller. As I buyer I decided to make buyer request to get some offers for some art I needed, and one of the things that happened during this process was that sellers wouldn't just send me an offer but they would go to my profile and message me directly. Seeing a flood of messages I could in no way respond to all of them, so I just went through them and deleted anything that didn't fit with what I needed, this was a huge mistake, as it turns out that any messages you get when in buyer mode counts towards your message response rate and message response time stats and by deleting these messages from people I wasn't interested in working with, I've made my message response rate 33% which is in the red for my stats, which is not good, it also inflated my response time to 9 hours as I decided to make the buyer request and sleep on it to go through everything the next day. Long story short, if you use Fiverr as a seller to also buy things using buyer requests, use a different account to avoid ruining your stats.
  2. Very very Important tips for buyer request. Let's visit the link below:
  3. If you are a new seller then Buyer Request much helpful to get some orders. So many people asking how they can get more buyer requests. Hopefully, these 4 steps will be helpful to get more buyer requests: Follow-up -- On daily basis, make sure that you will be submitting the proposals to the buyers under Buyers request section. It may seem to be time consuming and lot of patience is required but in my view it has a great potential to get strike with a deal. Feedbacks-- They are highly crucial, you need or force any existing buyer to place the same but can give a hint to have this as it will support you. When you have positive feedbacks and ratings, you can be in the eyes of other potential buyers soon. Gig Video-- Place a video which should be preferably self explanatory and mentioning key highlights of your services. This increases credibility. And it doesn't mean not to have Gig images, you must take full advantage of all given provisions by the platform FAQs-- Try not to ignore this section. Think and analyze what all queries a potential buyer might have about your offered services. There you can have a chance to impress them with any specific offer or add on that could help you to stand in for completion.
  4. Alhamdulillah, Fiverr I got the first order. With a lot of patience, I sent the buyer request and came with the first order. Everyone will pray.
  5. After fiverr update their category (like they update lead generation Business to sales to Lead Generation) i can't find any buyer request which is related with my gig. Not even any single buyer request. Why this happening? Why can find any lead generation buyer request?
  6. How to get first order on fiverr?
  7. How to create buyer request for my gigs? And how to improve my gigs?
  8. hello, I am a new seller. I already publish 2 gig then I can see many buyer request. But last 2 days I can't see
  9. I have been in fiverr since 2020 but I have not got a buyer despite having high quality gigs 😅. Can someone help me get my first client or possibly give me advice? I would appreciate
  10. Hello Fiverr, I'm a new seller on fiverr. I do not know how to send buyer request on fiverr perfectly. Now I am drawing the attention of the old seller on fiverr and want to Know how write a buyer request effectly with buyer requirement.Please,reply if you are reading my post .Waiting for your response .Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi fiverr Sellers, Now a days a lots of new sellers send a fake request i don't know what they want to do but they do. Fiverr official site on web not showing buyer details who sending the requests so many sellers send them requests and waste their requests one of the reason new seller don't get any orders. So how we can figure out which buyer request is original? here is the way how i send my requests to only original buyers. in Chrome there is extension called "FIVERR +" install that extension and turn on the extension. no you can see the buyer details on the fiverr request page. This extension is too good we can see the buyer attachment without downloading we just have to click on icon and we can see attachment. We also can find out who is buyer we can figure out about buyer by this extension. This Extension is totally free. Always avoid the ".ly" link you see in the buyer request cause its shorten url i found inf graphics design whenever new seller found background remove service always send request but he/she don't know this request is fake. I am attaching here a ss of that extension so you can see how it will work. here shows how we can see buyer details easily and also we can figure out which requests are new or which are old. Here is the example how we can see attachments of buyers. Here is a Extension link:- Niki Patel's Tip link I hope you found something good in this topic if you really like my topic leave like. have a nice day. Thank You, Niki Patel
  12. Hi, I have a problem ... when I create this account then I get some buyer requests. and I already send 30 buyer requests... but this week I can't find/see any buyer request ...is it my problem or all seller problem ??? is it my problem? then how can I solve it ???
  13. Hello! Sorry if I sound like a newbie, it's because I am one and I don't want to be scammed. I had sent an offer for a buyer request to retype a document and I got a message asking me to write them on WhatsApp. The weird thing is, the "person" I messaged on WhatsApp didn't seem to be an actual person. They couldn't answer my questions and just continued with their chatting program. They also asked for my experience but instead I asked if I understood the job correctly, to which they just replied "That's great" and asked me if it's okay to send a paid test article. I clarified what I offer and they just sent the file. No viruses, I opened and it looks legit - the company seems legit, but how do I know if these two people I chatted with are actually affiliated to this company? Turns out it does match to what I'm offering, it's just on a larger scale I guess. Another thing I'm unsure about is that there's a security fee I have to pay and that can only be refunded if I finish the assignment. If it's legit I will be serious about this, but if they're not even from that company I won't get my money back. It's also weird to me that in the PDF file with the information they talk about a demo video that I need to watch first and that someone was supposed to send me, but nobody sent me one. Is that another sign these people are not actually with this company? Also, there are typos in the PDF file. Red flag for me at least. The pay is very good, maybe too good for a first job. And I don't know if that's normal, but the amount of pages on each project I can choose have an even (?) / specific number of pages. 25, 50, 75 and 100. I mean, wouldn't each project have a more random number of pages? Like 23, 48, 78 etc.? It's so calculated. Anyways, I should probably ask them to prove that they're actually part of this company. Other than that, what do you think?
  14. If I create a new gig in a different category, will I get buyer requests from both categories?
  15. Are you getting buyer requests less these days than usual?
  16. buyer request is not showing last 3/4 day, can you have any idea?
  17. There's a concern among sellers on Fiverr. It's about "buyer request from another seller", and like many other problems, new sellers are the most affected. While it doesn’t cost or harm anyone badly, It's frustrating and annoying to say the least. Here's a few points regarding, why some people do it, How to identify one and what to do when you see such a proposal. So, when do people do it? 1. They are both legit buyers and legit sellers at the same time. 2. They took an order and got stuck. So, they hire somebody to do the heavy lifting. 3. It's an outright scam. And Here's why they do it- 1. They are legit buyers and legit sellers at the same time. They take jobs from other buyers, usually at a higher price, and offer them to newer sellers for a lower budget, and make a profit out of it for doing virtually nothing. It's unethical in my opinion. I have to mention here, they don't always take the jobs from Fiverr, sometimes from other platforms, but offer them to Foverr. In a way, they are creating new job opportunities on Fiverr, but I don't think it justifies their action. 2. Sometimes, sellers take a job slightly(or even drastically) beyond their skill. Soon enough, they see there's no way they can finish the job in time(if finish at all), and offer the tricky part to someone else through buyer request. It can happen by accident when the seller overlooked a requirement of the job and thought they would work around it somehow but fail to do so. This kind of makes sense but it's still a bad thing. 3. Sometimes it's outright scam. a. I've seen buyer requests with some description and an URL. Guess where the url leads to. It leads to one of their GIGs. They do it to get some exposure for free. b. I know a couple of sellers who did this for experimentation. Mostly to see how other sellers react to it and how they send buyer requests. They don't really have a job to offer in the first place. While It's an effective way to observe competitor strategies, it's not a great one. There’s plenty of materials out there in fiverr forum, youtube, blogs and whatnot. c. One time, someone I knew posted the same fake buyer request. When I asked him why, he said, his response time had risen from 1 hour recently. He posted the buyer request because he knew that a few people would find his profile and send texts directly to inbox. By responding them fast, he'd be able to reduce the average response time to 1 hour again.(note: he didn’t have a job to offer anyway) It seemed silly and funny to me. And it was harmless(mostly) so I gave it a pass and told him not to do it again. I'm sure there are other reasons and perspectives why people do this. These are just the most obvious and common ones. So, How to identify these buyer requests from legit ones? 1. They have an attractive(at least decent) profile picture. Because they have to approach their buyers as sellers. 2. Their profile has plenty of reviews as both buyer and seller, and both reviews are frequent. 3. Their profile may show "Top Buyer" or something similar in chatbox while "Level two seller" etc on profile. 4. You can tell the difference when talking to them. They approach you as buyer, while they have exceptional knowledge on the topic like a seller. True that, a legit buyer will know what they want and what they are talking about, but a middleman will know far better. The 4th point requires experience, but the first few are free for all. So, What should you do when you see these buyer requests? First and formost, they are job potentials. Read the requirements very carefully. Discuss with the buyer everything. Make sure that it isn't super hard for you. And when you know you can do the job, you can take the job. Unless, the money isn’t worth the effort at all. Another thing, which is more disgusting than anything is when people share links to thier gigs for free exposure. That's straight up cheating. I usually report their account, selecting "Others" option and write that they shared their own gig in buyer request. Basically, inform the authority of it, and let them handle it if they do. That's it for now. Take care.
  18. I used to have around 20 buyer requests on the list every day, but since a few days ago it suddenly stopped. There are almost no buyer requests on the list. Is that normal?
  19. Not getting buyers request are you facing same issue? I am seeing hardly a few buyer request for specific time..
  20. From some days, I didn't get buyer request. Even my gig impressions are not increasing. please help me.☹️
  21. Hi, i am 3 months old fiver seller, i got 3 orders from the buyer request but from last week i haven't seen any buyer requests also if i see its disappear in a second. what is happening.. ??
  22. All fresh update tips and tricks are requested by the customer from Fiverr 2021. Fiverr is currently one among the best freelance markets for creating money online simply. Yeah, yeah, you only read! Fiverr is currently the best location to seek out your work online, simply from anywhere. But most people do not know the way to send an efficient Fiverr buyer application. This is often why, So during this piece, I write full guidelines for beginners regarding the Fiverr buyer application. On this post, I share my understanding of Fiverr tips and techniques. You'll simply make an honest buyer request on Fiverr after reading this blog article and effortlessly obtain your purchase. I hope you'll read this post thoroughly, with all the ideas and techniques. Many people join Fiverr as a salesman and therefore the main objective is to accumulate some order and make money effortlessly. He or she struggles to form the primary order after registration, and most people don't skills to urge the primary order and the way to submit a superb customer application. Please follow my step by step, hoping you'll prevent any errors and make the simplest purchaser request. Tips and techniques for buyers 2021 from Fiverr: 1. Complete reading of the project description: Every day, many buyer positions are available to recruit a number of the highest professionals. But it's extremely awful news for all purchasers because 50% of the parents aren't fully prepared for the project and always submit a prefabricated covering letter. That's why the customer rejects a 50% seller-buyer application. So please read the whole project specifications and begin writing your covering letter if you would like to get an order and make money quickly from Fiverr. 2. Keep clean and straightforward your covering letter description: Most individuals write "Hello I'm (Name)" then I even have 5 years of experience and tons of phrases and blah blah blah about it. This is often actually an enormous error with the simplest letter on the duvet. A basic and clear covering letter should be written. The simplest approach to read the project specifics fully is to write down about the subject of the project and to ask questions. You've got an excellent opportunity to react to the customer once you ask an issue. So you ought to produce a simple and clear covering letter to the best buyer request for Fiverr. 3. Specify your offer: Don't include too many phrases, simply enter your work schedule and emphasize your main item. Read each line from the post or the purchaser's request attentively and answer them step by step. I hope that your job is there which you've got employment sample or portfolio because it's most vital to accumulate employment from the customer. When you are a new vendor, the customer needs employment sample, and it's quite crucial to urge any deal. You ought to prepare it or make it before applying for employment if you do not have any sample or portfolio. 4. confirm you're today: You’re alleged to stay online after your buyer's demands. Because getting any jobs on Fiverr is extremely crucial. For instance, if a customer requests Fiverr buyer requests, that's when he/she gets tons of seller's and customers' requests for the simplest individual within his/her budget. Therefore, you ought to react immediately when the client answers your request. You cannot obtain the work ordinarily if you missed it. So, after applying the purchaser request, it's extremely necessary for you to possess a minimum of 6 hours online. 5. don't send all clients a replica of an equivalent cover letter: Don’t send all job listings with an equivalent copy or anybody. Some samples could also be produced but alter if you're applying, as requested by the customer. You'll view several samples of best-selling cover letters online, and at the conclusion of this post I attempted to compose a couple of samples. You need to follow samples of my buyer request, but don't copy them and paste them. 6. Application at a mean price: Many merchants provide an inexpensive rate of their purchaser demands on Fiverr. This is often a serious error for the best buyer request to send or compose. You ought to first check the project specifics at average pricing following this offer. Most vendors assume the customer might hire me if I apply at a coffee price. It's completely incorrect to believe that you simply should set the typical pricing. 7. Carefully read the primary message For any vendor, the primary communication is extremely crucial. So you ought to attentively study the initial message of your buyer and respond intelligently. Don't invite or write a term that may not be needed. Please address the question briefly, order if your customer asks any questions. 8. Don't call sir/mother Don't like sir or madam, most of the client. His or her name are often written down. As an example, David is that the name of the client, thus you'll write Hello, how are you? How are you? I could perfectly do that assignment. Don't user madam or sir. SO don. Hopefully, this information will assist you communicate effectively together with your purchaser. 9. Ask an issue Some questions are asked about the optimal manner of getting the order on the fiber. But don't ask any needless questions, please bear in mind. You ought to ask an important question regarding the project in order that the customer can answer your query and think that you simply know tons about the task. If there is any problem, please correct me. It's totally my own experience.
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